Here are our Week 3 Picks - Good Luck to All - Gregg

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2017 Weekly Picks
Week 3
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Vaughn Broadnax

2017 Predictions

* Buckeye 50 Picks Champion
Last Week: Well, let the parallels between this season and 2014 begin. A big road win, followed by a night game loss at home to a ranked non-conference opponent. When there was nothing much to enjoy from the game with Oklahoma, let the spirited Buckeye fans hold on to the hope that this season will end the same as three years ago. Urban Meyer and staff have plenty to work on, both offensively and defensively. Rest assured they are making every effort to right the wrongs. Our staff missed our prediction for the game with the Sooners but Cory, John and Pat managed to go 4-1 for the week, and that has resulted in Cory being on top for the season with a 9-1 record. Nice start Mr. Steger, if only the Buckeyes had taken care of business, he could be 10-0. 
This Week: I trust it was not a pleasant week of practice for the Buckeye players or coaches after such a rough home opener. Any loss is just one loss but this one to Oklahoma seemed more than that. Ohio State demands the attention of the nation and to be competitive at the highest level, and they were not. They have ten games to right the course and it starts with Army. OSU is a heavy favorite and they need to play to match that expectation  ....  We take a look at Pitt for the second straight week, this time against another team that is projected to compete for a conference championship. The Panthers did not have enough for PSU, can they stand the test of Oklahoma State?  ....  Scott Stricklin became athletic director at the University of Florida on November 1, 2016, since then, the Gators have only played one home game. They have a big one this week against SEC East rival Tennessee. As back in the days of Spurrier vs Fulmer, the winner will have the edge for the divisional title, which Florida has won the past two seasons  ....  In another big SEC showdown, LSU travels to Davis Wade Stadium to take on Mississippi State. The Tigers have beaten the Bulldogs 20 of the last 21 times it entered the game ranked in the AP poll, but Nick Fitzgerald is slinging the ball around with authority. Will it be enough to pull off the upset?  ....  The big game of the week will be in Louisville as the Cardinals take on defending champs. Clemson continues to look very solid on defense but will they have enough to contain the reigning Heisman champion Lamar Jackson?  As with the Gator-Vols contest, the winner of this game will be in the driver seat for a divisional title. A solid performance by Jackson could put him in the lead to be only the second player to ever win two Heismans.
Guest Buckeye: As with every week, we are proud and pleased to have Vaughn Broadnax providing his feedback and predictions for this week's games. 
 Army  @  (9)Ohio State
(Favorite: Ohio State  - 30 1/2)

Bbaver: The Pick: Ohio State - The Bucks will have their work cut out for them when they get to October, but not again, until then. Yes, this Army team is improved, but they are still a poor football team. They got rolled by Notre Dame this year, and will get rolled Saturday in the 'Shoe. Urban will want to run this one up to hopefully get some credibility back.  Ohio State 48 Army 14.   

Cory:  A lot of people in Columbus think the sky is falling after the loss to Oklahoma. There is room for improvement, but the Buckeyes have been in this situation before when they lost to Virginia Tech at home in the second game of the season in 2014. That team went on to win a national championship. This Ohio State team is capable of being better than we've seen so far, and expect the improvement to start this week against Army. Expect to see a very healthy dose of both running backs J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber. Weber is good, but Dobbins is a special talent. In 2014 the Buckeyes used the run to set up the pass, so it wouldn't be surprising to see a lot of runs early on in the game. As for Army, they are a triple-option team. The Black Knights have completed just two passes in their two games, so a huge priority will be put on stopping their running game. Army is 2-0 but one win came over FCS school Fordham, and the other was over Buffalo last week. Unfortunately this game won't show us how much the Buckeyes improved from the Oklahoma game, but it will be a good way to get back in the winning column.   Ohio State 42, Army 17  

