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********************TRANSMISSION TERMINATED***************

I want to welcome back all of our faithful followers over the past ten years that read and enjoyed my previous insider articles we dubbed, HaveBlue.

HaveBlue was the true-life code name of one of the most secret military projects since the nuclear bomb program by the United States in WWII (the Manhattan Project).  

HaveBlue was the code name of the original prototype aircraft design which eventually lead to the creation of the now famous F-117 Night Hawk U.S. Air Force stealth bomber (a.k.a., “The Black Jet”) made famous in Iraq.  The Buckeye 50 YardLine was able during some of the Jim Tressel years to plant an operative deep under cover within the Michigan football program and gave Buckeye 50 readers confidential, covert and exclusive insight into the Michigan football program.  We called this operative and his information, “HaveBlue” in honor of the F-117 Night Hawk and of course, the “Blue” part of the U of M tradition.

Our HaveBlue program was abruptly halted when our operative was identified by Lloyd Carr just one year before his demise.  For obvious reason, we didn’t need an insider during the Rich Rodriguez years!  

Now, we do.  

And you better pay attention to our first installment – because NO ONE ELSE has this insight.  Our new HaveBlue operative which was placed during the spring has sent a spectacular report for all Buckeye 50 readers.


Click HERE to read the latest transmission!

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