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2017 Weekly Picks
Week 11

'Pia' Pete Quint
2017 Predictions

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Here are the Buckeye50 Week 11 Picks, Good Luck and Enjoy - Gregg
Last Week:  Fortunately for Ohio State fans, we don't have to live through weekends like this past Saturday very often. I would like to think it has been a long time since the Buckeyes lost by 31, but you only have to go back to last year's 31-0 loss to Clemson. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth at first but when you think about it, only the playoffs are probably off the table at this time. OSU can still win the East and play in the Big Ten Championship. They can still play in a New Year's Day 6 bowl game, and maybe more importantly, they can secure a sixth straight win over TBGUN.  And you never know, just maybe there will be enough chaos to put Ohio State back in striking range of a playoff spot, but it would take a LOT of chaos.
Guest Buckeye: Our web site continues to show that former players are still in touch with the college game, and Vaughn Broadnax proves that each week with his great analysis. Joining Vaughn again this week is Rod Gerald again showing has flare for the game.
This Week: Ohio State goes into week 11 and they still have their Big Ten fate in their own hands.  In fact, if the can beat the Spartans this week and Illinois next week, they can go to Ann Arbor with the East title already in their pocket. But let's not look that far ahead and instead focus on the task at hand, defeating the Spartans. The home team has not won a game in this series since 2007, the Buckeyes want to break that string Saturday  ....  #1 Georgia takes on Auburn, as the Tigers are presently the only two loss team that could make a case to make the playoffs if they win out. Perhaps other two-loss teams can do the same in time but for that hope is reserved for Auburn only. But do they have what it takes to beat Georgia twice and Alabama over the next four weeks?  ....  Back to the B1G, Wisconsin can clinch the West division with a win this week or a loss by Northwestern. But a victory will not be easy for the Badgers as they take on Iowa, who is coming off perhaps one of the biggest wins in the school's history. Can the Hawkeyes get a big win two weeks in a row?  ....  Notre Dame has another big test this week as they head to Miami for the first time since 1988 to take on the Hurricanes. The winner will most certainly be in the top four of next week's playoff standings. The loser will likely be on the outside of consideration and will need some upsets to get back into consideration.  ....  Oklahoma and TCU may be the best teams in the Big 12 this year and the play this week for first place in the conference.  But this may be just a preview of the championship game in December.
 (12)Michigan State  @  (13)Ohio State
(Favorite: Ohio State  - 18 1/2)

Bbaver:  The Pick: OSU - They need to get JK Dobbins 20+ carries. Same old song and dance with Urban, he tells reporters after the game that he should have run [insert tailback's name] more in the loss. It's now a broken record with Urban repeating it over and over again; so why doesn't he take his own advice? I do think this team will bounce back at least to a certain extent....but I don't think it's going to be pretty. Ohio State 24 Michigan State 17  

Cory:  What can be said about Ohio State's loss to Iowa that hasn't already been said? The Buckeyes completely dropped the ball, and without a lot of chaos, played themselves out of a playoff spot. There is no rest for the weary, however, as the Buckeyes must turnaround this week and face an underrated Michigan State team. The Spartans always play Ohio State tough, as the two teams have split the last six games evenly. Even when Ohio State does win, the Spartans keep it close. Ohio State's average margin of victory in the last three wins over Michigan State is 4.7 points. Two of those wins were 17-16. Also, the Buckeyes haven't beaten Michigan State in Columbus since 2007. I believe that Ohio State will bounce back with a win this week, but it's going to be ugly and it's going to be close.   Ohio State 24, Michigan State 21  

