Williams Pleads to a Lesser Charge
April 30, 2009 12:30 pm EST

Defensive end Nathan Williams was fined $150 after pleading guilty to a reduced charge settling the case that stemmed from a December 2008 arrest at a Dayton-area mall.  He and his friend were stopped by security as they were leaving the Macy's in the Mall at Fairfield Commons, and Williams had three shirts valued at about $80.  

Williams, of Washington Court House, originally was charged with two first-degree misdemeanors: theft and possession of criminal tools. He pleaded not guilty to both.  On April 16 in Fairborn Municipal Court, he pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of property, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. The second charge was dropped. A 30-day jail sentence was suspended.

Williams made an impact last season as a freshman, playing in nine games and making 18 tackles -- four for loss, including two sacks. He single-handedly stopped Northwestern's final scoring threat last year in Evanston.  He should see significant playing time this year, in spite of missing most of spring practice with a knee injury.

Boeckman to Try-Out with Bengals
April 28, 2009 10:30 pm EST

Todd Boeckman, former Ohio State quarterback and 2007 All-Big Ten player is headed to Cincinnati this weekend for a tryout.  Cincinnati has three quarterbacks on its roster: starter Carson Palmer, journeyman veteran J.T. O'Sullivan and third-year pro Jordan Palmer, Carson's younger brother.

Boeckman is one of eight former Buckeyes who will have NFL opportunities despite going undrafted last weekend. Offensive tackle Alex Boone signed with San Francisco, and punter A.J. Trapasso signed with Tennessee. The others, like Boeckman, have not signed deals but are hopeful of getting one after their upcoming tryouts. They are defensive tackle Nader Abdallah (Jacksonville), tight end Rory Nicol (Washington), offensive linemen Ben Person (Detroit) and Steve Rehring (Cincinnati), and fullback Brandon Smith (Chicago).

Former OSU QB Schoenhoft Will No Longer be a Quarterback
April 27, 2009 6:45 pm EST

Delaware quarterback Robby Schoenhoft has decided he will forgo his final year of eligibility and graduate from the university with a degree in Human Services in May. Schoenhoft said he made his decision about two months ago.   After graduation he hopes to move on to the University of Dayton for graduate school for school counseling, hoping to become a school counselor. He said he will hear back from Dayton within a week. 

Playing football at Dayton is not an option, Schoenhoft said. As a Hen, Schoenhoft completed 112 out of 208 passes, throwing 7 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in 9 games. 

"It was a great time for me," Schoenhoft said. "Obviously I would have liked the win-loss percentage to be a little bit better - a lot better - but I came here to do what I wanted to do, to pursue my goals." 

He said team chemistry was one of the biggest reasons last year's team did not have the success many had anticipated, especially after news the Ohio State transfer would be the starting quarterback. 

"I think the team last year just didn't click," he said. "I think there are a lot of parts that we needed to improve on, but I think there's a time in every team where you click, whether it's the first game or the fifth game, but we just never clicked." 

One of Schoenhoft's biggest individual challenges was adjusting to Delaware's style of playing, which he said was considerably different than Ohio State's system, where he played for two seasons prior to becoming a Hen. 

"I think it was a difficult adjustment," he said. "Obviously, the outcome didn't come to what I wanted but it was difficult in the aspect of training, styles of play, styles of coaching, and styles of the whole community here. It's a lot different than the Midwest. But it's a great place out here and the coaches tried to make it as easy as possible for me and it just was a difficult transition from Ohio State." 

Schoenhoft said that he would not have changed anything while playing as a Hen. 

"I would say I have no regrets here. I played as hard as I could and I prepared harder than I ever did in my whole life, but it wasn't God's plan for my football career to move on," he said. "It was his plan for me to pursue my other goals and dreams and aspirations." 

In the end, football will always play a part in Schoenhoft's life, as he said he hopes to coach either high school or college football in the future. He said he almost got a graduate assistant slot in the football system at the University of Toledo, but that did not work out due to a lack of funding. 

"I have absolutely no regrets," he said. "There were just so many good outcomes that have come from this place and I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to play here."

