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 Everything was on schedule for the trip to Big Easy
 The Buckeye standard O-H-I-O pose with help from the
Sugar Bowl trophy as the 'I'
Ohio State 31   Arkansas 26
January 4th, 2011
 Plenty of Art Galleries in the French Quarters, one
offering the Sugar Bowl print above
One shop on Bourbon Street in the French Quarters shows Buckeye Spirit in their name   ........ O-H ! 
 This photo of countdown clock is only good for one second, but we caught it when there was 50 hours to go
 Our trip include a drive 70 miles west to LSU campus, a chance to visit their mascot Mike the Tiger
 Most folks know in the New Orleans cemeteries, the
graves are above ground
 The OSU Pep Rally highlighted the schedule of events
at the Sugar Bowl Fan Fest
 The OSU Band puts in a morning practice before heading out for a day of activities
 Another big event at the bowl games is the Buckeye Bash presented by the OSU Alumni Association
 Nothing says New Orleans like the hot spicy food, thanks to the hot spices they use in their recipes
 In the center of Jackson Square in the French Quarters is the St. Louis Cathedral, where the Pope visited in 1987
 Terrelle Pryor takes the time to sign a poster for my
son Josh at the team hotel
 Josh is almost 6 feet tall and yet he is still dwarfed by offensive lineman Mike Adams
 ESPN Desk with Rece Davis, Lou Holtz and Mark May who
at this time is predicting an Arkansas win
 New design concept from Josh Watson
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I am going to try to take the high road on this one.  "OSU so dominated their SEC opponent Arkansas, they only needed to play one half to win the game'"  That said, the Buckeyes took the first step in removing the SEC monkey from their back.  It is only one win but they always talk loudest about the most recent contest.  Interesting that  ESPN never mentioned the Arkansas 0-4 record against the Big Ten in bowls.                                  Gregg Watson - Buckeye 50 Photographer
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Ohio State Buckeyes

 The OSU Marching Band started the night with another phenomenal pre-game performance
OSU 1942 Retro Helmet
Arkansas Razorbacks
Sugar Bowl O-H-I-O
Everything on schedule for the trip to New Orleans
Sugar Bowl  Art
Bourbon Street business says O-H!
Countdown to Kick-off
LSU Mascot Mike the Tiger
New Orleans cemetery
OSU Bowl Band Practice
OSU Sugar Bowl Pep rally
2011 OSU Sugar Bowl Logo Art
St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square
Buckeye Bash at the Convention Center
Mad Dog Sauce
Terrelle Pryor Signed a poster for Josh
Mike Adams with Josh Watson
ESPN desk with Mark May, Lou Holtz and Rece Davis
OSU Team Entrance
OSU Marching BAnd
The Ohio State Cheerleaders lead the Buckeyes out on to the field through the tunnel made by the band
2011 Sugar Bowl Opening Kick-off
Protection for Pryor was Perfect
Give me an 'H'
Nacho Supreme
The game started great for the Buckeyes when Drew
Basil's (24) kickoff went for a touchback.
Arkansas Pass Protection
The pass protection for Pryor(left) was flawless in the first half,  it certainly appeared that Coach Bollman and staff had really done their homework on the Razorbacks. 
In contrast, it simply appeared the Big East officials were looking the other way when Arkansas had the ball.  Just using this picture (below) We have one lineman with his arms around Nate Williams' (43) neck, one with his hand in the facemask of Cam Heyward (97) and two Razorbacks with their arms in the face of another Buckeye.  Are you serious? 
Herron scores OSU's second touchdown
OSU stumbled into their first TD, but Boom Herron (1) went
in untouched on the second score.