Dave:  OSU 42 – MSU 28

Gregg:  I am not quite sure how OSU will come out after such a big loss when Sparty invades the Horseshoe. Normally I expect to see a lot of heart and motivation out of an Urban Meyer lead team. But they had SO MUCH on the line last week and basically delivered a dud in Iowa. No reason to sugar-coat this one, if anyone was proud of that performance, players, coaching staff, SID office, they should turn in their Golden Buckeye card at the door and walk away.  I realize these are kids, and I realize they work very hard year round, but the work really hard so that you don't lose 55-24 to a three lose Iowa team. Ohio State needs to put their foot on the Spartan throat and crush until they cry uncle. They basically need to take out all their frustration on the Green and White, win the game, then get back to the task at hand which is get better each week and play for a Big Ten Championship. Get the running game going again, JT needs to throw to the red jerseys only, and the defense needs to decide if they are going to stop anyone again. I think the Defensive Line was a bit neutralized against the Hawkeyes and it exposed an average back seven. Greg Schiano can take all the calls he wants AFTER the season is over but right now his job is to coach the Buckeyes, do your job Greg. As I am going to try to have the faith the Buckeyes well take care of business in the cold, I see a big victory for the men nof the scarlet and gray.   Ohio State 41  Michigan State 10

Jason:  It didn’t seem likely a couple weeks ago, but this game is most likely for the Big Ten East title and a trip to Indianapolis with a likely matchup with Wisconsin. Michigan State is coming off a hard fought home win over Penn State, enduring a 3 hour lightening delay. For Ohio State, it’s a much different feeling coming off a drubbing in Iowa City to the hands of the Hawkeyes. Two teams with identical records and one fan base is excited to be 7-2 and for the other, life is over with no playoffs in the cards. Ohio State should come out with fire and their front four, which was exposed at Iowa will face a Michigan State team that struggles running the football. The Spartans haven’t hit the 100 yard mark in the last three games and the offensive line can’t control the line of scrimmage. The Spartans offense revolves around their young QB, Brian Lewerke. If the Spartans win this game, Mark Dantonio is not only the Big Ten Coach of the Year (He may be anyway), Lewerke has a shot at the first team QB. He has thrown for 850 yards the past 2 games, including 400 against Penn State to go along with 2 touchdowns. The Buckeyes have struggled to defend the pass most of the year and were torched by an average Iowa QB, Nate Stanley a week ago and Lewerke is a better all-around QB. Look for Dantonio and the boys to utilize the TE and short passing game to create long drives, shorten the game and offset the deficiency in speed. If the O Line can protect for at least 2 or 3 seconds, he has a chance to meticulously carve up the Buckeye LB’s and secondary. I expect J.T. Barrett to be much better than he was a week ago, when 4 interceptions derailed any chance Ohio State had to take control of the game. If the good Barrett returns in his penultimate game in the ‘Shoe, Ohio State should all but clinch a trip to the Big Ten title game. If not, Urban Meyer will fail to beat the Spartans at home again, the only school he has not beaten at home. I expect a different Buckeye team to show up this week and the dominance of the D line will once again return along with more of an emphasis on the running game. Buckeyes squeak by and with a Michigan loss next week at Wisconsin, clinch the Big Ten East.   Ohio State 38 Michigan State 31  

Joe-S-U:  Buckeyes Bounce Back!  

John:  Before the season started, last week’s game at Iowa screamed trap game. That said, after Ohio State beat Penn State it looked like the D had turned the corner. I’m not sure I have ever seen a team forget how to play defense from one week to the next the way OSU did last week. And don’t get me started on an offense that completely abandons the running back at the first sign of adversity. I’d like to think that the Buckeyes bounce back this week at home, but 1) The home team in this one hasn’t won this game in a decade and 2) this will be the same back seven on D that last week looked like they have never seen a forward pass before. Hope I wrong, and at the risk of losing my Buckeye card…. Michigan State 27 Ohio State 14  

jOShUa At the beginning of the year, I would have thought the Penn State game would have been the defect Big Ten East championship game, but with a loss to Iowa, and Michigan State beating Penn State, both these teams are fighting for a chance to play in Indy. Ohio State opens up as big favorites, and the team needs to refocus. There is a .001% chance of making a playoff, but this team needs to be thinking Big Ten Champions. In Urban's 6 years at Ohio State, he has only competed for a Big Ten Championship two times, which is part of why we are paying him the big bucks (no pun intended). JT Barrett gets back on track, and depending on the weather, this could be a old school Big Ten game, and we need to use our running backs more.   Ohio State 31 - Michigan State 24

Dr. Mark:  OSU 24-17 The Bucks still have a lot to play for but Spartans have regained confidence.  