Team's Selected for this Year's Intersquad Scrimmage
April 22, 2009 10:00 pm EST

As the Buckeyes get closer to this year's Spring game, a couple of big things were established today.  First, the draft took place so the players have established their teammates.  More importantly though, Coach Tressel announced that for two of the quarters, the starting quarterbacks, Pryor and Bauserman, will be subject to full contact.  Tressel confirmed the QBs would start the game in black "don't tackle" jerseys, then switch to their respective colors for their last two quarters of action. Walk-on Justin Siems will play a quarter for each team and be live throughout.

Tressel said he weighed the pluses and minuses of letting his quarterbacks face jeopardy, then opted to give them, in essence, half a game each in full-contact mode.

Here is the draft order for the 2009 Spring Game:
1ST POSITION: Quarterbacks
1. Terrelle Pryor (Gray)
2. Joe Bauserman (Scarlet)

3. Thad Gibson (Scarlet)
4. Solomon Thomas (Gray)
5. Stewart Smith (Scarlet)

3RD POSITION: Defensive Line
6. Cam Heyward (Gray)
7. Dex Larimore (Scarlet)
8. Garrett Goebel (Gray)
9. Willie Mobley (Scarlet)
10. Matheny (Gray)
11. Britt (Scarlet)

4TH POSITION: Offensive Line
12. Bryant Browning (Scarlet)
13. Justin Boren (Gray)
14. Andy Miller (Scarlet)
15. Michael Brewster (Gray)
16. Mike Adams (Scarlet)
17. Josh Kerr (Gray)
18. Connor Smith (Scarlet)
19. Scot Sika (Gray)
20. Evan Blankenship (Scarlet)
21. Jack Mewhort (Gray)
22. Zach Slagle (Scarlet)
23. Ryan Malone (Gray)

5TH POSITION: Linebacker
24. Brian Rolle (Gray)
25. Tyler Moeller (Scarlet)
26. Andrew Sweat (Gray)
27. Etienne Sabino (Scarlet)
28. Storm Klein (Gray)
29. Tony Jackson (Scarlet)
30. Ross Homan (Gray) - Questionable
31. Grant Dziak (Scarlet)

6TH POSITION: Cornerback
32. Chimdi Chekwa (Scarlet)
33. Devon Torrence (Gray)
34. Travis Howard (Scarlet)
35. C.J. Barnett (Gray)
36. Donnie Evege (Scarlet)
37. Taylor Rice (Gray)
38. JJ Emmenecker (Scarlet)

39. Jermale Hines (Gray)
40. Orhian Johnson (Scarlet)
41. Zach Domicone (Gray)
42. Rocco Pentello (Scarlet)
43. Jamie Wood (Gray)
44. Nate Ebner (Scarlet)
45. Maxwell (Gray)
46. Nate Oliver (Scarlet) - Questionable

8TH POSITION: Tailback
47. Boom Herron (Scarlet)
48. Brandon Saine (Gray)
49. Bo DeLande (Scarlet)

50. Jake Stoneburner (Gray)
51. Spencer Smith (Scarlet)
52. Nic DiLillo (Scarlet) - Questionable

10TH POSITION: Wide Receiver
53. DeVier Posey (Scarlet)
54. Taurian Washington (Gray)
55. Lamaar Thomas (Scarlet)
56. Grantz Schwartz (Gray)
57. Ricky Crawford (Scarlet)
58 Garrett Hummel (Gray)
59. James Jackson (Scarlet)
60. Joe Cech (Gray)
61. Josh Springer (Scarlet)
62. Chris Roark (Gray)
63. Antonio Ranieri (Scarlet)

11TH POSITION: Long Snapper
64. Jake McQuaide (Gray)
65. Patrick Howe (Scarlet)
66. Garrett Dornbrook (Gray)
67. Gar Chappelear (Scarlet)
68. Matt Heater (Gray)

12TH POSITION: Punter/Kicker
69. Ben Buchanan (Scarlet)
70. Erwin (Gray)
71. Devin Barclay (Scarlet)
72. Eisenhart (Gray)

13TH POSITION: Fullback
70. Adam Homan (Gray)
71. James Georgiades (Scarlet)
72. Jermil Martin (Gray)

14TH POSITION: Injured
73. Dane Sanzenbacher (Scarlet)
74. Nathan Williams (Gray)
75. J.B. Shugarts (Scarlet)
76. Keith Wells (Gray)
77. K.C. Christian (Scarlet)
78. Zach Boren (Gray)

*Following the draft, cornerback Travis Howard was traded from the Scarlet team to the Gray in exchange for C.J. Barnett. 

