Update on Recruiting Class
January 26, 2006 (9:51 PM) Eastern

"Progolfer" has a brief update:

"Things are taking shape as we head to National Signing Day. With the additions of Ray Small and Thad Gibson we should all be thankful for such a great class. We did lose Josh Chichester, and that is a tragedy for that young man. I hope he gets things straightened out.  Wes Lyons as delayed his decision apparently.

I think we have a great shot at landing a few more recruits, but in the end I think this class finishes with just one more, Larry Grant. I will say that there could be a few surprises on signing day, Damon McDaniel or Greg Matthews could switch, but I do not think either will come to OSU. Another possibility could be a very late offer to Darrell Johnson. 

All in all, this is a fantastic class that will be right around the number 10 spot in the rankings. We will all be relieved when the letters start being faxed in and this class is official. Then we can start thinking about next year's class.
Thanks for reading my updates, and I will continue to rustle the bushes and see what info comes out!!"


Tuesday January 24, 2006 (11:41 AM)

"Progolfer" has reported that Ray Small (Cleveland Glenville - WR) has just committed to Jim Tressel.  Also, super linebacker prospect Thad Gibson (Euclid) gave his commitment recently.  By my count, this puts the class at 20.


Friday January 22, 2006 (11:31 AM)

 Recruiting update #2 (by "Progolfer")

"Progolfer" sent me this report a couple of days ago but due to unexpected travel requirements on my part this is the first time I could post.  Here is his latest report:

"Well since the last time I wrote OSU has received a few more verbal commitments. Andy Miller a TE/OL from Pennsylvania, Walter Dublin a DE from Florida, Bryant Browning an OL from Glenville, and Mark Johnson a linebacker from California actually committed while I was writing the last update. For those keeping track, that puts us 16 commitments (7 from out of state!!!). That leaves OSU with 4-5 more spots, and I believe at least one of them is filled.

Current commits-

  • Dexter Larimore DT Merrillville, IN
  • Andy Miller TE Washington, PA
  • Tyler Moeller LB Cincinnati, OH
  • Robert Rose DE Cleveland, OH
  • Grant Schwartz DB Dana Point, CA
  • Connor Smith OL Cincinnati, OH
  • Chris Wells RB Akron, OH
  • Jake Ballard TE Springboro, OH
  • Bryant Browning OL Cleveland, OH
  • Chimdi Chekwa DB Clermont, FL
  • Josh Chichester ATH West Chester, OH
  • Kurt Coleman DB Clayton, OH
  • Walter Dublin DE Sarasota, FL
  • Antonio Henton QB Fort Valley, GA
  • Ross Homan LB Coldwater, OH
  • Mark Johnson LB Los Angeles, CA
  • Aram Olson FB Columbia, SC
  • Aaron Gant DB Orchard Lake, MI

I want to talk about who I believe will round out this class. I believe  Ray Small (wr/db from Glenville), Thad Gibson (lb from Euclid), Anthony Bowman (rb/athlete from Michigan), Aaron Gant (fb from Michigan), and Wes Lyons (wr from Pennsylvania) will join this class. I also think there is a better than average chance we land one of the following players, Larry Grant (lb from California), Corey Peters (dl from Kentucky), Johnnie Troutman (de from New Jersey), Colin McCarthy (lb from Florida), Damon McDaniel (wr from Virginia), Elijah Fields (db/wr from Pennsylvania),and Aram Olson (fb from South Carolina).

I really think Larry Grant is the best possibility if he gains admission.

There is going to be a lot of positioning for those spots as the time grows near to National Signing Day. I think if Gant commits that cuts Olson out of this class, and I think it would work in the same way if Olson commits first. I don't think we will take two fullbacks in this class.

I think one great athlete that will be an academic casualty for this class is Darrell Johnson (athlete from Ohio). I just think he will have too many admission problems to get an offer. He would commit if an offer is extended.

Corey Peters is visiting this weekend and Elijah Fields will be visiting on the 27th. 

I think this class will end up being ranked around 8th nationally in the end. I don't know about you, but I am very excited to see all of these players on the field!!"



