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 The players continue the tradition started when Tressel arrived, to attend the band's Skull Session before the game
A future Buckeye enjoys some of the pre-game activities around the stadium
Ohio State vs. Marshall
September 2nd, 2010
Every game, the OSU Marching Band makes there way on to the field through the north entrance tunnel
Of course being Alumni Day, the Alumni Band got to march through the tunnel 'one last time'
Prior to the game we get a prayer from Pryor

Marshall fumbles the opening kick-off and 4 plays and 22 yards later, Ohio State was leading 7-0  
 Andrew Sweat (42) was one of the Buckeyes the made their first starts, responding with 2.5 tackles against Marshall
 The Thundering Herd blocked OSU's 52 yard field goal attempt and ran it back for Marshall's one score
 Brandon Saine (3) looked ready starting his senior year, averaged 11.4 yards per carry, with 103 total rushing yards
Captain Ross Homan (51) had 3 tackles and a fumble recovery to lead the defense which shut down the Herd
Tyler Moeller (26) returns after missing the 2009 season and leads the team in tackles opening week
Dane Sanzenbacher (12) breaks free for the score and
113 total yards of receiving  
 This young Buckeye fan found himself surrounded by
the fans of the Thundering Herd
 The Buckeye Cheerleaders warm up the crowd before
the game in front of the stadium
 "time and change will surely show, how firm the friendship
O - HI -O"
The Thundering Herd football squad to not provide much to cheer for on the trip to Columbus
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It was great to see the team pick up where they left off in the Rose Bowl.  From the opening kickoff when the Buckeyes forced a fumble, they came out hitting hard and never stopped.  If it had not been for a blocked field goal attempt returned for a touchdown, Ohio State would have pitched a shutout.  And what about quad script Ohio's   ......  at night!  
 Gregg Watson - Buckeye 50 Photographer
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OSU Helmet
OSU Helmet

Marshall Helmet
Players exit the Band's Skull Session
Future Buckeye before the game
TBDBITL Tunnel Entrance
Alumni Band Tunnel Entrance
Terrelle and teammates pray before the game
Marshall fumbles opening kick-off
Brandon Saine
Ross Homan
Marshall blocks OSU field Goal for a TD
Tyler Moeller
Dane Sanzenbacher
OSU Fan Surrounded by Herd Fans
OSU Cheerleaders warm up the crowd
Marshalll Cheerleaders
Buckeyes Sing Carmen Ohio
Andrew Sweat