Dave:   OSU 45   Army 17

Gregg:  When it was announced that former Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson was joining the Ohio State coaching staff, I couldn't wait to see his offensive game plan executed with Buckeye level talent. Two games into the 2017 and I am still waiting. Is OSU trying to overthink the offense or is there a real problem? The Sooners are a great team but should they be able to shut down the Buckeye offense they way they did last Saturday? And don't let the lack of offensive production hide the fact that the defense is giving up passing yards like there is a prize for the highest total. There is much to work on and hopefully they will be successful improving the shortcomings over the next few weeks. I think Ohio State will return to the running game this week, and since Army does not use the passing game, maybe we can cure a few defensive woes at the same time.  Ohio State wins this week but still has a lot to improve if they want to be considered a national power again.   Ohio State 31  Army 13

Jason:  Ohio State is coming off a game in which they were embarrassed in all aspects. Their suspect defensive backfield was exposed for the second straight week and their offense showed no rhythm or continuity. So is Ohio State overrated? Right now the answer is an emphatic yes. The good news for Buckeye supporters is they have time to right the ship but now the margin of error is zero. 

The Black Knights are off to a 2-0 start to this season after beating Buffalo on Saturday 21-17. Utilizing the triple option attack, they have rushed for nearly 900 yards while only putting the ball in the air twice in two games. Senior quarterback Ahmad Bradshaw has rushed over 325 yards of that total leading the Knights. Army now owns a five-game winning streak, its longest since 1996.

The Buckeyes are looking to bounce back from a 31-16 loss at home to Oklahoma on Saturday after leading by a FG late in the third, allowed three late TD’s, one after an interception of JT Barrett in Ohio State territory when the Buckeyes were trying to answer with a go ahead a score. The Buckeyes held the Sooners to just 104 yards on the ground, but the secondary continues to struggle.

The good news for an angry Ohio State team is that Army can't throw the ball. Look for Ohio State to roll from start to finish and begin the journey to right the ship.   Ohio State 45 Army 0  

Joe-S-U:  Ohio State, Urban doesn't lose two in a row.  

John:  I’d like to say that OSU, but Army plays the dreaded odd man front on defense that seems to always give the Bucks fits, and run the triple option on O, so lots of cut blocks and not much passing is what the D has to look forward to. Hopefully, Ohio States four year starting quarterback starts playing like one. Look for this one to be close into the third quarter, but OSU simply has better athletes that Army.   Ohio State 31, Army 17  

Josh:  A tough loss for OSU. Too many similarities between the start of this season and the start of the 2014 season. Obviously we all would love the same outcome, however, there is work to be done. Our first two games this season tested us, and our secondary is the worst passing defense in all of D1 football. Our inability to get a passing game once more is the story of this Buckeye team. Army will be a good team to start back our win streak, and they will give us a test, but its never a good thing to be the team after to play Urban Meyer after a loss. I hope we see more of a running game built up to a passing attack and get our confidence back. We need to fix this quickly or it will be a very long season.   Ohio State 38 - Army 10 

Dr. Mark:  OSU 45-14 doubt they will try to run up score on West Point.

PJSBuck:  Well, I THINK something may be really wrong with our program. I am not sure what it is but I don't understand how there is little to no change or progress with new coaches, seemingly new plays, and a decent part of the starters returning (yes, secondary is all new but it's not like these guys just started playing their positions last week??) and how we can look so bad??? I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that we seem to be doing a poor job of the basics - O-line holds blocks for 2-3 seconds, receivers don't get passes until they are almost out of bounds, a 3rd year QB throws so erratically, and instead of tackling on defense we push people out of bounce or bump them. If Prince is the best right tackle we have then the guys in back of him on scholarship must be majoring in Home-Economics. Wow! I have no idea what to expect against Army but I (now) am personally NOT expecting to see wholesale improvements. Yes, we will win the game but the question is will we actually GET BETTER?  Ohio State 35 Army 17 in a game that will feel like we lost again.  

