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2017 Season Recap:  From much of the 2017 season, it felt a lot like 2014 for Ohio State fans. An early home loss and they find themselves needing to win out to stay in the national picture. After a solid win over Army, the Buckeyes went on a four game streak where they scored over 50 points in each game. This set up the big game against Penn State, where OSU hoped to avenge the loss in Happy Valley the previous season. The Nittany Lions controlled the game for the first three quarters and it appeared Ohio State was going to take a second loss. Then 5th year senior JT Barrett took over and played a perfect 4th quarter, rallying the Buckeyes to their first lead of the game with less than two minutes to go. The defense took it from there and the Buckeyes were in the driver seat for the Big Ten title game and a shot at the playoffs. Unfortunately, for reasons that will never be explained, Ohio State traveled to Iowa the next week and had a 55-24 meltdown loss. All of the sudden the season felt like 2007, a late loss and they need ton of help to get back in the national picture. 
2017 Bowl Picks:  Each year for fun we take a look at a sample of the bowl games (who really wants to look at the December 16th bowl games?).  Then some of us come back for one last round of prognostication. As we have done the past few years, we will take a look at the games involving the Big Ten schools. Normally we include the playoffs as well but that didn't seem as important this year since it is clear the Buckeyes were wrongly excluded. This year I am joined by Brent, Pat, Pete, Josh, Mark, Rick, Steven and former Buckeye Bam Childress as we extend our prediction fun through the bowl season. 
Here are the Buckeye50 Bowl Picks, Good Luck and Enjoy - Gregg
7 - 0
6 - 1
6 - 1
5 - 2
5 - 2
4 - 3
3 - 4
​3 - 4
1 - 0



​Bam Childress
Josh Watson
Rick DeSutter ****
Pat Steger
Gregg Watson **
Steve Smith
Brent Baver ***
Pete Quint *
​Mark Triffon
Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic
AT&T Stadium
 (8)USC  vs.  (5)Ohio State
(Favorite: Ohio State  - 9 1/2)
Attendance : 67,510

Bam Childress(2001-04): Ohio State

Bbaver:  The Pick: Ohio State - I think Urban will sell these guys on redeeming themselves after last year's 31-0 pasting by Clemson. It would be helpful to have Denzel Ward in this one. As of Dec 20, Urban says everyone is playing, but I wouldn't be shocked if we didn't see Ward in this one. It's a shame that this isn't the Rose Bowl hosting this matchup. I haven't come up with a score yet by I like the Buckeyes by 10 pts or so.

Gregg:  Pre-season you may expected these two teams to be squared off in the playoffs, but now they have to settle for the best bowl game outside the playoff 4. In fact there are some that believe this will be a better game then either of the semi-final match-ups, and you can include me in that group. I think the difference will be the Buckeye defense. If they can apply pressure like they did against Wisconsin in the last game they should give JT Barrett and company plenty of opportunities to run up the score. The key for the offense will be to protect the football, the number of turnovers kept the Badgers in the Big Ten championship, cannot afford to do that in the bowl game.   Ohio State 35  USC 27

jOShUa This is an intriguing match up with historic tradition of PAC 12 champion vs the Big 10 championship, although the Rose Bowl will not be the venue for these two teams thanks to the rotating playoff game site. Going into the season, both teams had playoff aspirations but with both teams falling twice in the regular season, they settle for a NY6 bowl match up. This will be the last game for JT Barrett in a Buckeye uniform and he will be squaring off against potentially the number 1 draft pick Sam Darnold. I think if Ohio State plays they game they want to play they will win this one by 10 points. I think like most Buckeye fans, were are just wanting the win, and then look forward to next season and the debate of our new starting quarterback. The winner of this game is the team who wants it more, and I think Ohio State will want it more and want to prove itself as one of the best teams. Ohio States running game gains tractions, Dobbins leads the Buckeyes, and Darnold manages 2 touchdowns against our secondary.   Ohio State 42 - USC 31

Dr Mark:  OSU 28-24, hard for me to pick this one

PJSBuck:  Which OSU team shows up? Also, expect Urban to give the ball to J.T. as long as J.T. is in uniform - so game planning is no mystery for USC. Not knowing which team shows up is perplexing but I am a homer and will go with the Bucks by 6.