Big Comeback Falls Short for the Offense - Scarlet Jersey's Go to the Defense
April 18, 2009 1:00 pm EST

The final score was 56-55 , yet at this stage, the #1 Defense is well ahead of the #1 Offense.  You would not know it from the final score, but for much of the morning, the score was lopsided in favor of the Fickell's boys.  In fact for much of this jersey scrimmage, they looked like the Silver Bullets of the late 90's.  For most of the first several plays, the quarterbacks had on the black shirts which means they could not be tackled.  The Defense took advantage and recorded a considerably high number of sacks.  Those TOL's and a couple of turnovers had the defense well ahead of the offense all morning long.   

As time went by, Joe Bauserman got his groove on and began marching the offense for a score.  A couple more scores, including a 56-yard FG by Aaron Pettrey, and the offense and closed to within 15 points.  And for the final drive, the offense had the benefit of Terrelle Pryor, sans the black jersey.  A few first downs, with some fine runs by Pryor from the scramble, and the offense was inside the red zone and had closed the gap to 56-49.  Boom Herron finished off the drive with a 5 yard TD score to bring the offense an extra point from a tie.  But Pryor, who played such large part of the success of the final drive, managed to tango with Cameron Heyward, in a way that would not land him a place on 'Dancing with the Stars'.  The officials crew served up a 15 yard penalty and Pettrey followed his 56-yard boot, with the blown extra point, to allow the defense to escape with the narrowest of victories. 

Pryor Appears to be Fine After a Weekend of Rest
April 16, 2009 6:30 am EST

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor appeared to be fully recovered in Tuesday's practice.  Those at the practice last Friday noticed his throwing arm was sore and he left the session early.  Coach Tressel indicated that it was only a strain and everything will be fine.  It is obvious that he is throwing a lot more these days but there is no reason to over do it.  But he much will he really need if he is only throwing 10-15 passes a game? 

2009 Game in Bloomington Will be a Night Telecast
April 15, 2009 9:00 pm EST

The Big Ten Network has scheduled the Ohio State's game at Indiana on October 3rd for a prime time telecast starting at 7:00 pm, the network announced this morning.  The game will be one of eight televised in prime time by the third-year network. Indiana will be participating in three of them, including the Hoosiers' opener, Thursday Sept.3 against Eastern Kentucky.

The Oct. 3 game in Bloomington, Ind., will be the first matchup of the Buckeyes and Indiana since 2006. In their on-again, off-again series, the Hoosiers last beat Ohio State in 1988.

The only other start time known thus far for OSU in 2009 is the 8:00 pm kickoff planned for the home game versus USC on September 12th, slated for ESPN

Pettrey #1 Kicker as Expected
April 11, 2009 7:00 am EST

Aaron Pettrey's 34-yard field goal, set up by a 25-yard punt return by DeVier Posey, won the this year's spring practice kick scrimmage for the Scarlet, 30-27.  And with the kick, claims honor of the top kicker, a status he had lost before the 2007 season after being the No. 1 kicker in 2006.  Pettrey solidified his hold on the position yesterday over freshman kicker Ben Buchanan (Westerville Central) and former pro soccer player Devin Barclay.

Pettrey missed his first field goal attempt, from 53 yards, then made his next one, from 57. From that point on, he didn't miss, making nine in a row.  Yet the other kickers looked good as well.  Neither Barclay nor Buchanan, both kicking for the Gray, missed on a try that wasn't blocked. But in the end, the stage was set for Pettrey when Orhian Johnson dashed in to block what could have been a 53-yard winner by Barclay.

Pettrey was top man in 2006. Then came 2007, when he tried to kick in the preseason kick scrimmage despite a leg injury. Pretorius beat him out, and Pettrey faded into the background for most of the season.  The coaches' action through last season showed they were paying attention to the fact that he'd regained his swing and his pop, so they let him try some kicks that mattered. He delivered, hitting on 7 of 8 field goal attempts, including 2 of 3 in the Fiesta Bowl loss to Texas.

Tickets Now On Sale for Spring Game
April 1, 2009 9:00 pm EST

Ohio State officials announced the April 25 Spring game in Ohio Stadium as a doubleheader, with the men's lacrosse team playing Notre Dame before the Scarlet and Gray game. Tickets, $5 each, are on sale at area McDonald's and the Ohio State ticket office.

