Keys to Winning the Game at IOWA
September 28th, 6:00 pm EST

We have been talking about this game all week.  Iowa has had it circled on it's calendar all year.  Click here to hear from our own PJS Buck's keys to winning the game.

IOWA WEEK : Buckeyes Hit the Road
September 26th, 2:00 pm EST

Ohio State travels to Kinnick Stadium this week and hopes to perform better than their 2004 trip.  To review Gregg's comments on the the Iowa game click here.  For Coach Tressel's pre-game press conference comments click here.

September 23rd, 8:00 pm EST

Ohio State continued it's dominance over Penn State at home with a 28-6 win.  The victory margin included two late touchdowns by the defense.  OSU should remain #1 in the polls, despite the comments of John Saunders, Craig James and Doug Flutie.  For our game summary by Joe-S-U, click here.  For a quick read of the complete Tressel post game press conference transcript click here,  or here for player comments. 

For the Buckeye50 game day photos, click here.

September 20th, 2:40 PM EST

“I never did like Ohio State,” safety Donnie Johnson said last week. “I have no respect for Ohio State whatsoever. Hopefully they'll still be No. 1, so if we knock them off we put our season right back on the map.”  

For the rest of the story, click here LINK

For me personally, Penn State has now "officially" joined the ranks of the lowest life forms in the Big Ten, right along side of Wisconsin and TBGUN.  For those of us going to the game, PLEASE go home hoarse from yelling!


September 18th, 6:00 pm EST

For the first time in memory, the Associated Press has changed their football poll. 
In the original rankings, Boston College and Arizona State were tied in 20th place, with California at #22.  Ken Tysiac of the Charlotte Observer mistakenly sent in his ballot from last week.  The Observer publishes Ken's ballot every Monday (kudos to them!), and when he got several E-mails from readers wanting to know why he still had Notre Dame ahead of Michigan, he realized his error.  The AP accepted Ken's intended ballot and revised the poll, and as a result Boston College now is in 20th place alone.  California moves up a notch to #21 while Arizona State drops to #22.  No other teams were affected by the change.
Ken has a lot more guts than either the individual who is voting Ohio State #4 or the two panelists voting the Bucks third.  If OSU was second on the six ballots that do not have them #1 this week, they would have two more points.  And this just isn't the case because of a slow start against Cincinnati.  This same scenario was in existence last week as well, right after the Texas win.
A first place vote is worth 25 points in the AP poll, a second place vote is worth 24, and so on.  59 first place votes is worth 1475 points, so if the six panelists who voted for Auburn (two first place votes), USC (two) and West Virginia (two) had the Buckeyes second, that would be 144 more points, which would give OSU a total of 1,619 points.  As it is, they have 1,617.  I will take off my Buckeye blinders for a second and admit that I could somewhat understand a third place vote, but anyone voting the Bucks fourth is a moron.


September 17, 11:39 am EST

To me, this game was more complex than it appeared on the surface.  It also may have been a blessing in disguise.   Here are some random observations from my position in A-Deck:

  • Regardless of pre-game claims to the contrary, there WAS a big let down.  I heard from one of my sources on Saturday morning that Thursday's practice was one of the worst, flattest practices since Jim Tressel has been coaching here.  It carried over into the game, at least for the first half.   The team came out of the tunnel like they were there for Picture Day.  Perhaps we now have it out of our system.
  • Every athlete is going to have a game here and there when they are just off. Even though he had two touchdown passes and no turnovers, Troy was flat in the first half.
  • Cincinnati was incredibly well prepared on both sides of the ball, but especially on defense.  Several of our offensive linemen said that Cincinnati's front seven were better prepared than Texas.  Unbeknownst to the rest of us, Cincinnati threw aggressive and confusing complex blitzes and defensive schemes at us.  Our linemen had not seen this before and it took at least two quarters for them to adjust.  We flat out had trouble with their defense the first half.   Mark Dantonio was going for the throat from the first play, but ultimately was out-gunned.
  • Their QB was surprisingly mobile and tough.
  • The Buckeyes made a huge number of adjustments during the half, and it showed.
  • Aaron Pettrey is gaining more confidence by the day - and we may need it later this season.
  • Chris Wells may be the future at TB, but Antonio Pittman is without question the most under-appreciated Ohio State player in years.  This guy is strong, tough, determined and a gamer.  I hope Chris Wells is taking notes from a Master.
  • Our biggest weakness as a team is on the outside on defense.  I am not a serious X's and O's guy so I don't know exactly where the problem resides, but we are seriously weak in defending the outside against screen passes, flanker screens and toss sweeps.  We did show a little ray of improvement in the second half but this really worries me for later on in the season.  You all know how much TBGUN runs these type of plays on offense.
  • Next year, we are going to experience a MASSIVE drop-off at the QB position.

