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2017 Weekly Picks
Week 13 - Rivalry Week
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Dave Culver

2017 Predictions

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Here are the Buckeye50 Week 13 Picks, Good Luck and Enjoy - Gregg
Last Week:  OK, maybe Illinois was not the strongest of opponents but it is a conference game and it is not the job of Ohio State to make the other conference teams better. And more important, the Buckeyes beat them soundly. This has been the pattern for OSU all season long when they play weaker opponents.  Hopefully that carries some weight with the playoff committee next week. Just like the Buekeyes, we have two weeks left in our staff picks to improve our standings position. Although eight people are still in range, the lead that Coach Rick has right now may be tough to overcome for the pack. As every year though, hopefully all of you have enjoyed reading our predictions and following us throughout the season.
Guest Buckeye: Our web site continues to show that former players are still in touch with the college game, and Vaughn Broadnax proves that each week with his great analysis. Joining Vaughn this week are a few other Buckeyes, Bam Childressand Cornelius Green.  
This Week: It seems simple enough, Alabama wins out, Miami wins out, Oklahoma wins out and Ohio State wins out and that is your four playoff teams. Unfortunately it never works out easy.  The best the Buckeyes can do is just win their next two games and if they get into the final four great but if not, enjoy that New Year's 6 bowl game against a strong opponent. This starts this week with their annual game with 'the team up north'. This is seldom an easy game but Ohio State has owned this century. Will Urban make it 6-0 while on the OSU sideline?  ....  Alabama heads to Auburn to take on the Tigers in what will likely be their toughest game this year. Don't be surprised if the Tide throws this game to set up a scenario where two SEC schools get to the playoffs.  Considering the SEC may be the worst of the power five conferences, does anyone else smell a problem if two teams get in? Or can Alabama take care of business this week and look in their playoff berth for the fourth straight year?  ....  Oklahoma will be without Baker Mayfield for the start of the game but West Virginia will be without Will Grier for the entire game.  Can the Mountaineers manage enough offense to make this a game? ....  Notre Dame is a two loss team that no one is really talking about right now but as more one loss teams go down, can the Irish get back into the playoff discussion? They travel to the west coast to play Stanford to end their season. A win might make them a player again, but a Cardinal victory would turn the Irish season into a mild disappointment  ....  Georgia will play their regular season finale as usual against Georgia Tech.  Win or lose, they will be in the SEC championship game. But a loss would likely take them out of the playoff hunt. Do you think they want to play Alabama or have another shot at Auburn?

 (9)Ohio State  @  Michigan
(Favorite: Ohio State  - 12 1/2)

Bam Childress (2001-04):  OSU 24-10 Big Ten championship here we come. Can somebody tell Dontez L Sanders and the honey badgers let's get it on in Indy!!!! 

Cornelius Green (1972-75):  Ohio State wins again

Bbaver:  The Pick: Ohio State - On paper, this is a mismatch. If you haven't, check out Michigan's offense stats on the season...absolutely abysmal. But this game of course isn't about stats, there is a lot of truth to the proverbial "you can throw the record books out the window" saying. I think Michigan will come out with a lot of emotion and the Buckeyes need to respond. If Michigan gets on the board first with an early TD, this could be a nail-biter. But I think the Buckeyes have too much talent and will be ready to go, and it helps facing Michigan just off their trip to Madison. I like Ohio State 35-20.  

Cory:  With Ohio State clinging to the hope of a trip to the playoffs, the Buckeyes must win this week against their rivals up north, Michigan. Ohio State is rolling right now having put up a combined 100 points in their last two games. The defense has also looked much better since the team's blowout loss to Iowa three weeks ago. Michigan enters the game with a big question mark at the quarterback position. Wilton Speight hasn't played since he suffered cracked vertebrae against Purdue. John O'Korn started after that injury, but played poorly and lost his spot to Brandon Peters. Peters was good, but not great, until he left last week's loss to Wisconsin due to a head/neck injury. Peters is in the concussion protocol, and Speight has not been practicing fully. It seems O'Korn is the best bet to start, and that's not good news for Michigan. To really stop Michigan all the Buckeyes need to do is stop wide receiver and returner Donovan Peoples-Jones, as well as running back Karan Higdon. The big question for the Buckeyes is what team will show up on Saturday? Urban's message following the Iowa loss has been "laser-like focus" and assuming the Buckeyes keep that focus, they should be able to edge out Michigan. That said, I don't believe this will be a blowout even if O'Korn starts. This is going to be another close game, and one that could come down to the final minute yet again.   Ohio State 28, Michigan 24

