Spring is Here!
March 28, 2007 12:45 PM EST

Spring is in the air and that means it is time for Spring Football.  This time each year every Buckeye fan gets prepared for the season and wonders how good the team will become.  Click here to go to our spring football page for schedule of practice schedule. Visit here if you wish to look back and read Joe-S-U's comments on how last year's 12-0 contest set the stage for a championship season. - Gregg

Taver Johnson Joins Staff
March 6, 2007 6:45 PM EST

Coach Jim Tressel has added Taver Johnson to his staff. Johnson, who has spent the past two seasons as assistant head coach and defensive coordinator at Miami of Ohio, will coach the Buckeyes' cornerbacks. He replaces Tim Beckman, who recently accepted the position of defensive coordinator at Oklahoma State University.  Johnson is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and a graduate of Wittenberg University, where he was a two-time All-America pick and a two-time choice as the North Coast Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Year in 1992 and 1993. 

At the conclusion of the 2006 football season, Johnson, who prepped at CAPE High School, accepted a position with the Oakland Raiders. But after being contacted by Ohio State, he eagerly accepted his new position with the Buckeyes.  Johnson began his coaching career at Wittenberg, spending two years there (1994 and 1995) as the Tigers' defensive line coach.  Johnson then spent three seasons (1996-98) at Millikin University in Decatur, Ill. and one year (1999) as a graduate assistant at Notre Dame before joining the Miami staff in 2000. He spent four seasons with the RedHawks before joining the staff of the Cleveland Browns in 2004.  He returned to Miami following the 2004 season and was the architect of one of the Mid America Conference's most successful defenses in 2005 and 2006. 

Johnson and his wife, Sharday, have one son, Tyree. 

Hamby to Hamburg
February 28, 2007 9:00 AM EST

Ryan Hamby becomes the first player drafted in 2007 as he is picked up in the 21st round of the NFL Europe draft, by the Hamburg Sea Devils.  I hope he speaks German! - Gregg

Even with a new office, Tressel has not got over the BCS loss either
February 26, 2007 11:00 PM EST

When the Ohio State football coaches move into the renovated Woody Hayes Athletic Center next month, there will be 'coaches emeritus' office where former coaches Earle Bruce and John Cooper will have desks.  This was announced by Coach Tressel when he spoke to a crowd of about 400 at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Luncheon Club.  Tressel also acknowledged that the pain from the loss in the Championship game hasn't gone away -- and likely won't for some time.

"We know we're hurting," he said. "You don't really get rid of that hurt until you hit someone, and we can't do that until September.  "We all have to grow from it."

According to 'BuckeyExtra' Tressel refused to place blame on the 51-day layoff the Buckeyes had from the season finale against Michigan until the meeting with the Gators -- "Give Florida all the credit" -- Tressel did say that managing the long break was a challenge.  Yet he said that doesn't mean the Buckeyes weren't ready to play.  "The first 12 seconds we looked real ready," he said. "Then after that ..."

In the meantime, he has spent some of his time being a fan of the OSU basketball teams.  "It's hard not to focus on basketball," he said. "That game (Sunday), it might as well have been a football game, they were bringing stretchers out."  A few hours after a 49-48 victory by the men's basketball team over Wisconsin, which clinched OSU's second straight Big Ten title, Tressel said he received a text message from assistant basketball coach Dan Peters.

"It said that this is two years in a row that the men's and women's basketball teams and the football team have won the Big Ten," Tressel said, "and next year let's make it three.

"I said, 'Man, I want to go to bed. I don't need that kind of heat yet. " - Gregg

Assistant Goes from OSU to OSU
February 16, 2007 5:50 PM EST

Cornerbacks coach Tim Beckman has been hired as defensive coordinator at Oklahoma State, the Oklahoma school said this afternoon.  A 1988 graduate of the University of Findlay, Beckman had been on the OSU staff for two seasons. He was hired by coach Jim Tressel from Bowling Green, where Beckman had been the previous seven seasons, six as defensive coordinator.  Beckman was born in Berea, and his father played for Tressel's father, Lee, at Baldwin-Wallace. 

According to Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, they were looking for someone who could help continue the recruiting momentum we have established.  Gundy took over two years ago for Les Miles, now at LSU. In January, Gundy fired two-year defensive coordinator Vance Bedford, who was then hired as cornerbacks coach at Michigan.

NCAA Considering Rule Changes For Next Season
February 15, 2007 2:19 PM EST

An NCAA committee has proposed rolling back some football rules that were enacted last season to shorten games after coaches complained the changes were unfair.  

