Plates of Pride
This page was last updated: 10/19/2015
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One of the things I have always enjoyed about a road trip to a Buckeye away game is seeing all the Buckeye brethren on the interstate with you.  Magnets, flags, stickers and even OSU color paint adorn the cars, and you are always greeted with smile and a friendly wave.  Some fans take it to the next level and show their pride on their license plate.  Here are a few samples for your enjoyment.  
 Gregg Watson
Sometimes Buckeye fan creativity is not limited to just one car in the household.  Such is the case with
 Rick and Mary from Pataskala, OH who proudly own the plates "I SAY OH'  and "I SAY IO"  
Jaqi Eringman Plate
Bill Andrews Plate - OSU Player