Ohio State 42   Michigan 39
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In spite of a few mistakes in the second half which basically kept Michigan in the game, Ohio State prevails 42-39 to win the Big Ten Title outright for the first time since 1984.  Now they can set their sights on the National Championship game on January 8th, 2007.  
 Gregg Watson - Buckeye 50 Photographer
November 18th, 2006
I did not see the Championship crystal on display before the game but this fan came dressed as the Heisman Award.  The real version should be handed out to Troy Smith next month.
At the pre-game block party in front of the stadium, teenagers enjoy the new Playstation 3, which just hit the stores yesterday.  They are already selling for over $2,000 on eBay.
Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George gives 'thumbs up' before the game.  He already had the victory party planned at Eddie's Grille 27
I guess all Heisman winners think alike as Archie gives his pre-game prediction as well.  Does he get to vote twice for Troy?
Anthony Gonzalez is the first player out of the OSU locker room to get in a few laps around the field and take a few passes
Troy warms-up,  -- "Live long and Prosper!"
Coach Carr leads the Wolverines on to the field.  
Coach Tressel and Coach Carr greet one another on the field as the teams go through warm-ups
University of Michigan Marching Band
The Ohio State University Marching Band (a.k.a TBDBITL)
Lead by the cheerleaders, the players enter the field through the band and the 'tunnel of pride' created by former players
As it was Senior Day, each senior was introduced and was greeted by Coach Tressel and his parents.  Here is Joel Penton. 
OSU wins the coin toss and defers to the second half.  Aaron Pettrey's opening kickoff sails into the endzone for a touchback.
UM quarterback Chad Henne drives the Wolverines for a score on their first possession of the game
Troy Smith answered the Michigan score by marching the Buckeyes down the field, ending with a TD pass to Roy Hall
I don't know how things were in your section but we were standing the entire game.  The cheerleaders could have left this sign at home.
Roy Hall make a big catch over the middle on third down to keep the drive alive, and catches the TD pass a couple of plays later
As important as this game was it was critical that you  
came with your game face
ESPN Game Day Crew makes it second visit to Columbus this season and the fourth OSU game overall
James Laurinaitis eyes Michael Hart as he adds to his 
team high tackles
Nothing sweeter than the team singing 'Carmen Ohio' to the band and the fans after a victory over Michigan
Ohio State 42   Michigan 39 
 You can not have too many pictures of this
Even right up to the last game, we really didn't see Troy run like he did last year.  Saving it for the bowl game?
The offensive line for the Buckeyes gave Troy enough time to throw for over 300 yards on the day
This Michigan Majorette entertained during the halftime show juggling three batons
This Michigan Band had a solid performance but it was really no comparison to the spectacular show put on by TBDBITL
The OSU football program is rich in tradition, including the great players of the past who have had their numbers retired
A member of the 'Buckeye Fun Bunch' Antonio Pittman sprints throw the Michigan defense for a long TD run
Thanks to the crowd noise Henne had to use an elaborate combination of hand signals to call the plays and audible's on the line
Curtis Terry is just about to apply a major hit to Henne and prevent him from completing the pass
Another great tradition for OSU football is the running of the flags around the end zone after a touchdown.
Ted Ginn Jr fields the punt cleanly and gets positive yardage but no runbacks for a TD like in 2004
Troy Smith marches the team down the field for what proves to be OSU's final scoring drive of the game
Brutus Buckeye has been a fixture at OSU games since 1965, be sure to visit our Brutus Page
Chris 'Beanie' Wells had a solid performance, scoring a touchdown on a 52 yard run on his very first carry
Chad Henne brings the Wolverines down the field for one final score but it does not keep him from going 0-3 against Ohio State
The Wolverines attempt an on-side kick but the Buckeyes recover the ball and secure the victory
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