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Steve Snapp introduces the Big Ten Network brass but unfortunately the press was not hearing what they wanted to hear.
2007 Media Day
August 9th, 2007
The Media Day activities started with a Press Conference to discuss the new 'Big Ten Network'.  Only about 30-40 media members were in attendance, which about equals the number of people in the Central Ohio viewing audience that will actually receive the channel.  But they were 'promising' that the major cable outlets will sign before the debut August 31st.  What was more promising was the 2007 squad. Here are a few of the photos we took from the day's events.  All the players I spoke with were eager for the 2007 campaign and no one was talking about the game which ended last season.  Hope you enjoy the photos. 
Gregg Watson - Buckeye 50 Photographer
Veterans Steve Rehring(71) and Alex Boone(75) will be blocking for a new quarterback this year.
Although some believe there is some quarterback questions, the only surprise will be if Todd Boeckman(17) does not take the first snap.
In spite of the heat on the new 'turf', I really think the players were enjoying putting on the uniforms for the first time this season,
As expected, Coach Tressel was often seen with a a crowd.  Make no mistake, he is looking forward to the YSU game.
Expect Robert Rose(9) to play a bigger role in the Buckeye defensive plans during the 2007 season.
Buckeye 50 staff member Joe-S-U spends some time asking Kirk Barton (74) how this season compares to his previous years.
Starting Tailback Chris 'Beanie' Wells (28) spends a few moments with Jay Richardson's mom.
After the award winning season he experienced in 2006, I am not sure we can call him 'Little Animal', here with his father.
Sophomore Todd Denlinger (92) enjoys some family time with his mom, who is also the 'team mom' this season.
This girl may not have been afraid of Vernon Gholston (50) or his 'guns', but the Buckeye opponents will be.
Shaun Lane (29) spent a few moments with his father Garcia Lane, who was an OSU letterwinner in 1981-82-83.
2007 Ohio State Buckeyes Coaching Staff 
(plus one usher who has arrived a bit early for the YSU game)
The 2007 Senior class is a bit smaller than last year, but that is no reason to think this won't be another Championship year.