Pia Pete: OSU never seems to take the armed forces schools seriously and they always end up giving the Buckeyes a game. With Ohio State’s lack of a passing game this game will be closer than OSU fans would like.   OSU 27- Army 17 

Coach Rick:  Well this is at least one way to rebound after lasts weeks game. The offense will have great numbers and the defense will be able to hold down the passing yards with slower receivers. This will not even be a good game, but if your are looking for cheap tickets, this is the game to go to.   OSU by 40  

Steven:  This is the start of the full plate of patsies we have for the next four games. If Coach Meyer can't right the ship and JT's passing woes during this period, there ain't hope for this team. JT's issues are 100% between the ears, and how this staff hasn't coached him out of it is a mystery. Watching the past two games where QB's Lagow and Mayfield were able to throw quick strikes to moving targets just brings into focus how BAD our offense is. If JT wasn't saddled with happy feet, his shoes were mired in concrete. If you used a stopwatch on each passing play, comparing JT Mayfield or Lagow, it would be night and day. He is just too late on his decision making and his throws. I'm not sure what happened from his freshman year until now, (it definitely could be the multiple coordinators), but no growth or regressing is unacceptable. We love JT and want to see him succeed, but if his struggles continue, it should be his, and the coaching staff's first thought to get Burrow (when fully healthy) or Haskins more playing time until he is capable of leading this team's offense effectively. OSU should still win easily this week, and for the next 4, but progress needs to be made or this team is not going to win when it counts in the latter half of the year.   OSU 45-21

Trout:  Although Ohio State clearly has major issues to work out on offense, they should still soundly beat Army. Even with the poor passing game, Ohio State should be able to run up and down the field with Dobbins and Weber. Also, even with the shaky performance of the DBs, the defense is more than capable of containing the Knight's offense. I think it will be close in the beginning, much like it has been the last few games, but one the Bucks get into a rhythm, they should be able to win with a comfortable lead.   (Ohio State, 49-14)  

Vaughn:  OSU beats Army 45-14  

​Final Score:  Ohio State 38   Army 7
                          (2-1)             (2-1)
 (8)Oklahoma State  @  Pittsburgh
(Favorite: Oklahoma State  - 11 1/2)

Bbaver: The Pick: Oklahoma State - Maybe the Cowboys struggle on the road, but no one on Ok State's schedule should be able to slow this Cowboy offense down.   

Cory:  Following Oklahoma's win over Ohio State last week, many people across the country are talking about the Sooners right now. For some reason the other big school in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Cowboys, is flying under the radar. The Cowboys legitimately have playoff potential, especially behind quarterback Mason Rudolph. In the two games so far, Rudolph has thrown for 650 yards with six touchdowns and no interceptions. The Cowboys also have racked up almost 500 rushing yards in two games. Their opponent this week is Pitt, and the Panthers are coming off a bad loss to Penn State. It has been tough sledding for Pitt with the departures of their quarterback and running back, Nathan Peterman and James Conner, respectively, to the NFL. The Panthers have struggled to move the ball consistently, and are in for a big challenge against one of the best offenses in the country.   Oklahoma State 45, Pitt 10  

Dave:  Oklahoma State 38 - Pitt 17

Gregg:  Originally I had the Cowboys winning the Big 12, now I may have to root for the Sooners the rest of the season. Pitt has had some good victories last year, but they also lost to Northwestern, so you never know what you will get with the Panthers. They probably put something extra into the Penn State game last week and I don't see them having more to give this week. Expect Oklahoma State to have their way from the opening kick.   Oklahoma State 42  Pittsburgh 13  

Jason:  Pitt’s offense has been the biggest issue through the first two weeks after struggling to get by Youngstown State to start the season and with a 33-14 loss to Penn State, they are still looking for an identity. The Panthers are supposed to be good enough at this point under head coach Pat Narduzzi to win a game like this, but Oklahoma State provides a large challenge. They have been very impressive over the first two weeks and look to keep it rolling on the road against a desperate Pitt team. 