Look for us to be emotionally "up" against Penn State.  Tressel has already kicked it into next gear as the Big Ten now starts for us.


September 17th, 11:00 pm EST

Joe-SU notes "On my flight back from Vegas last week, I had a chance to meet a young lady named Jennifer who was heading to Columbus for the Cincinnati game.  She is a graduate of OSU who majored in horticulture (I can only imagine what she thought of the playing field!), and she is a proud member of the Sacramento OSU Alumni group.  I passed along the website to her so we'd like to say hello to our "Buckeye Brethren" in Sacramento!  Hope you enjoy our site and maybe we'll see you in Glendale this January.  GO BUCKS!"  For a complete review of the win over the Bearcats click here, as Joe-S-U shares his thoughts.  

Joe-SU Reports From Vegas on the Texas Game
September 15th, 1:30 pm EST

Everyone has had a week to enjoy the OSU victory over Texas.  Our own Joe-S-U is celebrating the win out in Vegas.  He turned in his high level review of game (link for the review) which we have posted on our review page for your reading pleasure.  

You Know You Want It: One More Time
September 12th, 11:30 pm EST

I came across this while doing general surfing.  It is a brief highlight film of the game against Texas.  That's nothing new, but this one focuses on the Buckeye celebration in Texas Stadium AFTER the game.  No where else on this planet will Texans hear the song, "I don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan..."

Enjoy!  LINK


Laurinaitis Awarded Defensive Honor
September 11th, 11:30 pm EST 

Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis has been named the FWAA/Bronko Nagurski Defensive Player of the Week for games the week of Sept. 9. 

Laurinaitis, a sophomore, had a career-best 13 tackles (one for loss), forced two fumbles and made an interception in top-ranked Ohio State's 24-7 victory over Texas in Austin. He recorded 10 unassisted tackles and a pair of game-changing plays. He forced a first-quarter fumble, which was recovered by the Buckeyes, after Texas drove to the Buckeyes' 7-yard line. He also intercepted a pass that set up an Ohio State field goal in the third quarter. 

The Bronko Nagurski Trophy will be presented to the best defensive player in college football on Dec. 4 by the FWAA and the Charlotte Touchdown Club at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, N.C. 

Last season Louisville end Elvis Dumervil won the coveted Bronko Nagurski Trophy during the 11th season the FWAA has named a Defensive Player of the Year. 


AJ Trapasso is named Player of the Week
September 11th, 11:30 pm  EST

OSU sophomore punter A.J. Trapasso of Pickerington was named the Big Ten special teams player of the week based on his 50.8-yard average on six punt, two of which he dropped inside the Texas 20-yard line. Trapasso, who leads the league with a 49.7-yard average, had a long kick of 59 yards at Texas. His shortest, a 39-yarder, was downed at the Texas 6.

The Big Ten weekly honors are decided by officials in the conference office.


OSU Shows True Colors for TV Viewing
September 11th, 7:30 pm EST

Consider this, Penn State has the largest Alumni Association in the country.  Notre Dame, between their legion of followers and support of the Catholic nation worldwide, has to be even larger.  With that said, between last Saturday's Notre Dame/Penn State game and our game against the Longhorns, guess which game had the largest viewing audience?

