Ohio State 35   Bowling Green 7
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Ohio State did not fall into the trap of under-estimating their opponent and took care of Bowling Green convincingly.  There is no doubt who is #1 in all the polls again this week.  Here are 16 of our favorite photos from the game.  We have more than 200 pictures total, starting from pre-game warm-ups, clear to the final scoreboard.  If you are interested in a photo CD of the game, feel free to email me for details.  
Gregg Watson - Buckeye50 Photographer
October 7th, 2006
Prior to the game, OSU finishes their pre-game warm-ups with a team huddle
James Laurinaitis' father is a regular attender for the games, he is a real 'Animal' about it
Ted Ginn was 'getting by with a little help from his friends'
Andre Amos had what appeared to be an interception, 
overturned by instant replay
Antonio Pittman had a much quieter day this week but did
rush for two touchdowns.
OSU's spread offense really spread the ball around as they had 4 ball carriers while Troy Smith found 7 different receivers
Robert Rose has been making an impact as a reserve making three solo takes, all for a lose of yards
Rob Schoenhoft and many of the offensive line reserve were able to play some valuable minutes against the Falcons
On an afternoon were most of the day was played close to the sweater vest, OSU finally made the call to air it out and Smith and Ginn connected on a 57-yard TD.  Did that play remind anyone else of the 1st score of the 2006 Fiesta Bowl?
Saying this is a picture of Falcon punter Rojas in action would be inaccurate.  The only time I have ever heard of a worse punting strategy was when Steve Martin mentioned he 'liked to punt on 1st down' on his "Wild & Crazy Guy" album. 
Overlooked, but often one of the hardest working groups, we have here the offensive line blocking for the extra point.  Taken for granted most of the time, but those points are very valuable, right Coach Mason? 
Anthony Gonzalez had another solid day with 31 yards but may have had more if he could have held on to Zwick's passes 
Justin Zwick gets playing in the 2nd quarter although the drive cam up a bit short 
James Laurinaitis (along with Malcolm Jenkins) led the team in tackles, but no interception this time 
Vernon Gholston had two tackles for a loss and also 
added an interception
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