Drug Charges Dismissed for O-Linemen
March 9, 2009 8:00 pm EST

It looks like the Buckeyes will be at full strength on the offensive line when spring ball starts.  Two months ago, it appeared that we may be losing two of our more promising young lineman.  Possession of drug paraphernalia charges against offensive lineman J.B. Shugarts was dismissed today in Franklin County Municipal Court.  Shugarts and teammate Mike Adams both faced the charge after a Jan. 14 traffic stop, in which a pipe was found in the car Adams was driving. Adams' charge was dismissed last Monday.

According to attorney Garth Cox, both players were tested for drugs immediately after the citation and the results were negative. The reason for the delay between the incident and the dismissals was the prosecutors were waiting for lab results from testing the pipe.  When those results came back negative for drugs, there was no reason to continue the cases.

Tressel Set To Support Our Troops
March 5, 2009 2:00 pm EST

Today, Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch reported Ohio State coach Jim Tressel will have a chance to step lightly in the shoes of his father and on a similar path Woody Hayes once trod when he joins several other college football coaches for a meet-and-greet tour of U.S. military installations in the Middle East in May.

"To bring a little bit of home to them and let them talk a little football, wear their colors a little bit, it's a tremendous honor, and I'm really looking forward to it," Tressel said yesterday.

Billed as an armed forces entertainment tour and organized through the Defense Department, it will include Texas coach Mack Brown, Mississippi's Houston Nutt, UCLA's Rick Neuheisel, Air Force's Troy Calhoun and former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, who made the trip last year. The eight-day trip will stop at several sites, including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan.

For Tressel, just being invited - he had to give up the chance last year because he could not miss the college graduation of his younger daughter, Whitney - stoked memories.

"I remember growing up admiring when coach Hayes went over to visit the troops (in Vietnam); I thought that was an awesome thing," Tressel said. "Of course we all grew up watching Bob Hope and the USO, and all those kinds of things."

From the other side of it, he recalled how his late father, Lee, had an impressive showing in spring football at Ohio in 1943, then opted to enlist and serve his country during World War II. Lee Tressel went on to become a national championship-winning coach at Baldwin-Wallace.

"It was serving his country that came first to him, even more than his football playing and wanting to live a civilian life," Jim Tressel said. "I've always admired those people that sacrificed and served, and we talk about them a lot with our team."

He has played host to legions of military personnel at practices during his eight seasons at Ohio State. He has had many of them address his players, and the team maintains a large display of various photos and items given them by soldiers who have seen action.

Now he'll get to see many of them in the field.

"That's like bringing home right into their tents or wherever they stay," Tressel said. "They'll see from us that we really believe they're the ones that people should take note of, and they're the ones that are doing the tough duty."

Spring Game Returns to WBNS
February 24, 2009 7:00 pm EST

The 2009 Spring Game will not be shown on the Big Ten Network as it was in 2008.  The good
 news is the game will return to Channel 10 and ONN locally.  The bad news is we won't get to
 see Charissa Thompson(right) on the sideline.  The worse news is you'll get Dom Tiberi...

2009 USC Game Will Be Played at Night
February 6, 2009 7:30 pm EST

Ohio State's football game against USC this season will be a prime-time matchup.  The September 12th game in Ohio Stadium will kick off at 8:00 pm EST and be televised by ESPN, Ohio State announced today.  Ohio State is 6-2 in night games in the Horseshoe, but has lost the past two. 

Ohio State's history at night in Ohio Stadium: 

2008: vs. Penn State, 13-6 loss 
2005: vs. Texas, 25-22 loss 
2003:  vs. Washington, 28-9 victory 
2001: vs. Northwestern, 38-20 victory 
1999: vs. UCLA, 42-20 victory 
1997: vs. Wyoming, 24-10 victory 
1993: vs. Washington, 21-12 victory 
1985: vs. Pittsburgh, 10-7 victory 

Walt Harris May Be a Candidate for a High School Job
February 1, 2009 2:00 pm EST

For those Buckeye fans that speculated former coach Walt Harris might be added to the OSU staff, those rumors may be over for now.  As reported by Mike White of the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, Harris is apparently a candidate for the head coach's job at Seneca Valley High School.  According to sources, he has talked with Seneca Valley officials about the position, which opened when Ron Butschle resigned after the season.  Harris had no comment.

