Alabama Still #1 on BCS Standings
October 22, 2012 5:00 pm 

The Tide and Gators continue to hold the top spot on BCS chart. No surprise there,
they have earned it.  Was very glad to see that Ohio University was final recognized in
the BCS (sorry shameless plug, my daughter is a Bobcat junior). This is the first time
ever this MAC participant has appeared in the top 25. As we will not have a Buckeye
bowl game to attend, I am hoping Ohio can climb high enough to get a BCS game.

BCS lesson 101 - If a team is not in a qualifying conference, and finish in the top 12 of
the BCS standings, they are automatically an at-large team.  If they finish in the top 16
and they are higher than a BCS team from a qualifying conference, they get an at-large
bid as well.  So --- Go Bobcats!

SEC Dominate 1st 2012 BCS Standings
October 15, 2012 5:00 pm 

The joy of seeing the first BCS standings is getting to see who the best two teams are
in the SEC. It doesn't necessarily mean the two best teams in the country, just the BCS.
But we know we can find several teams from ESPN's favorite conference all over the top
of the BCS standings and this year is no different. We can only hope that Kansas State,
Oregon, and Notre Dame (yes I said it) can keep winning and somehow bust up the
monopoly the SEC has in the soon to be replaced BCS system.

So this year Buckeye 50 will provide our own poll consisting or B50 staff and other
college football enthusiasts.  Be sure to follow the teams that are 'truly' elite across the
nation. And yes we are not biased against teams that are on probation so you can find
the Buckeyes in our selections.  Can they reach #1?

Could OSU Be #4 In The BCS
October 12, 2012 11:45 am 

All Buckeye fans know the Buckeyes are not eligible for post-season play this year.
Many believe a pro-active self-enforced bowl ban last season would have prevented
this situation. Nothing we can do about that now, move on Buckeye Fan.

But exactly how would OSU place in the BCS standings?  They are only one of 16
undefeated teams left going into this weekend's play.  And they are only one of four teams that is 6-0. And best of all, the computers actually love the Bucks this year. At this point they are actually 4th in the number crunching portion of the BCS. As they are already up to 8th in the AP poll, you could assume they would be at least that high in the Coach and Harris polls.  At this time, however, Buckeye Nation can only wonder what if.

Click here for the BCS standings as they would appear now. The first official standings will appear Sunday night.  

OSU Start #18 In AP Poll
August 18, 2012 7:45 pm 

USC is coming off a two year bowl ban and they find themselves at the top of the AP poll and #3 in the initial Coaches poll. Hopefully this is a pattern the Buckeyes can follow next season when they come off their ban.

The Trojans earned the top spot in The Associated Press' preseason poll for the seventh time in school history. There will not be a lot of tests along the way for USC.  They will play Stanford on the road, but face both Oregon and Notre Dame in the Coliseum. And let's not forget they could see the Ducks again Pac-12 championship game.

The Trojans, who were banned from postseason play the past two seasons, received 25 of a possible 60 first-place votes. Defending national champion Alabama had 17 first-place vote while LSU got 16 first-place votes and 1,402 points. Oklahoma was fourth with a single first-place voted Oregon was fifth. Michigan, at No. 8, received the only other first-place vote.

Rounding out the top 10 in the AP rankings, Georgia was No. 6, followed by Florida State and Michigan. No. 9 South Carolina and No. 10 Arkansas give the Southeastern Conference half of the teams in the top 10.

Big 12 newcomer West Virginia was 11th, followed by Big Ten division champions Wisconsin and Michigan State. The Big 12 also placed Texas (#15), Oklahoma State (#19), TCU (#20) and Kansas State (#22) in the rankings to give the league six teams overall, matching the SEC for the most. #23 Florida is the sixth SEC squad. The B1G added Nebraska (#17) and our Buckeyes (#18) giving a total of five teams. Defending ACC champion Clemson (#14) and Virginia Tech (#16) give the ACC three teams in the Top 25. #21 Stanford is the third Pac-12 team in the poll. #24 Boise State is ranked in the preseason for the fourth straight year and #25 Louisville is the only Big East school in the rankings.

BCS Error - Final Standings Revised
December 8, 2010 6:00 pm EST

The National Football Foundation  released revised final BCS standings. The revision was necessitated by a miscalculation in the Colley computer rankings, where the Appalachian State-Western Illinois FCS playoff game was omitted from the final Colley rankings. Mr. Colley discovered this error in a subsequent review and informed the BCS group. The net result of the error is that Boise State goes from #11 to #10 and LSU goes from #10 to #11 in the revised BCS final standings.