Dave:  Ohio State 42 - Team up North 24

Gregg:  No matter how you measure success, JT Barrett has had a great career at Ohio State. With a win he will tie Art with the most wins as a starting quarterback. With a win he will become the first quarterback to win 4 games as a starter in the greatest rivalry in all of sports. He is at the top or near the top of almost every passing record at Ohio State and in some cases, for the Big Ten conference. I will not forget how he put the team on his shoulders in Happy Valley in overtime to delivery a big win. I was there in East Lansing when JT had perhaps his best game as a Buckeye, getting the road win and putting OSU back in the playoff talk. He completed his last 16 passes against the Lions this year to secure the comeback victory. And I remember in 2014, when after getting injured in 'THE' game, he slipped out of the locker room and watched the rest of the game in the stands in front of Josh and I. This is someone that will always mean a lot to Buckeye fans and he knows the importance of this game. I think he delivers in a big way and secures a win in his last regular season game. It will also be interesting to see how Mike Weber performs as he plays for the first time in Ann Arbor, but JT is the key.   Ohio State 31 TBGUN 10

Jason:  It’s rivalry week and this is one of the biggest in all of college football and maybe in all of sports. Ohio State is deep and talented and when focused there isn’t a team in the country that they can’t beat. The playoff is still in sights for Ohio State but they must be impressive in Ann Arbor Saturday and against Wisconsin next week in the Big Ten Championship. Michigan is looking at another 4th place finish in the Big Ten East regardless of the outcome in this one but a win over their archrival could ease many pains. Michigan QB Brandon Peters is in concussion protocol and may not go which, even if he did play, could be a difficult day for the lackluster Wolverine offense. In the three games at above .500 teams that they have played, they gained just 234, 269 and 300 yards offensively. The defense they play Saturday may be the most athletic and certainly the most talented they will have faced all season. While the Buckeyes haven’t always played to their capability on defense, when they have, it’s something to behold. The Wolverine defense has had some success this year, even against their quality opponents and they will need a big performance in this game if they want a chance to win. They will need to key on the run game and force Ohio State to hit through the air, but if JT Barrett is finding his myriad of WR options, it could mean a long day for the Maize and Blue faithful. The issue to stopping the run is the fact that Ohio State can hit you with a 3 headed monster in the backfield including JK Dobbins, Mike Weber and Barrett, who can create an explosive play at any time. Ohio State is just too talented and will be too focused for the young Wolverines. I expect the Buckeyes to come out clicking on all cylinders and take the crowd out of it early, dominating the line of scrimmage and controlling the tempo. Buckeyes roll to Indy, defeating their rivals for the 6th straight year.   Ohio State 41 Michigan 17  

Joe-S-U:  OSU over UM - TBGUN will play their best game of the year, they always do. It won't be enough. Turn JK and Weber loose and get ready for the Badgers  

John:  Rivalry games are always harder to predict. Emotion plays such a huge part in the college game (much more so than in the NFL). I see this one playing out one of two ways: 1) Bad Urban shows up, OSU abandons the running game and Michigan keeps it close or 2) Good Urban shows up, the O plays loose, and OSU runs away and names their score. Michigan’s D has been stout against the run this year, but Wisconsin showed the blueprint – stick with the run and the Wolves eventually will wear down. Iowa showed how to beat OSU – have a quarterback and O Line play out of their mind and have a D Back play like an all pro. O’Korn isn’t Tom Brady Jr., Peters and Speith are a walking M*A*S*H unit and there is no Peppers on this years Michigan D. Ohio State wins, but closer than many might think.   Ohio State 28 Michigan 20  

