Ohio State Marching Band
Drum Major
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One Angle of the Ohio State Drum Major Backbend
1940 Ohio State vs Minnesota Program Cover
1945 Ohio State vs. Illinois Program Cover
1932 Ohio State vs. Michigan Program cover
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Bob Hope Dots i - 1978 Iowa
David Pettit, a student in piano performance, was named the head drum major with Nathan MacMaster, a graduate student at Glenn School of Public Affairs, as his assistant. In the 2013 season, Pettit was named Most Inspirational Bandsperson for serving as a drum major alongside Kyle West, and MacMaster was the assistant drum major.

May 2014
Ohio State
Marching Band
Drum Majors

Edwin 'Tubby' Essington (1920-22)
Dr. Augustus Hall (1923-24-25)
Robert Hines (1926-27)
William Knepper (1928-29-30)
Wilbert Pettegrew (1931)
Dr. James McCreary (1932-33)
William Casey (1934-35)
Wesley Leas (1936-37)
Myron McKelvey (1938)
Dick Jones (1939-40)
Edward Maundrell (1941)
Gerald Johnston (1942)
Robert Gulcher (1943)
Cyril Costoff (1944)
Joseph Myers (1945)
Beverly Moseley (1946)
Devon Kesling (1947-48)
Johnny Criss (1949)
Dale York (1950) 
Jim Spencer (1951)
Jim Bodman (1952-53)
George Souder (1954-55)
Richard Marsh (1956)
Larry Cory (1957-58)
Lenny Hart (1959-60)
Terry Burton (1961)
Ben Kline (1962)
Bob "Link" Harper (1963-64)
Mitch Breece (1965-66)
Kirby Wyatt (1967)
Jack Swinehart (1968)
Wayne Long (1969-70)
Paul Zubrod (1971)
Barry Kopetz (1972-73)
Richard Gammage (1974-75)
Doug Secrist (1976)
Dwight Hudson (1977-78-79)
Dr. Oliver McGee (1980)
Shelley Graf (1981)
Bruce Hart (1982-83)
Andy Marks (1984)
Greg Eyer (1985-86)
Rich Parks (1987-88)
Dale Wagner (1989-90)
Lee Sartore (1991) 
Brian Berendts (1992-93)
Karl Neudorfer (1994-95)
Cory Thompson (1996-97)
Scott Sommer (1998)
Matt Bally (1999-2000)
Adam Prescott (2001-02) 
Kathryn Mitchell (2003)
 Eric Sommer (2004)
Alex Neffenger (2005)
Stewart Kitchen (2006-07)
Josh Halter (2008-09)
Jason Stuckert (2010-11)
 Kyle West (2012-13)
 David Pettit (2014) 

1923 Drum Major
It was 1920's, the stadium was new and the tradition of the Drum Major
running out of the tunnel and through the band was born.
The Drum Major  -  In the Beginning ...
The first OSU band was formed in 1878 consisting of 12 members.  Gustav Bruder, a professional musician with military band experience, was hired to lead the band in 1896.  Under Bruder, the band grew in size and began playing and marching for all military and athletic events.  In 1920, the marching band combined with the Varsity Band to form a new 100-piece band that marched under the leadership of Edwin "Tubby" Essington, the first Drum Major.  Let the strutting begin!
Ohio State Drum major
The 1940 Ohio State vs. Minnesota game program include a picture of the Drum Major
When it comes to the Ohio State Marching Band you can find the Drum Major leading the way
Wesley Leas was the OSU drum major for the 1936 and 1937 seasons.  You might think his best highlight was meeting film star Judy Garland.  Yet his real claim to fame is that he was the first drum major to lead Script Ohio.