Seneca Valley officials interviewed some candidates this past week. Seneca Valley athletic director Greg Caprara said the school hopes to name a coach Feb. 9. When asked about Harris, Caprara said, "I can't confirm anything. I don't have him as an individual involved in my part of the process. But there may be other individuals involved [in the hiring process]."  Caprara said Seneca Valley superintendent Don Tylinski will interview some candidates this week.

Harris lives in Shaler. He coached Pitt for eight seasons and Stanford for two before being fired after the 2006 season.

Ticket Prices Expected to Increase
February 1, 2009 8:00 am EST

The Ohio State athletics department is likely headed for a loss this fiscal year, athletics director Gene Smith reports.  The budget for the fiscal year, through June 30, was projected at $115 million.

"For the last three years we have had a surplus," Smith said. "I really couldn't say at this point (what the shortfall will be), but it's nothing we couldn't handle out of our reserves."

The athletic department will recommend a $1 per ticket increase for football and basketball for the 2009-2010 year. The university's board of trustees is expected to consider that this week.  Smith said there are no plans to cut any of Ohio State's 36 sports.

OSU All-stars Announced
January 23, 2009 4:30 pm EST

As many of the Senior Buckeyes are preparing for combines and NFL workouts, three are still playing football.  Wide Receiver Brian Robiskie and Linebacker Marcus Freeman will be competing in the 2009 Senior bowl.  The game will be played January 24th at 7:00 pm in Mobile, AL.  Also, Defensive Lineman Nader Abdallah will be playing in the Texas vs The Nation game which will be played January 31st, at 1:00 pm in El Paso, TX.  Best of luck to these former Buckeyes.

Donald Washington Declares His Eligibility for the 2009 Draft
January 15, 2009 1:00 pm EST

Cornerback Donald Washington became the third Ohio State underclassmen to declare himself eligible for the upcoming NFL draft.  Washington, a two-year starter joined fellow juniors Chris "Beanie" Wells and Brian Hartline on the leave early list. Like Hartline, Washington was a fourth-year junior, having taken a redshirt season in 2005.  The draft is usually pretty kind to Buckeye secondary players but it is hard for me not to think that another year would have only served to help better prepare him for the next level.

"I'm very excited to take the next step and pursue my dream of playing in the National Football League, but it has been a difficult and emotional decision," Washington said in a statement released by OSU.

Sources said he had several conversations with OSU coach Jim Tressel on the subject, putting off the decision until today, the deadline for those underclassmen wishing to be in the draft.

"I thank coach Tressel and all those within the OSU football program for creating such a terrific environment for me to succeed both athletically and academically," said Washington, who is scheduled to graduate in June with a communications degree. "I have had tremendous experiences at Ohio State and at Franklin Central High School with coach Lance Scheib, who continues to be an integral part of my life.

"I will especially, and most importantly, miss all of my teammates and brothers. I wish them nothing but the best and continued success. I would also like to give my word that I will uphold the Buckeye tradition of doing my best off the field, as well as my best in competing with the premier athletes around the world on the field in the NFL."

The last statement was interesting, considering Washington was suspended for the first two games of the 2008 season for a breach of unspecified team rules. Upon his return he battled Chimdi Chekwa for the starting job at the CB spot opposite All-American Malcolm Jenkins.  During his three years at OSU Washington was in on 99 tackles and grabbed two interceptions, returning one for a touchdown, against Kent State in 2007.

Hartline Going, Coleman Staying
January 14, 2009 5:00 pm EST

Brian Hartline announced today he is leaving for the NFL, and teammate Kurt Coleman said he will return for his senior season.  This is according to an OSU football spokesperson as the deadline for underclassmen declaring for the NFL draft is tomorrow. One other Buckeye still to make a decision is junior Donald Washington.

"Everyone involved within The Ohio State University football program has done a tremendous job for me," Hartline said in a statement released by OSU. "I want to thank all of them, particularly coach (Jim) Tressel, for helping me to succeed as both a student and an athlete during my time here.

"I would especially like to thank the media and the fans of Ohio for being great to me and to my family throughout my career. I have had an outstanding experience at OSU and am thankful for the support I continue to receive.  I now look forward to testing myself against the top competitors in the National Football League."