Mason Rudolph has been nothing short of amazing through the first two games, completing 73% of his passes so far for 638 yards and six touchdowns with no picks, and running for two touchdowns. The Pitt secondary was solid a week ago against Penn State but struggled against Youngstown State.

The Pitt offense plays a ball control style led by quarterback Max Browne, so it should be able to keep Oklahoma State’s quick strike offense off the field if the defense can slow down the Cowboys enough. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh, Oklahoma State is playing too well, and there are way too many good parts all clicking at once for the Panthers to keep up. Look for the Pokes to control this one from the outset and roll to a road win.   Okie State 45 Pitt 17  

Joe-S-U:  Oklahoma State wins one for the Big 12  

John:  After getting manhandled in Happy Valley last week, Pitt gets to get mauled by the Cowboys this week.   Oklahoma State 42   Pitt 14  

Josh:  Pittsburgh played Penn State tough, and this might arguably be on of the best defenses Oklahoma State will play this year. I think the tempo for the Cowboy offense and the experience of Rudolph will be the difference in this, and Oklahoma State gives Pittsburgh their second loss of the season.   Oklahoma State - 45 - Pitt 14  

Dr. Mark:  OK State 44-17 - Pitt doesn't have the size or speed to keep up for 4 quarters  

PJSBuck:  Cowboys by 14  

Pia Pete:  OSU outlasts Pitt.   OSU 34 – Pitt 21  

Coach Rick:  I see this as a good game in the beginning, but Oklahoma St will pull away in the end.  I have OSU winning by 21.  

Steven:  Well, Pitt gave PSU a bit more than expected last week. Even so, the fact that they scored any points could be considered a positive sign. Now they can get run over by the train that it the OSU that CAN score on offense. This will get ugly early.   OSU 56-10. 

Trout:  The Cowboys have a great offense. They should be able to destroy the Pitt Panthers. Pitt struggled with Youngstown State and were easily beaten by Penn State. I think the Cowboys will score quick and keep going. The only thing that is in Pitt's favor is that Oklahoma State does not have a great defense. They might be able to get some points on the board. But it won't be enough, and the Cowboys walk away with the victory.   (Oklahoma State, 55-17) 

Vaughn:  Oklahoma St blows by Pitt 48-10  

GameDay:  Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbtreit, Lee Corso and guest picker Pick Pitino all predict an Oklahoma State victory.

​Final Score:  Oklahoma State 59   Pittsburgh 21
                      (3-0)                       (1-2)
 (23)Tennessee  @  (25)Florida
(Favorite: Florida - 4 1/2)

Bbaver: The Pick: Florida - I think the Gators get it done at home, but it should be a good one.   

Cory:  Florida returns to football after having its game with Northern Colorado last week cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. Because of that the Gators have had two weeks to fix the problems that came up against Michigan in the opener. Perhaps the biggest question is, who's going to play quarterback? If the Gators are smart it will be Feleipe Franks. Franks, a redshirt freshman, was inconsistent against Michigan but showed potential. The Gators tried Notre Dame transfer Malik Zaire in the second half against the Wolverines, and he was bad. Tennessee likely enters as a slight favorite, but the Volunteers will need to find a way past a tough Florida defense. The Gators had two interceptions returned for touchdowns against Michigan, and those are mistakes you cannot afford to make when playing in the swamp. Because of the issues at quarterback for Florida, the Volunteers will hold a slight edge in this game.   Tennessee 28, Florida 20  

Dave:  Tenn 28 - Florida 21

Gregg:  I am not sure how to predict this one as it seems the Volunteers have underachieved of late and we have not really seen much of the Gators, who have over-achieved of late.  So I checked with an impartial Tennessee fan and he indicated it is "teed up for the Orange and white to win this year".  The Gators still have players suspended, and they appear to still be undecided on a starting quarterback. At this point even though they are playing at home, there is more pressure on Florida to win.   Tennessee 24  Florida 20  

Jason:  Neither of these squads have been particularly impressive heading into this one. After struggling in the second half against Michigan, Florida didn’t play last weeks game against Northern Colorado and now comes in with a whole lot of question marks especially at quarterback. 