PJSBuck:  Not since the total train-wreck of the 1990 Liberty Bowl with Ohio State playing Air Force AND LOSING, have I been this upset and embarrassed about a Buckeye performance. The ENTIRE TEAM, including COACHES, were completely ill-prepared for this game, and look at what happened? What has me the most upset is that Iowa played their standard game and blew us away. HOW - DOES - THAT - HAPPEN?????? How do 2-3 star players make chumps out of 4-5 star players and a high-profile coaching staff? How does a good, well-coached team commit double-digit penalties and rank 117/130 for most penalties allowed per game??? The answer is: well-coached, FUNDAMENTALLY SOUND TEAMS DON'T! Many moons ago in the early years of my management career, I had similar things happen to me - thinking I had done a great job of recruiting and had a very good team and staff only to see disappointing and surprising results and not sure why. Man, did I have to figure THAT out and fast. After graduating from the University of Hard Knock (several times) I eventually came to understand that most of the mistakes of my teams (and the ensuing average performances) happened because of breakdowns in the "basics" and NOT because of having "bad" players or "bad" strategy. Yep! - it started and stopped with, the coaching staff (ME!). Last Saturday we saw Ohio State completely not show up mentally. Apparently our coaches THOUGHT/"ASSUMED" they were ready. We had most of our defensive players 1-3 steps behind most of the time ( on MANY plays), or just missed their assignments because they were confused, unsure of their assignments and reacting VERY late. Our linebackers and secondary were more watching the game vs. playing. Booker, Worley, Fuller (#4) and Arnette reacted late the entire game instead of playing - sorry guys, the truth hurts, deal with it. OK - so you are tired of reading about the loss and wonder what this has to do with this weeks game against Michigan State? If you think Iowa is fundamentally sound with 2-3 star players, the poster child for fundamentally sound coaching is coming into the Horseshoe this Saturday - Mark Dantonio and the Spartans. If I am right about the fundamentals, those won't be fixed in just one week. Prediction - the unthinkable: Michigan State 45 Ohio State 31 and two back-to-back Big Ten losses.

Pia Pete:  Who wants to go to the Big Ten Championship?   OSU 44 – MSU 17  

Coach Rick:  I have OSU winning at home in front of a large crowd. I see it that OSU comes to play this week with a big win.

Steven:   I'm a bit grumpy this week so my picks will be understandably short.   OSU 24-21

Trout:  I was a little more confident before last week's game. I still think the Buckeyes win, but it will very close. Sparty always plays the Bucks tough. They are going to play an extra amount of confidence after beating Penn State last week. It was come down to how Ohio State responses to the embarrassing defeat a week ago. I honestly believe that they bounce back and play up to their capabilities. It will be a tough, hard fought game, but the Buckeyes pull off the victory and get closer to the Big Championship game.   (Ohio State, 21-14)  

Vaughn:  Since the Spartans' green has worked like kryptonite to Superman in regards to Iran's offense, I am looking for an offensive struggle. The Buckeyes should prevail though. Buckeyes beat the Spartans 17-14. 

Rod:  Returning to Ohio Stadium after getting shocked in Iowa, expect the Buckeyes to go after more big play & create turnovers, getting after the football early Saturday in the Shoe. Buckeyes must establish & believe in the ground game. Look for qb JT Barrett to throw deeper into the Spartan secondary with reasonably success. Sparty handed Penn St. loss #2 by score of 27-24 last week in East Lansing, Buckeyes were embarrassed while defense gave up 55 points and held record breaking JT Barrett & the high powered Buckeye offense to 24 points. Urban had never tasted a defeat that lopsided. My gut tells me as good as Michigan St looked beating Penn State, they don't have enough to stop the Buckeyes ground GAME who will get redemption at home beating Sparty 41- 25.   

GameDay:  Desmond Howard, guest picker Alex Rodriguez, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit all go with the Buckeyes.

​Final Score:  Ohio State 48   Michigan State 3
                    (8-2)                   (7-3)
 (1)Georgia  @  (10)Auburn
(Favorite: Georgia  - 2 1/2)

Bbaver:  The Pick: Georgia - Auburn is going to have problems scoring points, I think. I'll root against my pick, but I think the Bulldogs prevail on the road.  