jOShUa The Game. Thanks to a loss at the hands of Wisconsin, Ohio State, regardless of the outcome, is playing in Indy for the Big Ten championship. Now, this game didn’t have the same impact for both teams as last years match up did, however, this is a game we cannot afford to overlook, especially with playoff aspirations. I think Ohio State is focused right now, and knows what it needs to do to keep those playoff hopes alive, even if Urban has said they haven’t discussed it. Its the reason why he brought in JT Barrett last week against Illinois when the Fighting Illini returned the fumble for a touchdown. He knows he needs to win, and look good doing it. With the quarterback in question for TTUN, we will see if Peters is healthy enough to play or if O'Korn steps back in again. Either way, I am not concerned about the Wolverine offense. I think this game will be similar to the 2015 edition, and Ohio State will run at will, and JT will make enough passing yards to keep zone 6 happy in this cold game. Looking forward to seeing the uni's and hearing Gus Johnson and Chris Spielman call this one. Go Bucks!   Ohio State 42 - TTUN 13  

Dr. Mark:  OSU 27-17    I remain concerned about the Pass D. Michigan former starter QB now starting again- He will either play great or press too hard and have a lot of turnovers. I would blitz early and often to see if he gets rattled in the first qtr- If he doesn’t’ then go to a more balanced rush. Would like to see some throws down the seam to the tight ends to open up the running game.  

PJSBuck:  This is it - Christmas for adults!!!! I am sure my partners here at the Buckeye 50 Yardline will provide great analysis, detail and insight - far better than I can. However, I want to offer a different take on THE GAME based on 47 years of experience. Most Buckeye fans see a TBGUN team that has major problems and depth issues at QB, a highly inconsistent and anemic passing game and what "appears" to be a slightly over-rated defense based upon their game against Wiscy. Most fans will look into the "water" and see a relatively "clear" pool ahead for the Bucks. I see fins in the water. Nothing that has happened this year to either team matters for THE GAME, except how each team thinks and prepares for THE GAME. Ohio State is in a must win situation and has EVERYTHING TO LOSE. TBGUN has NOTHING TO LOSE. Our worst and most disappointing losses have happened with this same exact scenario in place. TBGUN is a cornered animal who is barely wounded, BUT KNOW they are in for the fight of their lives. This is a VERY, VERY dangerous situation for Buckeyes. This also will be the foundation for what I think will be drama equal to last year but played differently by the Bucks - far better play throughout the game this time vs last year under Ed Warriner & Beckman, our offensive coaches. After much, thought, I think this year's installment of THE GAME will come down to coaching preparation and how well our front seven play on defense - it MUST be aggressive, proactive and geared to stop the run. So, take another look into the water: Are you sure you can't see the fins??????   Ohio State 31 TBGUN 28

Pia Pete:  TBGUN’s offense is as bad as their defense is good and get behind early. OSU doesn’t look back.   BUCKS 45 – TBGUN 14  

Coach Rick:  This for me is an easy pick when you look at how the season has played out so far. But this is rivalry week which means we throw out everything so far this season. Neither team has anything to gain with a win or lose with a loss, other then pride that is. I am going with experience and the leadership of the seniors, which favors OSU. It is going to be a battle and a great game to watch, but OSU wins by 21 points.

Steven:  TBGUN are in disarray offensively. They are down to their third QB, and your guess is as good as mine what we may see on Saturday. The defense has been solid, but unless we have a complete meltdown like we did at Iowa, there should be little doubt who wins this game. Of course, that is assuming that OSU plays up to their potential. Nothing ever seems to go that way in The Game. Everyone plays so tight that blowouts rarely happen. It should in this game. OSU should stack the box and make the Rushman package the de facto standard. Blitz on first, second and third down. Rotate D lineman liberally and wear them down. Watch out for the wheel route, though. It seemed that was one of the few things working for them last week in their loss against Wisconsin. Again, on paper, this is a blowout, and if we want a shot at the CFP, we need to play all out and not let up until the game is well out of reach.   OSU 44-17. 