"I was deeply disturbed when I learned about this today. This error should not have happened and is unacceptable. The final standings have been corrected. Fortunately, it had no effect on any team's eligibility for the BCS games. But the simple fact that it could have means this issue will be near the top of the agenda for the conference commissioners' annual review next spring," said Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the BCS.

Personally I am not really concerned how disturbed Hancock was.  This is the fallacy of the computers, none of us really know how those computers are programmed and what formula says that Auburn is #1 and Oklahoma is #4.  Does anyone question that OSU is #16 in the Sagarin poll and Alabama and their 3 losses are #8.  So we are to believe that the results of just one D1AA game would be enough to change two teams in the standings?  And that is not the worse part.  Neither LSU or Boise State played Appalachian State or Western Illinois.  Makes no sense to me.

Click Here for revised standings.

Sugar Bowl for OSU - Auburn/Oregon in Championship Game
December 5, 2010 8:30 pm EST

No real surprises tonight as the final BCS standings were released.  Auburn finished on top with OSU's bowl opponent from last year Oregon, came in second to set up the championship game.  Ohio State ended the season ranked 6th and has earned a game with #8 Arkansas in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.  This will be the fourth trip for the Buckeyes to New Orleans.  At this time, they are 1-2 in Sugar Bowl games and everyone is aware of their shortcomings against the SEC teams in bowls.  Let's hope this is the year these trends end.

The Big Ten as a conference will be well represented again this year in the rest of the bowl schedule.  Wisconsin, thanks to it's victory over OSU will ride into the Rose Bowl for the first time since they won three games in the 90's.  They will take on the #3 team in the BCS, the TCU Horned Frogs.  Both teams will have a lot they want to prove.

Michigan State, in spite of their 11-1 record will be blocked out of the BCS, because of the ridiculous rule that you can only have two teams per conference.  Meanwhile the 8-4 Connecticut Huskies will play in the Fiesta Bowl.  Nonetheless, the Spartans will go to the best non-BCS bowl for the conference, the Capital One Bowl and play Alabama.  The defending champ Tide looked to be the team to beat this year so Coach Dantonio will have a huge challenge to overcome.  

In addition, Penn State will take on Florida in the Outback bowl in Tampa.  It was certainly a big difference for both teams from last year to 2010.  Michigan returns to the bowl schedule after a two year absence, yet will play in a January in the Gator Bowl against Mississippi State.  Also, Northwestern will play Texas Tech in the TicketyCity Bowl, Illinois will face Baylor in the new Texas Bowl, and Iowa will play Missouri in the Insight Bowl.

Let the games begin!

OSU is #1
October 10, 2010 2:00 pm EST

For the first time since the final poll of the 2007 regular season, Ohio State is the number one team in the land.  With the Alabama loss this past weekend, the Buckeyes have moved up to top spot in the polls. The Oregon Ducks, OSU's opponent in last January's Rose Bowl have moved all the way up to the #2 spot.

BCS Standings Coming in Two Weeks
October 7, 2010 9:30 pm EST

The Bowl Championship Series standings will be released starting October 17th on Sunday nights during ESPN's BCS Countdown show.  The show will debut Sunday at 8:15 pm and run through December 5th.  Programming will be strange as the first 45 minutes of the show will be on ESPN, then at 9:00 pm, it will move to ESPNU.

The show will begin with a special preview edition on October 10th. Each week it will include not only the announcement of the 25 teams in the weekly BCS standings but also discussion from analysts, including the potential impact of upcoming games and interviews with college football coaches and players. There will also be a weekly Heismanology segment.

ESPN is in its first season as the TV home for the BCS, with rights to the Orange, Sugar and Fiesta Bowls, as well as the BCS Championship Game.  For those that are ever interested in where the money goes, here is how the BCS money was divided after last year's bowl games:

* Big 10 $22.2 Million
* SEC: $22.2 Million
* ACC, B12, Big East, Pac 10: $17.7 Million each
* MWC: $9.8 Million
* WAC: $7.8 Million
* C-USA: $2.8 Million
* MAC: $2.1 Million
* FCS Leagues: $1.8 Million
* Sun Belt: $1.5 Million
* Notre Dame Fighting Irish: $1.3 Million
* Army Black Knights and Navy Midshipmen: $0.1 Million

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