Friday January 13, 2006 (6:51 PM)

It was announced today that Andy Miller of Washington Trinity High school in Pennsylvania verballed to Jim Tressel.  Miller has played many positions but hopes to focus his career at Ohio State as a tight end.  He will make a huge target as well at 6'6" 260lbs. with 4.9 speed.  For more on his announcement, click here LINK   Tight end is a much needed area and Andy should have a lot of potential to play early here.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006 (5:31 PM)

Want to know the most realistic final standings for the 2005/2006 football season nationally?  Click here for a excellent write up by Gregg Watson LINK.

Also, here is easily THE best take on the Fiesta Bowl, according to Joe-S-U of course. Click here for Joe's final write up of the season - and another stellar job Joe! LINK

Finally, Sarasota, Fla., defensive end Walter Dublin committed to Jim Tressel this morning.  Dublin is a highly sought after DE - a much needed "get" for the Bucks this year.


Monday, January 9, 2006 (6:51 PM)

It's here!!! Our first official recruiting report from "Progolfer."  Later tonight we should have up Joe-S-U's formal review of the Fiesta Bowl.

“Progolfer’s” Recruiting update #1

"This past weekend was a huge recruiting weekend for the 2006 Ohio State class. The United States Army All-American Bowl was held in San Antonio on Saturday. Ohio State had two commitments (Chris Wells and Connor Smith) playing in the game, and a third that committed during the game. Chris Wells is one of those three commitments and garnered the game’s Most Valuable Player Award on offense. 

Robert Rose, a defensive end from Glenville High School, unveiled his plans to go to Ohio State during the game. This was not really a surprise, but a huge commitment for the Buckeyes. A side note, Ted Ginn Sr. was the coach for the victorious East team.

From information that I have gathered, there are two more commitments to come from Glenville High School for this class. Ray Small, a very fast wr/db and Bryant Browning, a very large offensive lineman. I think Small will most likely play defensive back in college. Browning will play either guard or tackle. I have heard rumblings that he has moved into the 355 pound range, so he may be a project.

As Pat always states, I am making educated guesses at a lot of the recruits, but I will say some of my information is pretty solid. 

Walter Dublin, defensive end from Sarasota, Florida visited Ohio State this weekend. He had stated going into the visit that Minnesota was his leader. After the visit, he has put Ohio State in the top spot and I believe in the driver’s seat for his commitment. He has one more visit, Clemson, but from his reaction to his visit I think he heads to Ohio. 

I think that the national media may have helped us a little on the recruiting front. The buzz about our linebackers this year has opened some doors for us on some recruits. Mark Johnson’s commitment was announced today and I think we are going to get possibly a third. Linebackers Mark Johnson (Los Angeles Dorsey) and Colin McCarthy (Clearwater Catholic) are the two I believe will be in this class shortly. McCarthy grew up in Pennsylvania and has mentioned wanting to play in the Big Ten. At the Cali-Florida Bowl, he kind of let it slip that he was a Buckeye lean.  

Mark Johnson who also recently committed to OSU could be the next linebacker from Dorsey to play at Ohio State. Know the last? Does Na’il Diggs ring any bells? The third linebacker that may join Ross Homan and Tyler Moeller in this class is the highly touted Thad Gibson from Euclid High School. This is one kid I really want to be in this class. He will be a difference maker on the field. If he can’t fix his academic issues, he will probably go to Tennessee. Let’s all hope he gets things in order in the classroom and goes to school where he really wants to, The Ohio State University."



Sunday, January 8, 2006 (8:58 PM)

When it rains, it pours.  That's the way it has been in the last 24 hours for us here at the Buckeye 50 Yard Line.  We have a new reporter that will help us tremendously better cover recruiting, Army high school bowl reports, two new commitments and many other items............ WOW! 

First, we start off by introducing and welcoming "one of our own" from our Forum.  We have successfully recruited and landed "Progolfer" to report primarily on recruiting.  This is a critical area for us all year long, but particularly this time of year.  "Pro" has been following recruiting as a serious hobby (great for his off-season) for some time now and will be sharing his insight, insider information with us.  His first report will follow either tonight or tomorrow.  