Tennessee came up with an emotional win over Georgia Tech and followed it up with a blowout over Indiana State. Now the Vols are looking for just their second win in the series since 2004, and their first in the Swamp since ’04.

Florida might struggle some through the air as they try to find a combination that works, but they may be able to establish a running game against a suspect front of Tennessee. The Vols should be able to score with a good mix of run and pass. QB Quinten Dormady is coming off a nice day against ISU, and if he can make good decisions with the ball, the Vols will ne able to score. With all the turmoil in Florida, and with so many question marks going in, Tennessee will enter the Swamp and come away with a big SEC East road win against a rusty Florida team.   Tenn 24 Florida 17  

Joe-S-U:  Tennessee pulls off the upset.  

John:  Remember when the SEC East was good and this would have been the game of the week? While this will give the winner the leg up on the East, all that means is right now is the winner has the best chance to get lit up by Alabama in the SEC championship game.   Florida 24 Tennessee 17  

Josh:  Florida has a good defense and potentially their suspended players back for this match up. Tennessee is a team that has tough competition this year in the SEC East, and will need to win this rivalry to get ahead for the conference race. I think with the time for Florida to get over their mistakes from the Michigan game, and the susceptible defense of the Volunteers, I think Florida wins this game ins a close low scoring game.   Florida 21 - Tennessee 14

Dr. Mark:  TENN- not sure how this will really go but Ill take the Vols 24-21  

PJSBuck:  Tennessee by 10, should be a good game 

Pia Pete:  Florida plays well for three quarters before blowing falling to the Volunteers.   Vols 35 – Gators 30  

Coach Rick:  I think that this will be a great game to watch this weekend.  I have Florida winning by 10 points in this game due to a late TD by Florida.  

Steven:  If it actually is played, UT should win, but it would be fun to see the SEC East cannibalize itself early. Tennessee is probably on par with Michigan, so I'll give them the nod.    Vols 28-14

Trout:  Florida's football program is a dumpster fire. They have zero offense. The only touchdowns they got was from their defense against a slightly above average quarterback in Wilton Speight. Granted, they were missing many of their starters for that game, but even with them, I don't see them being much better. Even last year, they had problems moving the ball. The Volunteers on the other hand are not a great team, but they can move the ball, and have shown flashes of greatness. I think this game will be a low scoring one. Florida's defense will keep them in the game, by containing the Tennessee offensive attack. It will be close, possibly ending in a last second field goal. In the end, I see Tennessee pulling off the victory and Florida somehow blaming Urban.  (Tennessee, 17-14)  

Vaughn:  Tenn over Florida 24-14  

GameDay:  Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbstreit and guest picker Pick Pitino expect a Volunteer upset.  Lee Corso selects Florida.

​Final Score:  Florida 26   Tennessee 20
                   (1-1)             (2-1)
 (11)LSU  @  (30)Mississippi State
(Favorite: LSU - 7 1/2)

Bbaver:  The Pick: LSU - Tough game to call, but I'll go with what appears to be the better team. But this is a good road test for the Tigers, and maybe a game that could go either way.   

Cory:  Both LSU and Mississippi State enter their first conference game this weekend having been untested so far. The Tigers cruised in wins over BYU and Chattanooga, while the Bulldogs won easily over Louisiana Tech and Charleston Southern. LSU features a very strong running game Derrius Guice and Darrel Williams. The two have combined for 354 rushing yards and seven touchdowns thus far. Not to be outdone, the Bulldogs' top two rushers, Aeris Williams and Nick Fitzgerald, are averaging over 7.5 yards a carry. Fitzgerald, the quarterback, is a terrific dual-threat quarterback that gives teams nightmares. Both teams feel pretty equal, so since the game is being played in Starkville I'll call for the upset.   Mississippi State 24, LSU 21  

