Florida 41   Ohio State 14
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Any Ohio State fan would have accepted a 12-1 season with a loss in the National Championship game.  But we all know the Buckeyes are capable of playing much better than they showed on the field.  Here are a few photos exclusive to Buckeye 50 from the more than 200 photos taken during the game against Florida.  Unfortunately, security banned my camera lens so I had to do the best I could with my pocket camera. 
 Gregg Watson - Buckeye 50 Photographer
January 8th, 2007
The trip started well as the Columbus Airport wished the Buckeyes a good trip.
The home of the Arizona Cardinals and the 2008 Super Bowl, was the site for the BCS Championship game.
There were a lot of people looking for tickets and they were willing to use any angle possible.  
The cheerleaders greet the fans as they arrive at the stadium.
At least for 16 seconds, the Buckeye fans had something to cheer about.  Then we did the squib kick and it was down hill from there.
The defense was giving up 5-7 yards a play as the Gators drove down the field on each of their first three possessions.
Ginn left the field early in the first half and never returned to the game.  This may be the last we we of Ginn in a Buckeye uniform.
The BCS Trophy was available for all to view during the Media activities at the stadium prior to the game.
Stan White Jr. during he Pre-Game Warm-Ups.
The offense did not have much success in the early part of the game  ... and the middle of the game ... and the latter part of the game.