Pia Pete:   OSU 37 – USC 34

Coach Rick:   Ohio State by 9

Steven:  Ohio State

​ ​ 
​Final Score:  Ohio State 24   USC 7
                            (12-2)         (11-3)
Franklin American Mortgage Motor City Bowl
 (21)Northwestern  vs.  Kentucky
(Favorite: Northwestern  - 9 1/2)

Bam Childress(2001-04):  Northwestern

Bbaver:  The Pick: Northwestern - Hey, I took a Big Ten team not named Ohio State

Gregg:  I did not watch much of either of these teams this season but I do think Northwestern is probably the second best team in the Big Ten West.  And they have one of the best running backs all time in NCAA history so I will give them the edge in this one.  Just how bad is the SEC? Stoops is now the most senior coach in the SEC East .... with 5 years!   Northwestern 31  Kentucky 21

jOShUa Kentucky has a good offense, but I think Northwestern was really overlooked this season as a competitive team for the Big Ten. I like the Northwestern offense against the Kentucky defense, and get the win.   Northwestern 28 - Kentucky 21

PJSBuck:  I am a believer in Pat Fitzgerald - Wildcats by 10

Pia Pete:  Northwestern 30 – Kentucky 24 

Coach Rick:   Northwestern by 10

Steven:  Kentucky

​ ​ ​ 

​Final Score:  Northwestern 24   Kentucky 23
                         (10-3)                    (7-6)
New Era Pinstripe Bowl
 Iowa  vs.  Boston College
(Favorite: Iowa  - 2 1/2)

Bam Childress (2001-04):  Iowa

Bbaver:  The Pick: Boston College - We have to face it....that Iowa team that beat Ohio State 55-24 just isn't very good.

Gregg:  I will admit that I normally enjoy bowl season but this year there are a lot of games I will not be watching, but I will watching the Big Ten games as well as the games involving the teams that Ohio State played. Obviously, the Hawkeyes are one of those teams that fit both categories and they were responsible for one of the Buckeye loses. I did not think Ohio State was necessarily one of the four best teams in the country but I do think they did what you need to do to earn a spot in the playoffs. But the 55-24 loss to Iowa kept them out of the final four, and I think we all agree it is game you shouldn't lose or lose by 31 points. Iowa fell apart after their victory over OSU but I think the month off will allow them to salvage a positive end to the season.   Iowa 27  Boston College 24
jOShUa If Iowa played every game like they did against Ohio State, they would have been undefeated. I think Iowa wins this game in an ugly close match up with Wadley carrying the Hawkeye offense, and their defense limiting the Boston College triple option attack.   Iowa 24 - Boston College 14

PJSBuck:  Iowa by 9

Pia Pete:   BC 24 - Iowa 17

Coach Rick:   Iowa by 10

Steven:  Iowa
​ ​ ​ 

​Final Score:  Iowa 27   Boston College 20
              (8-5)              (7-6)
Foster Farms Bowl
 Purdue  vs.  Arizona
(Favorite: Arizona - 2 1/2)

​Bam Childress (2001-04):  Purdue

Bbaver:  The Pick: Arizona - I think this one is a coin flip.

Gregg:  The Boilermakers had a solid season, for Purdue, but they are still a middle of the road team at best in the B1G. Arizona has not really moved the meter since RichRod arrived, but they did have a big win over Washington State this year. I think it will be close but the Wildcat quarterback Khalil Tate will be the difference in a close game.   Arizona 34  Purdue 31 

jOShUa Of the games for the Big Ten, this one is probably the biggest toss up. Purdue has done well this season, and a big turnaround to making it to a bowl game. Arizona has a decent team, and I think this will be a high scoring game with the Boilermakers just not getting it done.   Arizona 45 - Purdue 38

PJSBuck:  SHOULD be a good game. I am a believer in Jeff Brohm so I will go with the Boilers but only by 3

Pia Pete:   Arizona 30 – Purdue 20

Coach Rick:   Arizona by 13

Steven:  Arizona

​ ​ 

​Final Score:  Purdue 38   Arizona 35
                       (7-6)            (7-6)
San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl
 Michigan State  vs.  Washington State
(Favorite: Michigan State  - 3 1/2)

Bam Childress(2001-04):  Michigan State

Bbaver:  The Pick: Wash State - Boy, I guess I am going against the Big Ten in most of these games. Tough game to pick here - should be a good one.