Trout:  I think OSU will win the game, but it's going to be a nail biter. The Buckeyes are clearly the better team, but records usually don't matter in this game. Both teams are going to be fighting with everything they have. I think in the end, the Ohio State offense will be too much for Michigan's defense. Although it will be closer than most Buckeye fans would like it be, Ohio State will win the game and JT will get his 4th victory against the Wolverines.   (Ohio State, 28-24)  

GameDay:  Desmond Howard and guest picker Charles Barkley go with the Wolverines.  Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit go with the Buckeyes

​Final Score:  Ohio State 31   Michigan 20
                       (10-2)                (8-4)
 (1)Alabama  @  (6)Auburn
(Favorite: Alabama  - 4 1/2)

Bam Childress (2001-04):  Alabama 21-10 these boys on a mission!

Cornelius Green (1972-75):  Auburn gets the upset

Bbaver:  The Pick: Alabama - I think this one will likely be close, but I think Saban and his staff will have his team ready in this one. Both teams are basically off byes, so both should be pretty fresh. I like the Tide here

Cory:  The annual Iron Bowl is a must-watch for all college football fans, and this year's game has a lot riding on it. It should be no shock to anybody, but Alabama enters the game undefeated and No. 1 in the country. The Crimson Tide are as balanced of a team as they come. The Tide run the ball well, they pass the ball well, the have a stout defense, and they play well on special teams. A large of the rest Alabama's offense is so good this season has been the development of sophomore quarterback Jalen Hurts. Hurts was not a good passer last year, but he's made huge improvements in that area as he's completing 61.5 percent of his passes for 1,828 yards with 14 touchdowns and just one interception. Auburn has a pretty good quarterback of their own in Jarrett Stidham. The Baylor transfer has 2,445 passing yards with 16 touchdowns and four interceptions. The difference is that Stidham tends to fold in big games. In Auburn's two losses this year - Clemson and LSU - Stidham combined to complete 41 percent of his passes for 244 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. That's not going to get it done against Alabama.   Alabama 24, Auburn 14  

Dave:  Alabama 38 - Auburn 24

Gregg:  A lot is being made about the fact that Saban has never beaten a 9 win Auburn team as a head coach, losing three times at LSU and 3 times at Alabama. Many might be surprised that he is 0-6 in this scenario, I am more surprised Auburn has been over 9 wins that many times. Saban has had two weeks to get ready for this game and that is more than enough.   Alabama 21  Auburn 17  

Jason:  The south’s biggest rivalry is the Iron Bowl and the fierce battle means something this year. Auburn comes in rolling, scoring 40 points or more in seven of its last eight games. The Tide is rolling as well, unbeaten and challenged just once, a close win at Mississippi State. If Bama wins, Auburn’s playoff hopes are done.. If Auburn wins, Bama has to hope the precident was set last year when Ohio State got in without winning their own division. But for now, all that matters is Tide and Tigers. The Tigers will face their most difficult challenge of the year in the running game. Bama’s run D is one of the best in the country and when the Tigers have run for less than 200 this season, they haven’t won. So Auburn will have to throw to win. But, oh yea, Alabama is the best in the country in pass defense, so what will the Tigers do? The good news for Auburn is the Tide offense hasn’t been what you would call explosive. They have struggled at times to put points on the board and Auburn’s defense has been solid, if not outstanding at times this year. This could be a game of attrition and the punt could end up being the biggest play in this game. Field position will be very important and a break or two for either side could determine the outcome. In games like this, turnovers are magnified. Bama has been very good this season at avoiding the turnover. Look for a late turnover to decide this game and Bama’s D will go get one and win the Iron Bowl.   Bama 24 Auburn 20  

Joe-S-U:  Alabama over Auburn - Until the doctor shows me that OSU's playoff chances have flatlined, I'll pull for what we need to happen. And we need Auburn out of our hair  

John:  The Iron Bowl has a history of “odd” things happening. Think pack to Bama losing by having a game winning missed field goal returned for the game winning TD on the last play of the game. Similar to the OSU/Michigan game, I think Auburn, being the home team, keeps this one close into the third quarter. Also similar to OSU/Michigan I think the road team does enough to get the win.   Alabama 24  Auburn 21  

jOShUa In order for Ohio State to make it, Alabama needs to win out. The issue with Alabama if they lose this game is that they could still potentially make the playoff with 1 loss and no conference championship. Their strength of schedule is a concern, but it would be left to the judgement of the committee if Alabama is unequivocally one of the 4 best teams. I think the outcome isn’t in question, and I think Saban will have his team focused, however there should be some scoring on both sides, but Alabama wins this one behind the legs of Jalen Hurts.   Alabama 27 - Auburn 24  

Dr. Mark:  Bama- 24-21- Jalen Hurts probably doesn’t get enough credit because of the rest of the talent around him. Auburn could win if they are the faster team- not sure you can run up the middle on Bama – therefore outside speed may be a difference maker.  