Cory:  The game this week with Auburn is the last big hurdle for Georgia to clear until the SEC Championship game. The Bulldogs close out the season with games against Kentucky and Georgia Tech. It's hard to tell if Auburn is a good team or not. The Tigers only two losses came to Clemson and LSU, and both games were within one score as well. Yet, Auburn doesn't have any good wins. The Tigers struggle with consistency on offense, but their defense is legitimate. I see Georgia winning a close one. The Bulldogs run the ball exceptionally well, so if they get an early lead they can easily grind the game out.   Georgia 28, Auburn 14  

Dave:  Georgia 28 - Auburn 27

Gregg:  This weekend we find out if Georgia is for real or if Alabama is again the lone wolf in the SEC. I think the running back by committee is going to work for the Dawgs and they secure a win on the road. The win will probably put Georgia and Notre Dame in the playoffs (if the Irish can win out). The loss will put just one more mediocre team on the Tide schedule as the pave their pathway to their fourth straight playoff appearance.   Georgia 31  Auburn 17  

Jason:  Georgia rolls into Auburn high and mighty and for good reason. The Bulldogs sit #1 in the CFB Playoff rankings and sits unbeaten with the best win in the country at Notre Dame. This, however, will be their first true test within the SEC. Having already clinched the SEC East, now it’s about the playoffs and the first step is on the road in Auburn and guess what, the Tigers are good. Georgia’s defensive front has been very good against the run and the Tiger O line isn’t exactly a juggernaut. Look for the Dawgs to attack and try to create long downs and distance with TFL’s and sacks. For Auburn, QB Jarrett Stidham has been very good. If the line can give him time, he can make plays in the passing game. He will have to play a clean game and avoid the turnover if the Tigers expect to survive and he has done that of late, throwing only 1 pick in the past six ball games. This should be a fun game start to finish. The pressure is squarely on Georgia who has the most to lose. Other than the difference between the Georgia DL and the Tiger OL, it’s a pretty even matchup. Georgia QB Jake Fromm will face the fiercest DL he’s faced all season and a mistake or two and the Tigers take this one. Look for the Dawgs to lean more on RB Nick Chubb and play smash mouthfootball to generate long scoring drives. Georgia survives a close one.    Georgia 28 Auburn 24  

Joe-S-U:  Georgia wins and remains #1  

John:  Now that Ohio State has all but been eliminated from playoff consideration, here is hoping for playoff Armageddon. And by that I mean two SEC teams plus Notre Dame getting in. That means that Georgia needs to be unbeaten when they face ‘Bama in the championship game. This may be the last test for the Dawgs before then. Look for Uga to win a close one.   Georgia 31 Auburn 28  

jOShUa Auburn started off slow against a bad Texas A&M team, but they have a rare opportunity in front of them. They have a chance to play and beat both Georgia and Alabama these last 3 weeks of the regular season. Georgia hasn't really been tested outside of Notre Dame, and Auburn has been on a win streak since losing to LSU, but have been scoring in bunches. With this game being in Auburn, and the home crowd rowdy for a 3:30pm kickoff, I have Auburn winning this one in an upset. Want to have Chaos, this is where it starts.   Auburn 27 - Georgia 24  

Dr. Mark:  Georgia 34-20,  going to ride with Georgia a little while longer  

PJSBuck:  This will be a very interesting game relative to the SEC. I will go with Georgia but think this could be their toughest test yet.  Georgia by 6

Pia Pete:  Georgia pounds Auburn on their way to the SEC title game.   UGA 49 – UA 10  

Coach Rick:  I will have to go with the home team in this match up.  I have Auburn winning 28 - 17

Steven:  Tigers win 29-27 

Trout:  Although I think Auburn has made some good strides this year, I still think Georgia will win this game. The Bulldogs are clearly the best team in the SEC and I don't think Auburn has been what it takes. They lost both their toughest tests in Clemson and LSU. I think it will be close, and Auburn will test Geogia, but Georgia's superior skill will win them the game.    (Georgia, 27-20)  

Vaughn:  I am unabashedly a Buckeye fan and the only way the Buckeyes make the playoffs is for the SEC representative or others to have two losses. I am going with Auburn over Georgia for that reason and my good friend's son Chandler starts for them. Auburn upsets Georgia 24-17.  