Gregg:  I like Coach Dantonio in this one, he will play his type of game, ow scoring, ball control, and frustrate the Cougars who want to keep this game moving along. And with the victory, it will give the Buckeyes yet another win over a 10 win team.   Michigan State 17  Washington State 13

jOShUa I really like this match up, and I think this could be a good cap off for either team. I think Washington State has the better offense, but I think the PAC 12 does not have the best defenses. I think Michigan State will keep it competitive, and it will be their defense who will make the difference in this one.   Michigan State 28 - Washington State 24

PJSBuck:  GREAT game. I am going with WSU but only because MSU's offense is still young

Pia Pete:  WSU 21 – MSU 13 

Coach Rick:   Michigan State by 21

Steven:  Michigan State
​ ​ 
​Final Score:  Michigan State 42   Washington State 17
                   (10-3)                              (9-4)
Playstation Fiesta Bowl
 (9)Penn State  vs.  (11)Washington
(Favorite: Penn State  - 2 1/2)

Bam Childress(2001-04):  Penn State

Bbaver:  The Pick: Washington - Toughest game to call on the slate I think. I see this going down to the last drive of the game.

Gregg:  Like most, I think Penn State is one of the top 10 teams in the country.  They were a minute away from defeating Ohio State on the road. And I think it is a different outcome against MSU the following week if there is not a weather delay. In contrast, I like Chris Peterson as a coach but they are only a good Pac-12 team. The are not a big game team. Lions win this one comfortably.   Penn State 42  Washington 28

jOShUa Washington and Penn State both had spiraling seasons from last year to this year. Both champions in their league, both with decent seasons this year, but I think Penn State is the better team in this one. I think Barkley makes his farewell game a memorable one and accounts for 200+ all purpose yards.   Penn State 31 - Washington 21

PJSBuck:  Penn State by 14

Pia Pete:  PSU 34 – Washington 20 

Coach Rick:   Penn State by 17

Steven:  Penn State

​Final Score:  Penn State 35   Washington 28
                        (11-2)                  (10-3)
Capital One Orange Bowl
 (10)Miami  vs.  (6)Wisconsin
(Favorite: Wisconsin  - 4 1/2)

Bam Childress(2001-04):  Wisconsin

Bbaver:  The Pick: Wisconsin - I have thought Miami was somewhat of a fraud all year long. 

Gregg:  How can anyone think it is fair or proper for Miami to get to play their bowl game at home? And if you watched the Hurricanes all year long, you would have noticed how they dominated at Hard Rock Stadium, and struggle on the road. If this game was played anywhere else in the country, I would go with the Badgers. But due to this gift to Miami, I will go with the Hurricanes and that ugly turnover chain.   Miami 38  Wisconsin 24

jOShUa I don't think that it is fair that Miami gets to play at home for its bowl game. Both teams lost their respective conference championship games, but both teams had an opportunity to win and make the playoff this season. If Taylor can keep from turning the ball over, I think they will win this game and upset Miami at home.   Wisconsin 35 - Miami 21

PJSBuck:  I will vote for whoever plays Wiscy - Miami by 75

Pia Pete:  Miami 21 – Wisconsin 17

Coach Rick:   Wisconsin by 3

Steven:  Miami
​ ​ 

​Final Score:  Wisconsin 34   Miami 24
                        (13-1)             (10-3)
Outback Bowl
 Michigan  vs.  South Carolina
(Favorite: Michigan  - 7 1/2)

Bam Childress(2001-04):  Michigan

Bbaver:  The Pick: - Michigan - Harbaugh has rolled SEC teams in the past....I think that may be the case again.

Cory:  xxxxx

Gregg:  This one is tough, normally I want to see the Big Ten teams win but like must Buckeye fans, we enjoy in the misfortunes of Michigan. In this case though I think the Wolverines have the better team and, in spite of Harbaugh's ego, he needs this one. It is like their champinoship game, since they wil never get to play in a real one.   Michigan 24  South Carolina 20
jOShUa Michigan has a great defense and I think that is the only thing that will keep them in this game. South Carolina got embarrassed in their last game of the season and will look to end on a high note. I think Harbaugh is the better coach, as tough as it is for me to say, and sends Michigan home with a win.   Michigan 31 - South Carolina 27

Dr. Mark:  xxxxx

PJSBuck:  My official, "Who gives a sh*&&%t Game.  Gamecocks by 10

Pia Pete:  SC 27 – UM 21 

Coach Rick:   Michigan by 21

Steven:  Michigan
​ ​ 

​Final Score:  Michigan xx   South Carolina xx
                    (8-4)                     (8-4)