PJSBuck:  SHOULD, be an excellent game especially being played in Auburn. I am going with Auburn in an upset by 6

Pia Pete:  Bama keeps OSU’s playoff hopes alive.   Bama 31 – Auburn 27  

Coach Rick:   I do not think Alabama is the best team in the country, but they do not need to be the best team in the country, just be the best in the game.  I have Alabama winning by 10.

Steven:  ​It will be interesting to see Alabama QB Jalen Hurts against a decent defense. If coach Saban can run it on every down and be effective, I'm sure he would, as that limits Hurts' liabilities as a QB. Just as a comparison, Hurts has thrown for 870 less yards and 18 fewer touchdowns than JT Barrett this year. He has, though, only 200 attempts to JT's 320, and has only thrown 1 pick. Needless to say, they have kept Hurts in about as tight a box as they can this year. It certainly isn't hurting the offense, though. The Tide are 15th in the nation, 2 spots above Auburn, (OSU is 4th). Alabama does tout the best defense in the nation, though, and this should what brings home the win and sets the table for Alabama to head back to the SEC Championship game.   'Bama 33-20

Trout:  This should be another close rivalry game. Alabama is clearly still the best team in the SEC, but the Auburn Tigers have clearly become a great team in their own right. Auburn is probably the best team Alabama has played all year. I think that the game will remain close for a while, but just like in Alabama's other big games, they will pull away. It will be a tough fought, low scoring SEC game, and in the end, the Crimson Tide remains unbeaten.   (Alabama, 17-14)  

GameDay:  Guest Picker Charles Barkley goes with his home boy Tigers. Desmond Howard, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit go with the favored Tide.

​Final Score:  Auburn 26   Alabama 14
                      (10-2)             (11-1)
 WVU  @  (4)Oklahoma
(Favorite: Oklahoma  - 22 1/2)

Bam Childress (2001-04):  OU 35-14 but I smell upset in the big 12 championship

Bbaver:  The Pick: Oklahoma - Time for another OU letdown? It wouldn't shock me, but still gotta go with the Sooners here.  

Cory:  At this point Baker Mayfield's antics are well-known. The Oklahoma quarterback can apologize all he wants, and yet he will continue to act like a child. That said, those actions won't be enough to derail Mayfield's Heisman campaign. Currently considered the front-runner for the trophy, Mayfield gets to face a mediocre West Virginia team this week in another game in which he can pad his stats. West Virginia has picked up a couple of quality wins over Texas Tech and Iowa State, but the Mountaineers received bad news this week when they learned the extent of quarterback Will Grier's injury. Grier underwent surgery on his throwing hand and will miss 4-6 weeks. Having Grier was the only change the Mountaineers had in pulling off the upset this week, and with him out you can expect the Sooners to roll to an easy win.   Oklahoma 42, West Virginia 13

Dave:  Oklahoma 32 - WVU 21

Gregg:  In the ideal scenario for the Buckeyes playoff hopes, Oklahoma needs to beat both the 'Neers and the Frogs. Rece Davis and his ESPN team may have given a boost to these hopes by announcing that if Wisconsin wins next week, an unbeaten Badger sqaud will likely unseed the Sooners and become the third different B1G to make the playoffs. I am sure that will motivate  Oklahoma to pour it on the next 8 quarters. This week they will have to start their scoring fenzy without Heisman candidate Baker Mayfield. The talented yet immature signal caller has been benched by rookie coach Lincoln Riley for his actions last week in the Kansas game. It should not impact the overall outcome as we know he will play. If Oklahoma, the school, wanted to do the right thing he would be suspended for the entire game. But he will play, and the SOoners will put it on the Grier-less Mountaineers.  Oklahoma 44  West Virginia 10  