Stumped?  Here's your answer:

According to USA Today,  Ohio State's win, on ABC's new Saturday-night NCAA football series, drew an 8.7 overnight, up 17% from a game between the two teams in the same time slot last year. ... Notre Dame's home opener against Penn State on NBC drew a 4.8 overnight....


Coach Mack Brown On Why Texas Lost to OSU
September 11th, 1:15 pm  EST

Mack Brown believes the clock is why his team got pounded by OSU. What a good sport.  Add Texas coach Mack Brown to the list of critics of the NCAA's new football clock rules.  Brown said Monday during the weekly Big 12 teleconference that the new rules, which were designed to limit the time of games, hurt the No. 8 Longhorns in Saturday's loss to No. 1 Ohio State. 

"They scored with six minutes left and the game was over before we had a chance to do anything," Brown said. "I really hope whoever made these changes will go back and look them over." 

Under the rule changes, the clock starts on a kickoff when the ball is kicked, not when the receiving team touches it; and on a first down, when the ball is marked ready for play, not when it is snapped.  Brown said while games are being shortened, the fans are being shortchanged. 

"One of the great things about college football is a team's ability to come back," Brown said. "Now that's limited. Our game was 22 minutes shorter. That's a little under 10 percent of our game. That's not fair to our fans. We worry about them sitting there?" Brown said, at worst, the old rules should be in place for the last two or five minutes of each game. 

Of the new rules, Brown said: "I hate it." 

August 20th, 5:45 pm  EST

--Interesting shakeup at linebacker this week with Assistant Coach Luke Fickell announcing that the three first team LBs had all switched positions, with Kerr now back on the weak side, Laurinaitis in the middle and Freeman at the SAM.  Cause for concern?  I'm not sure.  I think the coaches are pretty much now set on these three guys as their top three LBs, but it's not often that you see all three LBs play musical chairs.  Laurinaitis seems to be the new leader and maybe the most natural MIKE.  And Kerr backed up AJ Hawk on the weak side last year.  So Freeman moving to the strong side may be the only move that adds a learning curve to the equation.

--Sources say Brandon Mitchell played with the first teamers ahead of Jamario O'Neal during Friday's jersey scrimmage.  This appears to be a tight battle as to who will claim the starting job.  Mitchell is listed as Nick Patterson's backup on the last depth chart released by the Athletic Department.  Anderson Russell could also still be in the mix for one of the starting safety spots.

--The most recent depth chart shows Lawrence Wilson  and Jay Richardson as the first team DEs, but Coach Heacock explained recently that he had Vernon Gholston 
as a starter, at least at this point.  Look for Wilson, Gholston and Richardson to alternate at DE early on with Robert Rose getting an early look as well.  Coach Tressel also singled out Doug Worthington as a guy who is bouncing back pretty well from his 2005 ACL injury. 

--Whose #2 at QB?  Todd Boeckman got the first chance with the twos in the recent jersey scrimmage, with Justin Zwick falling to 4th in the pecking order.  My guess is that the coaches will want to try to bring Boeckman or Schoenhoft off the bench first.  But, if Troy were to go down (knock on wood it doesn't happen), I think the coaches would have little choice but to choose Zwick to replace him, assuming he gets healthy.  Recent word says Zwick may not be ready to go by the opener, after taking quite a hit in the jersey scrimmage.

--The coaches have made it loud and clear that Antonio Pittman is the #1 TB and have even penciled in Maurice Wells as the second teamer on the recent depth chart.  I have little doubt Pittman will remain #1 and get the bulk of the carries early on, but I am still thinking Chris Wells gets double digit carries, probably starting immediately.  Chris "Beanie" Wells again impressed with the most yards and the most yards per carry of any of the backs in Friday's scrimmage.  The kid's talent is sick.


2006 OSU Media Day
August 10th, 11:00pm EST

Joe and Gregg were fortunate enough to get media credentials for this even.  For the complete summary of this event, please click here and enjoy the recap of the event as only Joe-S-U can bring it.

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