Dave:  LSU 32 - Miss State 24

Gregg:  LSU is certainly the logical pick for this game and I would have assumed most of our Buckeye 50 predictions would favor the Tigers. I believe Fitzgerald is the real deal and think he has what it takes to lead the Bulldogs to victory.  Mississippi State 38  LSU 27   

Jason:  Mississippi State has beaten LSU just once since 1999 and a win at home on Saturday could make them a contender in the SEC. Mississippi State has not yet been tested, blowing out Charleston Southern and Louisiana Tech. How will they react to a team that can put similar athletes across from them for the first time this season? The Tiger defense has been nothing short of amazing so far, allowing just 339 yards of total offense over the first two games. However, the speed and athleticism of MSU QB Nick Fitzgerald provides a new set of challenges. MSU has yet to allow a sack in its first two games so LSU must be able to contain Fitzgerald. A year ago, he struggled, being held to just 13 yards rushing againist the stingy Tiger D so he will be coming in with a chip on his shoulder. 

If LSU can contain on defense and utilize their speed to bottle up Fitzgerald, LSU will leave enemy territory with the W. They won’t. Look for MSU to make enough plays on offense to keep LSU off balance and the threat of the run or throw will spread out the Tiger D enough to neutralize their speed. The home fans go home happy in this game.   Miss St 24  LSU 21  

Joe-S-U:  Mississippi State is for real, LSU is faux.  

John:  Tigers lose Leonard Fournette to the NFL, and the offense doesn’t skip a beat.   LSU 31 Miss St 10  

Josh:  LSU has a good running attack this year and still holding on to their top 15 spot. I think Mississippi State is a slow staring team who has not had competition to motivate them yet. Even though this game is at home for the Bulldogs, I think the Tigers find a way to win with ball control and a solid defense to slow down the Mississippi State passing attack.   LSU 28 - MSU 24

Dr. Mark:  LSU 31-20 -  if Tigers are to compete for Sec championship -they must win these early games- Does ED O live up to all the talk about how he gets the best out of his talent  

PJSBuck:  Wow - I will go with LSU by 6 

Pia Pete:  LSU will have all it can handle from MSU’s passing attack.   LSU 48 – MSU 44  

Coach Rick:  Neither team has really played a quality team yet so it is hard to determine a "better" team. A bigger surprise is the Mississippi State is not in the top 25. Numbers wise it looks like they are facing each other. I am going with the home team in this game and after the win, I have MSU in the polls at 23.   MSU by 7.  

Steven:  Is there anyone in the SEC West that can challenge Alabama? Emphatically, no. Unfortunately, that probably makes this game a bit of a snoozer.   LSU 24-20.

Trout:  Not really sure what to think of either team. Both teams have been highly praised in the past few year, and have fumbled their chances. Looking at the match-up itself, it is a toss up. Both teams can put up points, but they really haven't faced much of challenge. If I had to pick a winner, I will would go with the LSU Tigers. They are a slightly more established program. It will be close though. LSU will do just enough to skid by the Bulldogs and remain undefeated.   (LSU, 24-21)  

Vaughn:  LSU over MSU 36-14  

GameDay:  Desmond Howard, Lee Corso and guest picker Pick Pitino choose LSU.  Kirk Herbstreit believes in the the Bulldogs.

​Final Score:  Mississippi State 37   LSU 7
            (3-0)                 (2-1)
 (2)Clemson  @  (14)Louisville
(Favorite: Clemson  - 3 1/2)

Bbaver: The Pick: Clemson - Looks like this Clemson team is headed back to the Playoff.   