Rod:  The home team gets advantage but with the Bulldogs ground game, home field will neutralized & wont matter much. This game is my upset pick of the week. Auburn has the nation's top defense with home field advantage. Still is it enough to hold Chubb and the Bulldogs. Auburn will get the whipping of a lifetime by the Title hungry Bulldogs. But the saying Offense sales tickets & defense wins Championships may be tested. Georgia is ranked ahead of Bama in the NCAA playoff rankings. That is a curse in itself, I'm taking Auburn.   Auburn 30 Georgia 17

GameDay:  Desmond Howard, Alex Rodriguez and Lee Corso predict an upset victory by the home team.  Kirk Herbstreit wanted to go with Auburn as well but switched to Georgia after the other three picked the Tigers.

​Final Score:  Auburn 40   Georgia 17
                       (8-2)             (9-1)
 (20)Iowa  @  (8)Wisconsin
(Favorite: Wisconsin  - 12 1/2)

Bbaver:  The Pick: Wisconsin - Iowa played a great, great game last week and I give them credit. But I still think this is a so-so football team overall, and they are facing a better team...in Madison. I like the Badgers here.  

Cory:  This is a tough game to call. Iowa is coming off a huge win over Ohio State, and have a ton of momentum on their side. The Hawkeyes have played a much tougher schedule than Wisconsin, and it looks like they've finally figured things out on offense. Wisconsin remains the Big Ten's last hope to get into the College Football Playoff this season. The undefeated Badgers look good so far, but their schedule has been incredibly weak. The Badgers have yet to play a ranked opponent, and so far their toughest opponent has been Northwestern. Given Iowa's tougher schedule, and recent improvement in play, I am going to predict the upset here. Going into Madison will be tough, but the Hawkeyes are riding high right now.   Iowa 31, Wisconsin 24  

Dave:  Wisconsin 38 - Iowa 27

Gregg:  Still to upset at the Hawkeyes to think about this one so will just go with  Wisconsin 28  Iowa 13  

Jason:  Iowa marches into Madison trying to ruin the Big Ten’s last hopes for a playoff appearance. If the Badgers can come away with the win, they may finally get some respect around the country. A win for Bucky and they win the Big Ten West and go back to the conference championship game. So would the real Hawkeyes please stand up? The one that hung 55 against Ohio State or the one that struggled to put points on the board against Minnesota or Northwestern? Iowa certainly has Wisconsin’s attention but Wisconsin will be coming into this game beat up. They are already without their top receiver along with their top linebacker and potentially top safety. The Badgers already have struggled to stop the pass and if Nathan Stanley can hang on to some of the magic he had a week ago, he could exploit a depleted secondary. The Iowa O line gave him time against what may be the best D Line in the country and if they can repeat that performance, Iowa may be able to steal a win. I believe the performance a week ago was more of an indictment on how bad Ohio State played. The Badgers may have injuries but they are still very good and they are playing at home. The Badgers will control the game via the rushing attack and the likely Big Ten Freshman of the Year in RB Jonathan Taylor and limit the turnovers which will wear on the Iowa defense. It will be tight early but Wisconsin will pound and pound and come away with the win.   Wisconsin 31 Iowa 21  

Joe-S-U:  Wisconsin wins as Iowa has a big letdown this week.   

John:  I’d love to get another crack at the Hawkeyes in Indy, but Iowa played almost a perfect game last week. Look for them to have a letdown this week, and the Badgers at home are too good for Iowa to beat unless they can bring their A game. Bucky keeps the Big Ten’s faint hopes for a playoff team alive.  Wisconsin 35 Iowa 21  

jOShUa Iowa played the game of their season this past week. If they pulled off the miracle, they would need Wisconsin to lose the rest of their games to have a potential rematch with Ohio State. I don't see that happening, and I think Wisconsin clinches the West with a win over the Hawkeyes, and keeping their undefeated season in tact.   Wisconsin 24 - Iowa 14  

Dr. Mark:  Wisconsin 38-31  

PJSBuck:  Big Ten Game of the Week for me. I think Wisconsin will see this as a statement game and give the Hawkeyes a lot of problems they are not expecting.  Wisconsin by 15

Pia Pete:  Wisconsin takes advantage of an Iowa team that is flying way too high.   Badgers 56 – Hawks 10  

Coach Rick:  Iowa is still celebrating its upset win and will not show up in this game.  I have Wisconsin winning 35 to 17.