Next, some odds n' ends:

  • In case you haven't heard, Vince Young has decide to enter the NFL draft.  I think he is ready for it and it will CERTAINLY improve our chances this fall down in Austin.
  • Also in case you haven't heard, BOTH Donte Whitner and Ashton Youboty are opting out of Ohio State into the NFL draft.  By my count, this makes 9 of our starting 11 on defense gone for this fall (Kudla, Green, Carpenter, Hawk, Schlegel, Everett, Youboty, Whitner, Salley).  Did I miss anyone?  Expect this to reflect in lower initial rankings and probably a rough pre-season performance.  Jim Heacock and Luke Fickell REALLY have their hands full now
  • The basketball Bucks dropped a heart-breaker at Indiana yesterday leaving OSU with its first loss of the year.  IU won by two points when Terwilliger was stripped of the ball while taking a shot with just three seconds left in the game.
  • Last weekend and this coming weekend are huge time for football recruits for OSU. "Pro" will have more on this later.
  • I have said on our Forum for months now that incoming RB freshman Chris Wells, the #1 rated high school player in America this past season, will make everyone forget that a Maurice Clarett even existed.  His performance in the Army All American Bowl this past Saturday more than sealed my belief in this.  Chris scored three touchdowns and was the game MVP.  For a short but good report, go here LINK.  Depending upon which report you want to believe, Chris is basically a linebacker playing TB.  His reported size is 6'2" and 228 lbs.  At least in this game, Chris showed he prefers to run up the middle but has some jets to run outside effectively.  He may be a nice guy in person, but while he runs he appears to hate anyone on defense.  Reminds me a lot of Jerome Bettis (but lighter weight), Keith Byers, Vaughn Broadnax and "Eddie."

Much more will be posted later, including "Pro's" first exclusive recruiting report.


Wed, January 4, 2006 (7:58 PM)

I am only now appreciating the REAL power of the media

I don't know where to start, there is way so much to cover.  Why don't we start with why I have the unusual above introduction.

I have a confession (no pun intended); I have a small soft spot in my heart for Notre Dame.  I was raised Catholic and was a huge fan and follower of Notre Dame in high school.  That was until my senior year when I was informed it was out of reach financially.  My senior year is also when I fell in love with Ohio State.  I am no fan of theirs, but just have this soft spot of admiration for their tradition and respect for the university.  Until now.  What changed?  How their web site, fans and reporters have elected to report their loss to us.

First, let's start with a link to their favorite website LINK For those with no time or interest in going to the site, let me summarize their take;  It starts off by reference to Troy Smith and his indiscretions last year.  Later, it then makes reference again in a question to him that he chose to answer as follow;  

"First of all, I want to let you know that sitting out of last year's bowl, I didn't think about that as much as you probably think I did," Smith said. "To me, this year"s seniors, this group of guys on the field, that's what it was about. I don't like taking a lot of credit for what goes on on the field because it takes 11 guys."  (We are VERY proud of your answer Troy, to question that shouldn't have been asked).

From there, the rest of the article angles towards how ND blew it with minimal recognition to Ohio State's superior performance.  Other sites I visited showed similar reporting.

Personally, I am very disappointed in their conduct and lack of class.  My soft spot is quickly hardening as I am starting to view them on a low level and station in life comparable to TBGUN (and that's pretty damn bad for those who know me).

On a upnote, I am awaiting Joe or Gregg's usual awesome report.  In the mean time, let me just congratulate the entire team and coaching staff for once again making us incredibly proud in either defeat or victory.  As I have recently said, Jim Tressel is my coach, and for me, he can stay here as long as he wants.  He not only is a winner and developer of people, lest not forget how true of a Buckeye this man is.

I hope sometime soon to provide a link to the picture taken of Antonio Pittman pulling away from the Notre Dame secondary.  For me, it equals the famous picture of Eddie pulling away from the Irish in 1995, having of course the same results; 6 points.



Sunday, January 1, 2006


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