Jason:  The Sooners have clinched a spot in the Big 12 Championship next week regardless of the outcome in this game but they need to win to stay in position to get into the College Football Playoff. West Virginia is without their star QB, Will Grier, who had surgery on an injured hand he suffered against Texas. It would’ve been a difficult challenge for the Mountaineers to go on the road to Norman with Grier and now without him, it becomes nearly impossible. WVU will need to lean on RB Justin Crawford who has rushed for 100 yards or more in 7 games. Last year he ran for over 300 yards against Oklahoma and he will need to carry the WVU offense this time around. If Crawford can rip off chunks of yards and help the WVU offense to control the time of possession and keep the Sooner offense off the field, they have a shot. Oklahoma leads the country in total offense and controls the football better than anyone in the Big 12. I expect Baker Mayfield and the Sooner offense to come out quick and put this one away early as Mayfield all but etches his name on the Heisman Trophy.   Oklahoma 49 WVU 14  

Joe-S-U:  Oklahoma over West Virginia - Mayfield adds to his resume to win the Johnny Manziel award  

John:  It will be very interesting to see how long Mayfield sits in this one. He won’t be a captain, and won’t start. His antics last week against Kansas were an embarrassment, and probably warrant sitting more than a series. Unfortunately, WVU is good enough to score on the Sooner D, so look for him to play most of this one.   Oklahoma 35 West Virginia 24   

jOShUa This will be Baker Mayfield’s last home game, and we all know that he is an emotional guy. I think with Grier out of this game, the outcome tips more in the favor of the Sooners. I think West Virginia might be able to keep it somewhat close with their defense, however, I think Oklahoma runs away with this in the second half, and has their sights set on TCU one more time for the Big 12 Championship game. Also, in order to keep our hopes alive, we need Oklahoma to win out.   Oklahoma 48 - West Virginia 21  

Dr. Mark:  OK 40-24  Sooners have beaten 3 top 25 teams. WV has beaten 2 top 25 but lost to 3 top 25. Mayfield’s spanking wont effect this one- if its close , he will be playing by the second QTR. Not sure WV can keep up in a shootout  

PJSBuck:  Oklahoma squeaks by an underrated WVU.   OU 27 – WVU 24

Coach Rick:  I do not see this as a good game. I think the Sooners win big at home.  Sooners 45 to 21.

Steven:  ​Just how long will Baker Mayfield sit on the sidelines when so much is in front of the Sooners? It won't be long, trust me. No Will Grier for the Mountaineers makes this less of a dicey proposition for the Sooners, but there is still firepower in Morgantown. Oklahoma takes care of business, but we'll still see the regular Big 12 shootout.    OU 41-35 

Trout:  I don't think Mayfield's "punishment" will have any effect on the Sooners. They should be able to win this game regardless. Also he will probably be out the first series and come back and play well. West Virginia is a good team, but they are too inconsistent to remain competitive with the Sooners. I think it might be close early, but I see Oklahoma winning with a comfortable lead.   (Oklahoma, 45-21)  

​Final Score:  Oklahoma 59   West Virginia 31
                    (11-1)                   (7-5)
 (8)Notre Dame  @  (21)Stanford
(Favorite: Notre Dame  - 2 1/2)

Bam Childress (2001-04):  ND 24-14 relax Buckeye fans! the fighting Irish still not playoff bound

Cornelius Green (1972-75):  Stanford dispenses the Irish.

Bbaver:  The Pick: Note Dame - The Irish have more to play for with a slim shot at the playoff. But this one is a coin-flip 

Cory:  Though the Heisman favorite at this point is Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, the attention should be on Stanford quarterback Bryce Love. Love has rushed for 1,723 yards and 16 touchdowns this season, and is a large reason why the Cardinal are 8-3 and heading to the PAC 12 Championship game despite issues at the quarterback position. One week after getting blown out by Miami, Notre Dame rebounded with a close win over Navy last week. Navy is a tough team to play for anybody, but the Fighting Irish likely should've won that game by more. The Irish have a pretty good running back of their own in Josh Adams. What gives me concern about Stanford is the Cardinal have trouble closing out games. Half of their wins were decided by a single score, including a three-point win over Cal last week. Also, as good as Love is he enters this game less than 100 percent as he's dealing with an ankle injury. As long as Notre Dame can limit Love the Irish should be able edge out Stanford in this one.   Notre Dame 24, Stanford 17  

