2009 Captains Announced
August 28, 2009 11:15 pm EST

The team just released the names of this year's captains.  All from the defensive side of the ball, Seniors Kurt Coleman, Doug Worthington and Austin Spitler will be this year's leaders.  Although no names were given from the offense, it is suspected that Tressel will name an offensive player which could be a weekly honor.  On one hand, the last time we did this (2002), we won a National Championship.  On the other hand, am I the only one that is worried we don't have clear leadership?

Will Hineygate Give Way to Hineefest?
August 20, 2009 9:45 pm EST

Owners of Across the Field, a retail store in a small brick building at 2781 Olentangy River Rd., said yesterday that they've hired the Danger Brothers band to perform at the bash they're calling Hineefest. The band had been a musical fixture at Hineygate for 26 years.  Hineefest will be in the store's parking lot at Old Ackerman and Olentangy River roads before, during and after Ohio State University home games. Organizers have applied for a permit to sell alcohol.

As with Hineygate, the game will be televised on a jumbo screen. Organizers said a shuttle bus will move partygoers to and from the Ohio Stadium area, 1 1/2 miles away.

The original Hineygate plans to re-create its Lane Avenue party a few hundred feet east at the Thirsty "I" restaurant and bar, its sponsor, radio station WTVN (610 AM), has announced.  Hineygate lost its longtime home at the Holiday Inn on Lane Avenue when Ohio State bought the motel in March with plans to convert it into student housing.  The university also owns the Thirsty "I" property and is trying to evict the bar, saying it hasn't paid the rent. The bar owners dispute that, and a hearing is scheduled Monday in Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

WTVN program director Mike Elliott said he expects the Thirsty "I" to win, but even if Ohio State succeeds in evicting the business, owners would have 120 days to vacate, he said. "That's pretty much the football season."

Hineefest's distance from Lane Avenue and stadium crowds is bound to be a negative for some partiers, but Miller said having the Danger Brothers perform should compensate. The new event also is near OSU parking lots and five hotels on Olentangy River Road that fill up on game days, he said.

WTVN's Elliott declined to comment on the rival party yesterday. The station's Web site says that several of its football analysts, including former OSU coach Earle Bruce and former players Art Schlichter and Stanley Jackson, will broadcast live from Lane Avenue before and after home games.

Media Day Wasn't Necessarily Picture Perfect
August 10, 2009 8:30 pm EST

Families members present to share final moments with their boys before college starts .... check.  Media outlets lining the sideline to secure precious footage for their news stories ... check.  SID staffers hurriedly scrambling around to keep things running as smoothly .... check.  Reporters surrounding the dozen marque OSU names to get their latest thoughts ....  no.  OK, reporters flock to the half dozen All-American candidates to see how practice is going ... no.  This year is not quite the same as this team is not loaded with all-stars.  There are a lot of key positions the Buckeyes will need to fill.  In the coming weeks, we will quickly see if the Scarlet and Gray will 'reload' or is this finally a 'rebuilding campaign.  But for now, other than Terrelle Pryor and Kurt Coleman, it is difficult to see the star power, at least at the beginning of the season.  

Another thing that wasn't quite perfect was the stadium.  The first thing you noticed when you walked out on the field was that all the signage is gone.  This means the Woody Hayes recognition sign was gone.  The Retired Numbers are no longer in the North End Zone.  And with the exception of the big scoreboard behind South Stands, all other scoreboards have been removed.  We will work to find out the full story, but one OSU employee implied that all the scoreboards were being upgraded and enlarged.  Will this mean another surcharge will be added to the ticket prices?  

One thing that was perfect?  This team's record against Michigan.  No player on this team has ever lost to the team up north.  In fact the only player on the team that has ever lost in 'The' Game?  Justin Boren, and this was when he was playing for the Wolverines.

Who ran a 4.33 40?  Would you believe Mr Pryor.  Yes Terrelle Pryor was clocked at this impressive time and several players were still talking about it.  I beat OSU opponents can't wait to hear this! - Gregg   
Joe-S-U Media/Photo Day Coverage

Football Team Holds Open Practice to the Public
August 10, 2009 6:30 pm EST

What Buckeye50 communicated a few weeks ago, the university has now confirmed.  The football team will hold an open practice in Ohio Stadium Monday August 24th.  Gates will open at 6:30 pm for admission to the stadium, with the players expected to arrive at 7:15 pm for their preseason practice under the lights beginning at approximately 7:30 pm. 

Unfortunately as we also expected, there will not be an autograph session prior to practice.  At least the admission is free.  For the best parking, try the lots adjacent to St. John Arena and the Schottenstein Center. 

For those still interested in an autograph, Coach Tressel will be signing copies of his book from 6:00 - 7:00 pm at the new William Oxley Thompson Library on the Oval.

Camp Begins and Three Starters Have not Reported
August 9, 2009 10:00 pm EST

Today the Buckeyes checked into their dorms and Monday morning they will start practice for the 2009 season.  There are plenty of questions that need to be answered over the next three weeks as they prepare for the game against Navy September 12th.  However, as camp begins, three players that should see a lot of playing time this year are not checked in yet.  As some expected, Ray Small and Robert Rose will not be in camp due to academics.  No word yet as to when they might be able to report, but there is still a chance to improve their grades in their summer classes. 

The surprise was Tyler Moeller.  It was reported this weekend that over the past two weeks, he suffered a head injury which required a hospital visit.  He is presently at OSU Medical Center listed in fair condition.  Sources said Moeller suffered the injury in July when his head hit the ground while on a family trip to Florida.  Although he is expected to make a full recovery, he will not be available for the 2009 season.  No doubt OSU will petition the NCAA for a medical red shirt. - Gregg

TJ Downing Sentence Becomes One-Year Probation
August 7, 2009 11:15 pm EST

TJ Downing, 25, of Sunbury OH, pleaded guilty in June to one count of drug possession stemming from a traffic stop by a Grandview Heights police officer in November. The former All-Big Ten Offensive lineman was caught with cocaine, painkillers and a gun.  Yesterday he was sentenced to one year probation.  A weapons charge was dismissed, but his driving privileges have been suspended for six months.

In court, Downing apologized and said he has improved his life by running with different friends and starting a business in Delaware County. He now operates a chemical company that generates fuel additives and high-grade diesel fuel for boats and trains, defense attorney Sam Shamansky said.

Downing played played for Coach Tressel from 2003 to 2007.

Berry Will Play in 2009
August 3, 2009 6:15 pm EST

It appears the rumors from last week's meetings in Chicago were true. The drug possession charge against freshman running back Jaamal Berry will be dropped if he completes a six-month diversion program.  That was decided this past Friday at a hearing in Miami-Dade County Court.

Berry has been in town since the end of June.  According to the diversion program official, out of town clients can complete an online drug course.  Pretty amazing when you think about it, he has went from a felony charge, to a misdemeanor, to serving his sentence while twittering! - Gregg

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