Cory:  The meeting between these two teams last year lived up to the hype, with Clemson holding on for a 42-36 win despite 26 second-half points from Louisville. The Cardinals have been tested in both their games this season. They eked out a win over Purdue in the opener, then had to hold off UNC last week in a game that was closed than the 47-35 score indicates. Everybody knows how dynamic Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson can be, and so far he's not disappointed. Jackson has 771 passing yards with five touchdowns and no interceptions, and 239 rushing yards with three touchdowns. He is basically their entire offense. That said, it's hard not to be fan of what Dabo Swinney has done with that program. The Tigers lost a lot of good players to the NFL and yet they're still churning along, including a good 14-6 win over Auburn last week. I believe The Tigers will find a way to slow down Jackson just enough to pull out a close win.   Clemson 38, Louisville 35  

Dave:  Clemson 32 - Louisville 31

Gregg:  I picked Louisville to win the ACC and make it to the playoffs, because I thought they could win this game.  I see no reason to change my mind based on the the first two weeks.  Jackson has looked better than I expected and I think he wants to finish the job that was stopped on the Clemson 3 yard line last season.   Louisville 35  Clemson 28   

Jason:  Louisville QB Lamar Jackson has lived up to the billing so far through two games this season, but this will be a whole different set of challenges for the incumbent Heisman Trophy winner. Success on Saturday, and he may end up as the second two time winner ever. But, he’ll have to be even better to beat a Clemson team that seemed to crank up the defense to a whole other level. The Tiger D shut down an Auburn team who may have the best offense in the SEC and Clemson shut them down impressively, registering 11 sacks. Jackson hasn’t seen the kind of pass rush he will on Saturday and the Cardinal offensive line will have to step up and be ready to go. 

If Louisville has a chance to win, Jackson will have to once again put the team on his back. He has completed 65% of his passes for 771 yards and five td’s, while running for 239 yards and three more in the first two ballgames. But that was against Purdue and North Carolina. Unfortunately for the home faithful, Jackson will not make quite enough plays to win this game as the swarming Clemson defense will do enough to keep him in check. Clemson keeps the winning streak alive, with a big road win.   Clemson 27 Louisville 20

Joe-S-U:  It is time for someone to knock off the Tigers, it might as well be Lamar.  

John:  Defense takes a holiday.  Clemson 31 Louisville 28  

Josh:  This game has been switched to 8pm and Game Day is coming to town. Auburn was Clemsons first real test, and the passed with....a win. Louisville is Lamar Jackson trying to outscore you, and he is going against the toughest defense he will face this year. I know Louisville wants to win this game after a close loss last year, and make a stake at the ACC championship and playoffs. I picked them earlier this year to win the ACC and I will stick with it. Louisville wins in a shootout.   Louisville 42 - Clemson 35 

Dr. Mark:  Louisville 38-35,  not sure Clemson is as good as last year but ill go with the hot QB- this is tough to pick or place a wager.  

PJSBuck:  Game of the week for me. Louisville looked tough last week so I am going with the Cardinals in a great, and exciting game. 

Pia Pete Clemson continues to impress.   Tigers 44 – Cards 35  

Coach Rick:  I would think this should be a good game, but Clemson has surprised my a little. I knew they would be good, but they are playing near top form early in the season.  I see Clemson winning by 17 points.  

Steven:  This really should be the game of the week. Reigning Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson has once again been putting up video game numbers. Clemson's defense hasn't missed a beat since last year's national championship team. Unstoppable Force, meet Immovable Object. Really, my money's on unstoppable for this go 'round.  The 'Ville 38-24. 

Trout:  I have a feeling that the Cardinals might pull off the upset. Lamar Jackson seems to be having another Heisman caliber season, and has been able to rack up the yards. While Auburn was able to show the the college football world, that the Clemson Tigers can struggle . Although it won't be easy. Clemson is still a great team. They are still the defending champions. It will be a brutal, fight with each team scoring a lot of points and putting up a lot of yards. Although Clemson's defense is one of the best in the country, I think Lamar Jackson will do just enough to get the job down. Louisville wins in an upset.   (Louisville, 49-48)  

Vaughn:  Louisville over Clemson 28-21  

GameDay:  Desmond Howard, Lee Corso and guest picker Pick Pitino still think Clemson is for real.

​Final Score:  Clemson 47   Louisville 21
                    (3-0)                (2-1)
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