Steven:  Wisky by a long margin as the Hawkeyes have a letdown from last Saturday. 34-20. 

Trout:  The Hawkeyes are clearly a good team. But I think last week was a bit of a fluke. They played out of the minds and had the crowd (and the refs) on their side. And it was pretty clear that the Buckeyes gave up in the second half. Iowa will play the Badgers tough, but I still think Wisconsin wins. I think it will be close, possibly ending on a last second field goal. But I think Badgers lead by Jonathan Taylor will do just enough to get by.   (Wisconsin, 31-20)  

Vaughn:  Talk about a letdown. Iowa will look like who we thought they are. Wisconsin will show what happens when you run the running back. Wisconsin over Iowa 28-14.

Rod:  A week after Iowa's near perfect game against OSU expect a let down & when coupled with a Badger team that's tough on both sides of the ball it spells trouble for Iowa.    Wisconsin 27-21 over Iowa

GameDay:  xxxxx

​Final Score:  Wisconsin 38   Iowa 14
                          (10-0)            (6-4)
 (3)Notre Dame  @  (7)Miami
(Favorite: Notre Dame  - 3 1/2)

Bbaver:  The Pick: Notre Dame - Good spot for the Irish with the Hurricanes coming off the big win over Va Tech. I think Notre Dame is a legit top 5 team in the country and think they get it done on the road.  

Cory:  The game this week between Notre Dame and Miami is a de facto playoff game. I picked against Miami last week and it cost me as the Hurricanes found little trouble in beating Virginia Tech. So, is it time to proclaim Miami as an official contender? Perhaps, but Notre Dame will have something to say about that. Yes, this is a road game for Notre Dame but Coral Gables is not exactly a tough place to play. The Fighting Irish had have most of their tough games at home, but did beat Michigan State 38-18 in East Lansing. I am convinced Miami is a good team now, and will no longer doubt the Hurricanes. That said, I am more convinced in Notre Dame. The Irish have rushed for 2,923 yards this season, and a big game this week from Josh Adams could propel him into the Heisman conversation.   Notre Dame 35, Miami 17  

Dave:  Notre Dame 28 - Miami 24

Gregg:  I am probably the only person that thinks both of these teams or overrated, yet the winner is going to be embedded in the top four of the playoff standings and control their own destiny.  The loser is not out of the hunt but will need a lot of hunt.  It is interesting to see at the end of the year if the Irish can stay in the top four against a one-loss conference champion.  Winning this game will go a long way to helping build the resume.  These two teams have not played in Miami since 1988, so there will be a lot of excitement on campus for this game.  Unfortunately, the game is played about an hour a way so somewhere between campus and Hard Rock Stadium they will lose that steam.  Miami can actually clinch the Coastal division before this game starts, so I think they lose some of their edge and the game.  Notre Dame 27  Miami 21  

Jason:  Maybe the biggest game of the week takes place in Miami as the old Catholics vs Convicts rivalry renews. Is this 1988 again? Notre Dame has to run the table or it’s out of the College Football Playoff. Miami has essentially the same scenario and a win may vault them into the top 4. The Canes were dominant a week ago against Virginia Tech and may have proven it’s for real. Miami’s rush defense played well last week, holding the Hokies to just 102 yards on the ground and creating 2 INT’s. Irish RB Josh Adams will supposedly play, but he is banged up after getting knocked out against Wake Forest last week. Brandon Wimbush was injured last week as well and won’t come into this one full go. The issue for Miami is their offense. QB Malik Rosier struggled mightily a week ago, throwing 3 picks and he has to be much more efficient if they have any hopes of taking down the Irish. They also have to be able to keep drives alive and shorten the down and distance. The Canes are near the bottom of the ACC in third down conversions. Not being able to sustain drives will be a death nail against Notre Dame. It will be a tight game, but Miami just doesn’t have the man power to survive and the Irish survive on their march to the playoff.   Notre Dame 28 Miami 20  

Joe-S-U:  Notre Dame makes a statement to stay in the playoff race.  

