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Woody Hayes, Ohio State football coach, on why he does not build up opponents like other coaches:                                      "I'm regarded as somewhat of an authority. If I build up another team, they're liable to believe me."
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BBall News: Russell Leaving For NBA
April 22, 2015  (120)

Most Buckeye fans suspected this day would come, today it
became official. has report that D'Angelo Russell will
declare himself eligible for the NBA draft.
Great OSU Career Even If It Was Just One Season

Recruiting Success Continues - RB For 2017
April 19, 2015  (50)

Ohio State continues to get the recruits, of all ages.  Just as the
class of 2015 seems to be getting full, the Buckeyes get a verbal commitment for the class of 2015.
RB From Ohio Says Yes To Urban

Get Your Game Worn OSU Jersey Now
April 16, 2015  (411)

Come early to the spring game and get your own game worn merchandise.  OSU is clearing out the supply room and offering to the public hats, shirts, shoes, and more for Buckeye fans.
Check Out What Is For Sale and The Prices

OSU Rewards Meyer With Contract Extension
April 13, 2015  (1126)

Unlike the contract extensions they hand out like candy in Iowa, Urban has actually earned this one.  Three national championships at two different schools and two other unbeaten seasons will get that for you every time.
What Is In the New Contract?

The Secret To Success - Rugby Style
April 7, 2015  (393)

Everyone is talking about the Pete Carroll video which Coach Ash claims was used as a guide to train his defense to tackle better.  Do you believe a coach would give away such a secret?  Or was this an act for the good of the game.  After all, didn't the Gators market their fluid replacement beverage?
Was It The Right Idea To Share This News?

CFP Committee Gets A New SEC Representative?
March 28, 2015  (149)

Last year Archie Manning was unable to fulfill his duties for the first every playoff committee for college football.  Now has decided  to leave the panel for good.
Who Will be Replacing Archie?

2015 Hype Video (I'm Sure The First of Many)
March 26, 2015

Great video, personally don't care for the music but you can always just put it on mute and enjoy the show.  Be sure to email us if you have found one you like.

THE Game: Harbaugh Wants Stickers On Helmets
March 23, 2015  (1)

Steven M Smith found a story indicating TBGUN Coach Jim Harbaugh who used to get stickers on the back of his helmet when he played, thinks his players should get them too.  The question is, can they do anything sticker worthy?
What It Takes To Motivate A Wolverine

The Big Dream - Do You Have One?
March 20, 2015

Players come to OSU with big dreams but only a few make it to the NFL, but there are bigger places they can land.  A new organization has recently started that focuses on re-branding former athletes to best prepare them for a life after sports. You will enjoy taking the time too read about their game plan.
Read About These Big Dreams

Autographs: Heisman Helmet - Get One Now
March 14, 2015  (18967)

Rod is back with a great opportunity for you to buy your very own OSU mini helmet signed by 4 OSU Heisman winners.  But you must act fast as the 'bidding' ends at 10:00 pm tonight!
Place Your Bid

OSU Sports: Wrestlers Take Big Ten Title
March 9, 2015

Congratulations to the Ohio State Wrestling team on winning their first Big Ten Championship since 1951!  (Tickets on sale for the 2015-16 season) If you would like to se some great photos of this year's team, click here to check out these great photos from The-O-Zone photographer Jim Davidson. Enjoy.

Mark May Visits Buckeye50?
March 4, 2015  (328)

Results are in from our February Fan Poll and there is not much surprise in the results.  Check here to see our results and you can make your own call to determine if ESPN analyst Mark May cast his own vote.

B1G News: Spring Is Here
March 3, 2015  (1205)

With all the snow in Columbus and the rest of Big Ten country, it is hard to believe that it is time to start spring practices.  Yet it is true, the 2014 season is behind us now and we should start looking toward 2015. 
OSU Is Still Defending Champs But It Is A New Season

Recruiting: OSU Lands DC Area Star
March 2, 2015  (10)

The Buckeyes are up to seven commitments in their 2016 class.  Today they add a 4-star defensive star from the DC area.  There is no place off limits for Urban Meyer and staff.
Defensive End Joins the Future Buckeye List

NCAA News: Kenny Guiton Gets A New Job
March 1, 2015  (1831)

Buckeye fans are still dining out on the three great  wins Cardale Jones gave us in a back-up roll.  But lets not forget 2012 when a perfect season was maintained by comeback heroics from reserve QB Kenny Guiton. 
Where will Kenny G be coaching this season?

Autograph Session: Cleveland Browns
February 28, 2015  (18830)

Nothing else seems to be helping the Browns get back on the winning side of football, I am sure a new logo will make all the difference.  Meanwhile Rod Bennett is once again bringing you opportunities to get autographs, this time of former Browns players/coaches.
Autograph Dates and Times

Medical: Three Players Released From Team
February 27, 2015  (1)

As the excitement of the National Championship victory starts to wear down, it is time to look into the 2015 season.  It appears that they will be moving forward without three of their players due to ongoing injuries.
The 3 Players Who Will Keep Scholarships

Price Drop For Football Tickets
February 25, 2015  (311)

OSU announces they will drop the price on two games this season, unfortunately you will have to pay $125 to see Ohio State dominate the Lions.  Any way you slice it, the Buckeye fans are still filling the shoe at record levels.
New Prices

2015 Tickets On Sale Now
February 16, 2015  (293)

Today is the first chance to get tickets to see the defending national champion Buckeyes on the field.  Miller and Barrett will likely not be available for the spring game, but is there anyone that is not ready to see Cardale Jones start a game in Ohio Stadium?
Where to Get Your Tickets

NCAA News: Line-up Changes Announced
February 16, 2015  (1782)

All of Buckeye Nation saw this headline last week and hoped their prayers were answered.  Was Mark May leaving?  Was he demoted to sideline reporter? 
Who Is On the Move From the ESPN Desk?

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