TBDBITL Bowl Game Practice
"Hollywood Blockbusters"
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During the BCS Bowl activities, the band was kind enough to allow the public to attend their practice the day before the game.  I was especially looking forward to this since they were going to repeat the halftime show from Michigan which I really enjoyed.  Besides, as one band parent phrases it, TBDBITL is undefeated!  Here are a few photos exclusive to Buckeye 50 from the more than 150 photos taken at the practice.  Hope you enjoy, if you are interested in more band photos, be sure to check out our photo gallery on this web site. 
Gregg Watson - Buckeye 50 Photographer
January 8th, 2007
The stands were packed at Tempe High School and the fans were still filing in to see the band practice.
The practice started with each of the band members divided in their respective sections, marching in place to warm up.
Tempe High School
Marching in unison and keeping proper spacing is very important to pull off the detailed routines.
Even though they are college-aged, they still wave like a 3 year old on a merry-go-round when they spot Mom in the crowd.
One of the most recognized instruments in the band, one lucky sousaphone player will get the honor of dotting the 'i' in Script Ohio.
It was easy to spot these Band Alumni members from the 50's thanks to their jackets, but I am sure there were many more.
The Drum Major's hat is well protected during the drill portion of the practice.
Doesn't it look like it would be so much easier to do all those moves and baton throws without the uniform?
This formation is very impressive as a still photo but it still does not do it justice compared to seeing it live.  When the wheels on the bike 
start turning and the bike moves over the 'ET' letters, priceless!
Talk about life imitating art, the Football performance in the Bowl game definitely was an unplanned promotion
for this portion of the Band routine.
For the formation to honor 'Pirates of the Caribbean'  I am so glad they decided to use a ship pattern rather than one of those squid face
characters.  I found the music for this section to be particularly strong and uplifting.
"Help You I Will, You Seek Yoda!"  The football team could have used a little help from The Force Monday night.    It was quite amazing the
quick transition the band made from the Darth Vader mask to Yoda.
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