Coleman was just as excited about his plans to stay for his senior season. Projected as a mid-draft possible pick just like Hartline, Coleman said he still has things to do in college, including the finishing of his degree requirements.

"My decision to come back is a lot about helping this team," he said in his release. "I feel we can do anything next year. We have a lot of great leaders coming back and an excellent group of underclass talent.

"For me personally, my family and I felt this was the best decision for me, to make my career at Ohio State even better than it has already been. I have a lot to prove to myself and a lot of things I want to accomplish. With one more year here, I can attain all those goals."

Among others who had been considering departure, left guard Jim Cordle and receiver Ray Small have said in recent days they will return to play their senior season.

Hartline, originally from North Canton GlenOak, had 90 catches for 1,449 yards in three seasons at OSU, though his production -- as well as the team's passing game in general -- fell off to 21 catches for 479 yards and four TDs this past season. Hartline, who also returned a punt 90 yards for a score, is scheduled to graduate this year and also has plans to marry.

Beanie Wells to Enter NFL Draft a Year Early
January 8, 2009 5:00 pm EST

Most of us expected it, but Chris 'Beanie' Wells made it official today.  He will skip his senior year and make himself eligible for the 2009 NFL draft.  I personally believe another year might give him a chance to improve this reputation, but it is tough to call to make when everyone, including Coach Tressel is telling him he should go.  In a statement released by the school, Wells called it "a difficult decision," but that's not what Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel said last month. Asked whether he thought Wells should turn pro, Tressel said, "Shoot, yeah," and said he thought Wells would be a top-five pick.

At Media Day for the Fiesta Bowl last week, Wells indicated he had not made up his mind.  Presently draft projections have Wells being selected between the 6th and 25th selection.  A pick in that range should come with a signing bonus somewhere in the $10 million range. Could you pass up that kind of cash if given the opportunity, Beanie couldn't.

"There are a lot of things I know I will miss: just being in the locker room, spending time with my teammates, playing in the Michigan game, just all the aspects of being at Ohio State that make it such a special place," Wells said. "But in the best interest of my family, it's time to move on and take a chance at fulfilling my lifetime dream."

In three seasons, Wells rushed for 3,382 yards, fourth in Ohio State history. Voted the Buckeyes' MVP in 2007 and 2008, he had 16 games of 100 yards or more and scored 30 touchdowns.  He set the Ohio State-Michigan game rushing record with 222 yards in 2007, and for his career, he averaged 5.8 yards a carry.

I am sure the big questions the NFL will have for him at the combines will center around his durability.  Wells spent a lot of time on the sidelines due to injuries. At 6 feet 1, 235 pounds, Wells is a bruiser with speed but has been plagued by injuries. He overcame fumbling problems as a freshman in 2006 and played with nagging wrist and ankle injuries in 2007.

After rushing for 1,609 yards last season, he had surgery on his wrist this past offseason, and came into 2008 as a Heisman Trophy candidate.  But a foot injury suffered in the season opener forced him to miss three games. He later was bothered by a hamstring strain, and was knocked out of the Fiesta Bowl with a concussion.

The NFL draft is scheduled for April 25-26 in New York City.

We will miss him but should wish him all the best 

OSU Loses 24-21 in Fiesta Bowl
January 6, 2009 1:00 am EST

Longhorns score game winning touchdown with 16 seconds to seal victory.  Ohio State scored the go ahead with two minutes left but it is not enough.

Fiesta Bowl Media Day
January 2, 2009 2:00 pm EST

The teams have arrived and the media gets one last opportunity to speak with the players and coaches.  The event was moved to the Media Hotel (Camelback Inn) due to the NFL playoff game for the Arizona Cardinals.  The media kept focusing on the 'what if' game for Texas, continuing to point out they were a play away from being in the National Championship.  For the Buckeyes, they can not seem to let go off the losses in the past two bowl games.  Will the media ever move forward?  As a whole, this was the lowest media turnout since the Alamo Bowl.  

Happy 2009 to all Buckeye Fans
January 1, 2009 12:00 am EST

We had 91,488 visitors to our home page in 2008 and we hope to go over 100,000 in 2009. Thanks for your
continued support!  Best of luck to the 2008 Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl against Texas.

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