John:  “Catholics vs. Convicts” may be the greatest smack talk t-shirt ever made. Hopefully, now that Notre Dame is kinda/sorta in the ACC these two will face off on a semi regular basis going forward. This may be the best game of the weekend, from a viewership standpoint. Since I’m hoping for playoff Armageddon (See my Georgia/Auburn pick) I have to go with the Domers in this one.  Notre Dame 35 Miami 31   

jOShUa:  A very intriguing match up. Miami finally earned a quality win against Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame rumbled over Wake Forest. I am still not sure Miami is a top tier team, and I would think in a match up, Ohio State could beat both of these teams, but I think Notre Dame doesn't lose until the end of the year against Stanford. I have Miami losing a heartbreaker in front of the rowdy crowd of 20,000, with 90% of the fans being Notre Dame fans.   Notre Dame 42 - Miami 28  

Dr. Mark:  ND 38-35 should be a fun game to watch  

PJSBuck:  For me, national game of the week. SHOULD be reminiscent of games of the past between these two.  I think ND has too many weapons and win by 10 or more 

Pia Pete:  For the first time since the late 80s early 90s this game actually means something.   ND 27 – UM 24  

Coach Rick:  I would have not thought at the beginning of the season seeing this game being that important. I will have to go with Notre Dame in a close win.  I have ND 28 to 24.

Steven:  Miami has been living on borrowed time.  ND by 14. 

Trout:  The Irish are going to crush the Canes. Miami has remained undefeated despite themselves. While Notre Dame has been surprisingly good. I don't think this game will be close. I see the Irish scoring early and often, and gives Miami their first lost.  (Notre Dame, 45-10)  

Vaughn:  I don't like the Irish so they get upset by Miami 24-10.  

Rod:   Not sure whether a 1 loss ND is really an underdog against Miami, neither does the NCAA playoff committee. Members have chosen to move Notre Dame ahead of the Hurricanes, undefeated Miami. Miami will use 2 Qb's when attacking ND but that won't be enough, ND is for real.   31-17 over the U. 

GameDay:  xxxxx

​Final Score:  Miami 41   Notre Dame 8
                   (9-0)              (8-2)
 (6)TCU  @  (5)Oklahoma
(Favorite: Oklahoma  - 6 1/2)

Bbaver:  The Pick: TCU - Oklahoma has their problems with ups and downs. I think they are down this week after the big win in the Bedlam showdown. I like TCU here.  

Cory:  TCU rebounded from its disappointing loss to Iowa State by beating Texas, 24-7 last week. Oklahoma enters the game with some momentum as well as the Sooners beat their rival, Oklahoma State, 62-52 last week. Whichever team wins this game will be in prime position to play in the College Football Playoff. It will be interesting to see these two teams play each other. TCU gets the job done with defense and special teams. Oklahoma is an elite offensive team, as displayed by their 62 points last week. Only three teams have scored in double digits against TCU this season, and expect Oklahoma to be the fourth. The Sooners may not be a complete team, but they will be able to provide enough offensive firepower to hold off a strong challenge from TCU this week.   Oklahoma 21, TCU 14  

Dave:  Oklahoma 32 – TCU 28

Gregg:  Baker Mayfield is coming off a career defining game.  He had 598 yards of passing offense and 5 TD's against Oklahoma State in a 62-52 win.  Granted the Big 12 is not known for defense but that was an incredible performance, on the road, against a rival. The question remains, will he be able to muster that mastery two weeks in a row. TCU should certainly provide enough motivation and the playoff stakes are certainly in play.  The winner of this game will still be in the hunt, and maybe in the top 4 because of the match-ups this weekend. The loser basically becomes the Ohio State of the Big 12, they can still work their way in to the conference championship but they will be playing no better than for a birth one of the Big 6 bowl games. TCU rolled through the first seven weeks before not being able to generate any offense against Iowa State. Both these teams lost to the Cyclones, although the Sooners looked better in the defeat.  I think Coach Riley has learned a lot this season and is ready for the November sprint to the Big 12 Championship game.  I don't think this will be another 62-52 but should be fun to watch.   Oklahoma 48  TCU 45