How Well Do You Know Your NCAA College football?
February 13, 2007 1:45 PM EST

Can you tell me what the football powerhouses Troy, Army, New Mexico State, Marshall, and Akron have in common?  Click here to see that they are all on Ohio State's schedule at this time over the next few years! - Gregg 

Recruiting Update : Class of 2008 - Buckeye 50 First Look
February 12, 2007 1:00 PM EST

Now that the books have closed on the 2007 Class, Buckeye 50 is ready to provide our look at the 100 best prospects nationally for next year's group.  Soon to follow will be our top 50 Ohio candidates and the best of the remaining prep stars.  Click here to get your first look into the future gridiron greats. - Brent

Spring Date is set
February 9, 2007 5:15 PM EST

Ohio State football program has announced the 2007 Spring Game will be April 21st.  Over 63,000 fans attended  the 2006 event.  Click here if you wish to look back and read Joe-S-U's comments on how last year's 12-0 contest set the stage for a championship season. Gregg

OSU Greatest Drives #2 - 2002 National Championship Game
January 25, 2007 11:30 PM EST

I am sure the taste of the loss in the 2006 National Championship game still lingers for many Buckeye fans across the nation.  But I have confidence they will return for the 2007 season stronger than ever.  Perhaps what you need to help you forget 2006 is to remind yourself of the 2002 season ending victory over Miami.  No one can relive the events of that night like our own Joe-S-U.  Click here to go back to that faithful night as we find the 2002 National Championship game #2 on our 'Greatest Drives' countdown.

Autograph Sessions Kick-Off
January 17, 2007 10:30 am EST

Now that the football season is over, the 2006 seniors (and the juniors heading to the NFL) will start hitting the autograph circuit.  Buckeye 50 would like to provide our Buckeye brethren with information for these sessions.  Click here to view our initial schedule and check back frequently as we will add updates as we get them.  We have also added the link above you can follow as well to get to this data.  Feel free to provide any suggestions you may have. - Gregg

Ginn is Gone, Pittman Packs it in
January 15, 2007 1:30 PM EST

Antonio Pittman decided he was ready to support his family instead of coming back for a shot at the Heisman Trophy.  As expected, he announced his decision to declare himself eligible for the the NFL draft in April.  This announcement came about an hour after Ted Ginn Jr. made his decision to declare for the NFL draft public.  Is it just me, or does any one else think they could have announced this sooner and saved some speculation?  - Gregg

Joe-S-U Game Summary - Championship Game
January 14, 2007 11:30 PM EST

As big of an OSU fan as I know Joe-S-U to be, it had to be painful to go back and recount the events from last Monday's game.  However... in his usual professional manner, Joe has once again captured the essence of this game (just as he has done for us all year).  Click here to read Joe's review of the BCS game against the Gators.

Gonzo Gone
January 11, 2007 2:21 PM EST

It is now official! Anthony Gonzalez announced that he will be declaring his eligibility for the NFL draft.  Still no official word from Ted Ginn or Antonio Pittman, but the speculation is they are leaving as well.  

Bowl Update: Final Results in for Buckeye 50 Bowl Predictions
January 11, 2007 1:20 PM EST

Now that the college bowl season is over we can bring closure to the Buckeye 50 Bowl Predictions contest. Joe-S-U won this year's event with an overall record of 25-7 for the 32 games.  Congratulations Mr. Hylton.  For his efforts, Joe has won two video recording devices from his local CVS pharmacy.  I am sure he will get years of great use out of them.  In second place was Tim Tilton.  Our runner-up prize is dinner at Mucho Gusto in Tempe.  Tim, they really have great food, do not let the rusty water in the restrooms worry you amigo.  Tim was also the person who put together our "BCS Bowl Info" Web page, which included activity information for anyone in Arizona for the game.  Thanks for all your work on that.  Click here to see everyone's results who participated. - Gregg