Dave:  Stanford 30 - Notre Dame 28

Gregg:  Stanford all the way, Love has a big game if his ankle is healthy enough. Coach Shaw may choose to rest him for the Pac 12 championship game if Washington can win the Apple Cup.  Stanford 27  Notre Dame 24  

Jason:  The Irish hit the road west struggling a little and this is their last chance to make an impression on the College Football Playoff committee. They will play a Cardinal team who has won 7 of 8 and is led by Heisman candidate, RB Bryce Love. Notre Dame will need to run the ball to win this game. Their strength is clearly on the ground and they got away from that in the loss to Miami. On defense, stopping the run has all of a sudden been a struggle, allowing more than 200 yards on the ground the last 3 weeks. Love provides a completely new set of challenges for the Irish as he can break one at any time. Look for many carries from both sides in this game. The best player on the field will be Love and he will carry Stanford to the win, eliminating the Irish’s hopes and firmly cementing Love’s trip to NYC for the Heisman ceremony. Love will break at least one from 40+ and at home the Cardinal celebrates the big win.   Stanford 28  Notre Dame 21  

Joe-S-U:  Stanford over Notre Dame - Yes, we need the Irish out of our hair also, but just a feeling that the Irish are about out of gas  

John:  The Vegas line for this one is surprisingly close – ND by 2 ½. An upset wouldn’t shock me here.    Stanford 31 Notre Dame 28  

jOShUa I think this is an intriguing match up and one that carried a lot more weight a few weeks ago when Notre Dame was in the playoff hunt before getting beat by Miami. I think this one will still be a game of trenches, but I think Stanford will win this game with Love. He has been phenomenal this season, and I hope he beats out Baker Mayfield for the Heisman, however I think it might be too little too late for that. Stanford still needs help though to play in the PAC-12 championship, and will be rooting for Washington to beat Washington State this week. I think they will ultimately play in the PAC-12 Championship and beat USC, sending Darnold to the NFL and skip his bowl game.   Stanford 31 - Notre Dame 21  

Dr. Mark:  ND 31-28   Irish have beaten some very good teams- Like Ohio State, they have a bad loss- Stanford tends to play well in big games – I’m tempted to pick Stanford at home but for once I’ll give the Irish the Win  

PJSBuck:  Good game to tape. I am going with Stanford by 7

Pia Pete:  The Irish are famous for late season collapses.   Stanford 31 – ND 17  

Coach Rick:  If it is a close game I have Stanford winning, but if Notre Dame gets a big lead, they win. What I see is the Irish scoring early and getting that lead.  I have Notre Dame winning 38 to 21.  

Steven:  Do the Domers have Big Game-itis? A lot of people feel that Brian Kelly is one to get Notre Dame to the precipice of greatness but cannot scale the peak. I'm not sure if I believe that. Many things must go perfectly to have what is considered a successful season in this CFP era. This is a driving factor as why the playoffs will inevitably expand. It is so easy for a team to lose the mental edge for one game, (as we saw in Miami) and that loss ends up being the difference between a good season and "bad". This team has a lot of room to grow, and I like the direction Kelly is taking them. Even so, this one is on the road against a formidable team in Stanford. It is a tossup, but despite my disdain for the team, I'll go will ND in a close one.   ND 24-21 

Trout:   This game is a bit of a toss up. Both teams have moments of glory but have not been consistently great this year. Having to pick between the two, I would have to go with the Irish. They seem to have the better offense. Standford is good enough to make it a game for all four quarters, but Notre Dame's offense will push them slightly ahead of the Cardinal.   (Notre Dame, 24-21)  

GameDay:  Desmond Howard, Charless Barkey and Lee Corso all select Stanford

​Final Score:  Stanford 38   Notre Dame 20
                  (9-3)               (9-3)
 (7)Georgia  @  Georgia Tech
(Favorite: Georgia  - 10 1/2)

Bam Childress (2001-04):  UGA 35-14 Bulldogs are playing well but Saban will send them home!!!!

