We Will Wait Till Monday For More News on Beanie
August 31, 2008 3:00 pm EST

There is no new information on the condition of Beanie's foot so we may have to wait another day for any new information.  Ohio State SID Shelly Poe sent an e-mail to reporters today, restating that Wells had no broken bones.

"It's not likely that there will be any update until probably [Monday] after some initial treatments and therapy," she wrote.

Coach Jim Tressel said Saturday team doctors told him the X-rays were negative and the injury was not turf toe.  As I watched the tape back from the game, it appears to me that he does twists his right foot/ankle early in the second quarter.  After that play he actually signals to the sideline to be taken out of the game.  Herron barely gets on the field in time to be set before the snap.  And on the run just before his final play, he does come up limping.  Since OSU went to a no-huddle, he had no time to get off the field or maybe even access the severity of his pain.

Tressel Signs a New Contract
August 29, 2008 12:15 pm EST

Head Coach Jim Tressel will be the highest-paid Big Ten coach after agreeing to a revised contract, Ohio State athletics director Gene Smith announced this morning.  The increase will be phased in this year and will be $3.5 million next year, more than $1 million annually than the previous agreement, OSU said. He will receive annual increases of 3 to 4 percent during the remainder of the term. Tressel is under contract until Jan. 31, 2013.

"Because of our overwhelming regard for coach Tressel's contributions to Ohio State and our football program, we made a commitment toward keeping him No. 1 in the Big Ten and among the top ranks of coaches nationally, and this revision achieves that goal," Smith said. "Based upon known compensation figures, this agreement will place him in the Top 10 nationally among collegiate coaches."

The new agreement also updates language in a number of other areas; including youth summer camps; termination-for-cause provisions; jet hours for recruiting and personal usage; and other items. As head coach, Tressel is provided opportunities for additional compensation from sources outside the university. All coaching salaries are paid entirely through athletics department funds; no public funds are used.

Big Ten Network and Time Warner Reach Agreement
August 26, 2008 8:00 am EST

Late last night, Time Warner Cable and the Big Ten Network reached a deal allowing the country's second-largest cable company to carry the year-old network's programming.  That means Ohio State football fans who subscribe to Time Warner will be able to watch the team's season opener Saturday against Youngstown State -- and subsequent games carried by the network -- from the comfort of home.  The agreement ends a yearlong stalemate between the dominant cable company in central Ohio and BTN, which is to broadcast three of the first five OSU games this season, including the Sept. 27 Big Ten opener against Minnesota.

Terms of the agreement were not immediately available, but Time Warner and network officials issued the following joint statement last night:

"Time Warner Cable and the Big Ten Network announced that they have reached an agreement-in-principle on terms of carriage for the Big Ten Network and its high-definition and video-on-demand programming on Time Warner Cable's lineups throughout the Big Ten territory, including Ohio and Wisconsin.

"The pending agreement will ensure that Time Warner Cable's customers across these Big Ten states will have access to this Saturday's Big Ten college-football season openers and all future Big Ten Network programming on an expanded basic level of service."

Final Week of Practice Approaches
August 25, 2008 9:00 pm EST

As the Buckeyes head into their final week preparation for the Penguins, how are things looking in and around camp?  Can there be too many surprises or mysteries at this stage?
  • Everyone that has watched practices comes out saying that Terrelle Pryor continues to look impressive.  It is very clear that he will be used and he will see action early in the YSU game.  Expect the Buckeyes to take advantage of his skills without taking away snaps from Boeckman.
  • The Buckeyes took the practice on the road last Thursday to Kenyon College.  After the practice, they received a motivation speech from Kenyon swimming coach Jim Steen, who has won more than 50 national championships.  Think he might be available again if we make it to Miami this winter?
  • Buckeyes announced Captains for the coming season.  James Laurinaitis returns as captain to become only the seventh player in the history of OSU football to chosen for this honor.  Joining him this year will be seniors Todd Boeckman, Brian Robiskie, and Malcolm Jenkins.  All four players considered leaving the program to enter the NFL draft last spring.  I think they all made the right choice and the Buckeye fans will be the ultimate benefactors. 

Did Gene Smith Go Over the Line
August 21, 2008 8:00 pm EST

Or was he just following orders?  How else can you explain the letter the Ohio State Athletic Director sent out urging Buckeye fans drop Time Warner since the cable company has been unable to reach an agreement with the Big Ten Network to carry BTN in their line-up.  Unless you are behind the scenes to these talks, no one knows for sure.  But where does Smith get the right to campaign against Time Warner.  It is no wonder the SEC has not tried to start their own network.