Juniors to Declare their NFL Intentions
January 11, 2007 7:14  am EST

As usual for this time of year, Junior football players begin to announce plans of going to the NFL early or staying for their senior season.  Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma), Dwayne Jarrett (USC), JaMarcus Russell (LSU), Darius Walker (Notre Dame) are some of the early jumpers from around the country.  For the Buckeyes, this carousel starts today at a 2:00 PM press conference, where receiver Anthony Gonzalez will announce his plans for 2007.  Buckeye 50 has heard from three different OSU sources that he will be skipping his senior year.  Antonio Pitman has a press conference scheduled in his home town next week, and I can not see him getting his high school buddies together just to tell them he is staying another year.  Kirk Barton has already announced he will be back for his senior year.  The mystery Junior will be Ted Ginn Jr, who is having his injury reviewed in Cleveland.  Hard to say if that will affect his decision to stay or go, but he is likely to announce his plans before the end of the week.  Inside sources tell Buckeye 50 that Teddy will be gone as well.  Since Tressel has been head coach at Ohio State, seven players have declared early entry into the draft, three of those have been first round draft picks. - Gregg  

Post-Bowl Game Analysis - Joe-S-U Style
January 10, 2007 9:52 PM EST

My usual detailed analysis will be replaced this time by feelings from the heart.  Click here to read the bowl experience I had from the travel arrangements, to the venue, to the game, and everything in between. - Joe-S-U

Post-Bowl Game Analysis - PJSBuck Style
January 10, 2007 9:50 PM EST

It's not pretty, but here is my bloody assessment of the bowl game.  Click here for a link to my editorial analysis as to what happened and why. - Pat

Post Game Press Conference
January 9, 2007 12:40 PM EST

It is hard for me to find the words to describe what took place place night.  Like Pat, it was tough to take.  But what did the Buckeyes have to say?  Click here to read what Coach Tressel and the Team Captains had to say in their post game press conference. - Gregg

Devastation in The Desert
January 8, 2007 11:35 PM EST

I have no consolation for anyone, so if you came here for comfort look elsewhere, because we are ALL devastated today.  We will have comments later, as quite frankly I personally am in no mood to talk or for want of spending time on analysis.

The last time I felt like this was on October 2, 2004 about 10:00 PM Central time in Chicago, when we made Northwestern look like a national powerhouse and ended up losing 33-27.  Yeah, I know, you are probably saying, "Thanks, Pat, why don't you try and make me feel worse!?"  But right now, the words are just not forthcoming. 

What I CAN say is, that I will always be a Buckeye and this is still the team and school I love and support.  No matter how bad, one night does not make or break our legacy.  However, this is going to take a lot of mouthwash to rinse this bad taste away.  More later when I can be civil. - Pat

Coach Meyer Is Ready to Play
January 7, 2007 1:00 pm EST

Coach Urban Meyer tells the media today that he has had enough press conferences, it is time to lace them up.  Click here to see what he has to say to the media one day before the big game. 

Tressel Comments from Today's Media Day
January 5, 2007 6:00 pm EST

Coach Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes were in the spotlight here in Glendale as the media put them through a 60 minute Q&A session.  Click here to read Coach Tressel's comments.  Also, watch for some of our photos to be posted shortly from the event. - Gregg

Bowl Update: Tigers Shine - Irish Whine
January 3, 2007 11:30 pm EST

Les Miles and the LSU Tigers took care of business in the Big Easy, defeating the offensive genius Charlie Weis 41-14 in the Sugar Bowl.  This makes non-BCS teams 2-3 in BCS bowls, Utah and Boise State have two wins and Notre Dame is 0-3.  As for the Buckeye 50 predictions, Joe-S-U has clinched the crown as we head into the final weekend of games.  To see the overall standings and how everyone has faired in the first 29 games, click here.

Buckeyes Attending Fiesta Bowl Tonight
January 1, 2007 11:15 am EST

The Buckeyes will be attending the Tostitos Fiesta bowl tonight, for the 4th time in the past five seasons.  However, tonight they will be watching from the stands rather than being on the field.  It will give them a chance to get familiar with the stadium they will playing in for the National Championship game.  I know I personally struggled to find tickets for the Fiesta Bowl last year.  I think it is amazing they were able to work out getting 120+ tickets together at this stage.  I guess Oklahoma-Boise State does not create the same demand as a game featuring the Buckeyes. - Gregg

Bowl Update: Bowl Games Getting Closer Down the Stretch
January 1, 2007 10:30 am EST

The bowl season started with major blow-outs.  Now the last five games have been decided by a total 14 points, including the 21-20 thriller last night as Miami edged Nevada in Boise.  Starting today, we head into the games that everyone has been waiting for.  In the Buckeye 50 staff predictions Joe-S-U is starting to separate himself from the the pack with an amazing 19-2 record in the bowl games played to date. - Gregg 

January 1, 2007 12:00 am EST

From the Buckeye 50 staff, we wish everyone a Happy New Year.  And may the Buckeye teams continue to share the success they enjoyed during 2006.

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