Jason:  The Sooners are fun to watch….on offense. Their defense didn’t show up a week ago in Stillwater against Oklahoma State, but their offense sure did, winning a 62-52 shootout. A win for either the Frogs or the Sooners essentially means a trip to the inaugural Big 12 title game. The odds on favorite for the Heisman trophy is Sooner QB Baker Mayfield, who threw for 600 yards and 5 TD’s a week ago. He won’t come close to those numbers against the TCU defense, who is the clear best D in the Big 12. The issue with Mayfield is he can be a bit of a gunslinger and a late pick nearly cost them the game. Although the Frogs defense is solid, they struggle in the secondary, giving up 200+ yards in five of the last seven games.. Where TCU will succeed is by putting together long drives and keeping the powerful Sooner offense off the field. The Sooners will be facing a great run defense which is number 1 in college football so the onus is on Mayfield to make plays when he gets his shot. Look for TCU to attack, pressure, and hit Mayfield over and over and over. They will control the line of scrimmage and convert third down opportunities, where the Sooner defense has really struggled. Add in a couple of mistakes by Mayfield and TCU will make them pay. TCU goes into Norman and comes away with the win.   TCU 38 Oklahoma 28  

Joe-S-U:  Oklahoma

John:  Ah. The Big XII in November, where defense is optional. I see points, points, and more points in this one. If this one is televised by Fox it may not end until early Sunday morning.  Oklahoma 47 TCU 42  

jOShUa Baker Mayfield put up nearly 700 passing yards in a bedlam game, and essentially locked the Heisman after the other top 4 front runners laid goose eggs. TCU handled Texas where Oklahoma had to shrug them off, but I am rooting for chaos still. I think the TCU defense will slow down the passing attack of Mayfield and upset the Sooners in Norman. Ironically, if this game were in Fort Worth, I would have picked Oklahoma.  TCU 35 - Oklahoma 28  

Dr. Mark:  Sooners. 41 -38, will their be any defense or will it be another basketball score  

PJSBuck:  Sooners will be a BIG over-match for TCU.  I predict Sooners by 21 or more  

Pia Pete:  The winner is still in the hunt for a spot in the playoffs.   Oklahoma 27 – TCU 23  

Coach Rick:  This is going to be a coin flip in my book. I will have to go with the home team winning 35 to 28.

Steven:  TCU outed as pretenders.  OU 44-21 

Trout:  The Sooners have proven me wrong. I thought the OSU Cowboys were going to be the end of them, but somehow Baker Mayfield lead them to another victory. I think they win this game. Although the Horned Frogs are a good team, I don't think they will match up well. It should be a normal high scoring Big 12 game, but Oklahoma will just do enough to win the game.   (Oklahoma, 45-35)

Vaughn:  TCU will upset Oklahoma 35-31.  

Rod:  Sooners have had a mystical hold on ex SWC schools. TCU has the nation's 6th ranked defense. Expect Baker Mayfield to do his thing while Sooner Defense locks down the TCU offense. In a Big 12 battle I'm calling make room for daddy, Sooners will put Horned toads out of its misery. This will be an exciting game but their is only 4 seats at the table for daddy. In a meaningless game, Sooners 33 Horned Frogs 27.

GameDay:  Desmond Howard selects the Horned Frogs. Alex Rodriguez, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit believe the Sooners will survive and advance

​Final Score:  Oklahoma 38   TCU 20
                          (9-1)             (8-2)
41 - 14
39 - 16
39 - 16
37 - 18
36 - 14
36 - 14
36 - 19
36 - 19
36 - 19
36 - 19
36 - 19
35 - 20
34 - 21
33 - 22
31 - 19
5 - 1




Rick DeSutter ***
Brent Baver ***
Gregg Watson **
Cory Steger
John Siebert *
Vaughn Broadnax
Josh Watson
Pat Steger
Stefan Armintrout
Pete Quint *
Steven Smith
Jason Harris
Mark Triffon
Joe Hylton *
Dave Culver *
Rod Gerald