Time Announced For Open Practice
August 11, 2008 5:30 pm EST

The athletic office confirmed today the football team will hold an open practice in Ohio Stadium on August 18th. Admission is free to the public.  Gates open at 6:30 pm. and the Buckeyes are expected to arrive at 7:30 for their preseason practice under the lights, which will begin at about 8:00. As we mentioned earlier, there will not be an autograph session prior to practice.

The university suggests that fans use the Ackerman Road exit and park in the lots adjacent to the Schottenstein Center.  The staff at Buckeye 50 does recommend Tommy's Pizza for dinner, but we don't recommend leaving your car there during the practice

One Week of Practice Closer to Youngstown State
August 10, 2008 1:00 pm EST

The first week of practice is now in the books, but what have we learned about the 2008 squad from the activities of the first week?  Not much but what do you expect with a coach that has a game face that would make Texas Hold'em champions envious.

It is clear that Curtis Terry has officially made the move to the offensive side of the ball and will be the starting fullback.  It is also clear that Joe Bauserman will be the back-up quarterback.  This means that if/when Terrelle Pryor is used this season, it will be in special situations.  And you know they will use him as you don't leave a talent like -that on the bench.  And would there be a better time to bring out those 'special plays' than say, September 13th?   There is no indication that they will use the tight-ends for anything more than glorified tackles, and believe me, Tressel was asked enough.

On the bright side, there are no reported injuries after the first week.  However, we still do not know how much Adams and Stoneburner will play early in the season. 

Defensive Backs Washington and O'Neal Suspended For Two Games
August 7, 2008 10:30 pm EST

We have speculated about this for a few weeks now, and during the team picture day, it was confirmed that Donald Washington and Jamario O'Neal will be suspended for the first two games of the season.  There is still no explanation as to the rules that were violated and we will likely never know for sure.  Tressel usually does a pretty good job keeping this information internal.  No word yet on what their role will be when the Buckeyes travel to California to take on the USC Trojans on September 13th. 

Practice Day Two : Big Ten Network Attends Practice
August 5, 2008 9:00 pm EST

Ohio State enters their second day of fall practice and the Big Ten Network is there rolling cameras.  You can catch this at 9:00 pm if you get this station from your cable provider.  Most of the show was their broadcast team providing their own insight, with the team practicing behind them.  But there was plenty of footage of the team working through the practice, highlighting the star players like Laurinaitis, Jenkins, Boeckman, etc.  The Big Ten Network assessment is the team looks good, but does not look overconfident.  I think that happens when you have lost two of your last three games.

Player interviews included Todd Boeckman, James Laurinaitis, Brian Hartline and Malcolm Jenkins, along with a wrap-up interview with Coach Tressel.

Other stories from Day Two:
  • During the individual position drills, Terrelle Pryor was taking snaps as a quarterback.  For those that think he might be put in a slot role in the backfield, not yet.  As expected, he was working out with the third team offense in the 7-on-7 drills.  
  • No word on his legal status but Doug Worthington was in doing the drills with the defensive line.
  • The defensive backfield may be taking another hit.  Today the team announced that Sophomore James Scott is not working out with the team right now.  Scott played in ten games during his freshman season.  The Buckeyes have already lost Eugene Clifford to transfer and Donald Washington is setting out for a violation of team rules.

Practice Day One : Special Teams is the Focus
August 4, 2008 10:30 pm EST

With so many returners on offense and defense this year, it makes you wonder what the Buckeyes will focus on in practice leading up to the 2008 season.  Obviously, they will want to improve all around, but it will be tough for the defense to improve as they were among the tops in the nation in almost every category.  Hopefully, they will focus a bit on short yardage stops as both Illinois and LSU picked them apart in the 2007 losses.  The offense should be loaded and if the offensive line performs as expected, they could be virtually unstoppable.  So Tressel spent the first day of practice on Special Teams.

During 2007, OSU was 117th in the nation in kickoff returns.  Of course that is a double-edged sword.  Although their average yards on a kickoff was only 17.7 yards a return, you don't really get that many opportunities to break one when your defense yields only one or two scores a game.  But punt returns are a different story.  As strong as the defense plays, we need to shore up a punt returner set-up with the expectations we will see a lot of opportunities.  I am sure they will work on special teams more than just this first practice as well all know the importance Tressel puts on that phase of the game.

Other stories out of the first day:
  • Curtis Terry has officially been moved to fullback according to reports.  Looks like everyone will need to make updates to their depth charts. Buckeye50 2008 Depth chart
  • Devon Torrence is getting reps at both cornerback and receiver, just as he did in spring drills.  Could we have our next Chris Gamble?
  • Freshman Shawntel Rowell will not play this season for academic reasons.  He may be able to enter school by January.
  • Freshmen Mike Adams (shoulder surgery) and Jake Stoneburner (leg injury) both play yesterday but saw very limited action. 
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August 2008
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