Cornelius Green (1972-75):  Georgia wins this one

Bbaver:  The Pick: Georgia - Preparing for the wishbone a week before a likely matchup with Alabama isn't a good thing, but I think Georgia gets by in this one. 

Cory:  After suffering a disappointing loss to Auburn two weeks ago, Georgia got back on track with a blowout win over Kentucky last week. The Bulldogs are headed to the SEC Championship game and still have hopes of getting into the playoffs, but first they need to get past their rival, Georgia Tech. It's been a disappointing season for the Yellow Jackets, who need a win this week to make it to a bowl game. In rivalry games like this things tend to be tight, but I'm not sure Georgia Tech stands much of a chance in this one. The Yellow Jackets gave up over 300 rushing yards to Duke last week, and Georgia features one of the best running back tandems in the country in Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. That duo alone has combined for over 1,800 rushing yards and 24 touchdowns. Georgia Tech may keep it close for a little bit, but expect Georgia to run away with an easy win this week.   Georgia 35, Georgia Tech 14  

Dave:  Georgia 38 - Georgia Tech 21

Gregg:  Georgia Tech has played tough in several losses this year. They are due a victory in one of them. Eight of the top ten teams in the playoff standings are playing on the road, And the two home teams will be underdogs this week. So do not be surprised if we see some shuffling in the standings this week. Tech has not lost at home this year, but that changes today.   Georgia 31  Georgia Tech 21 

Jason:  The Dawgs are in playoff mode now. Win and they are in. They will play Alabama or Auburn next week for SEC supremacy but first their attention is focused on Georgia Tech. The Tech offense is always difficult to prepare for and Georgia must come out disciplined and ready. Offensively the Bulldogs will have plenty of room to move as the Jacket D ranks last in the ACC in TFL’s. Look for the Dawgs to pound the ground early and often, as they have run for over 200 yards in every game but two all season and Duke just hit the Jackets for over 300 yards on the ground. Georgia’s defense is veteran and smart. They won’t completely shut down the Tech offense, but they will slow it down enough and the offense will be able to do whatever they want on the ground. This game will be close for a while but expect Georgia to wear down the Tech front and impose their will. Tech puts up a fight, but the Dawgs walk away with this one, pulling away in the fourth quarter.   Georgia 31  Georgia Tech 17  

Joe-S-U:  Georgia over Georgia Tech - The guy in the red hat better come out on the field every single timeout- this one might be over in a hour and a half the way these teams run  

John:  Look for Tech to win the time of possession. Unfortunately, that’s all they win. Georgia won’t get too many possessions, because I look for the Jackets to control the clock, but the Dawgs should score at will when they do have the ball.   Georgia 31 Georgia Tech 10  

jOShUa Georgia Tech has been formidable and has given teams fits with their triple option. I am actually going to go with the Upset here on this one. I think ultimately it doesn’t matter as much if Georgia wins this one and loses in the SEC Championship, however a loss here would be great for the chaos of college football. ACC has also been shown to be a bit more competitive this year than the SEC, so maybe this is a nice preview of that crossover game.   Georgia Tech 24 - Georgia 21  

Dr. Mark:  Georgia 35-27   Georgia hasn’t played many teams with a good record this year – Got pounded by Auburn but beat ND in their two biggest games- They don’t play Bama in the reg season, soooo- I’ll still pick them to win  

PJSBuck:  Another great rivalry game. I think this will be more interesting than some people think. Georgia pulls it out by will be close.  Bulldogs by 9

Pia Pete:  Ugga takes care of Tech to meet Bama in the SEC title game.   Georgia 45 – GT 14  

Coach Rick:  This should not be a good game this weekend. Georgia should win by 24 or more if they play at a level that put them in the SEC Championship game.  I have Georgia winning 38 to 7.  

Steven:  Georgia Tech has had teams on the ropes this year, but can't seem to seal the deal. The triple option attack is excellent at frustrating teams for about 3 quarters. Unfortunately for the Yellow Jackets, football is a 4 quarter game. Outside of a miracle, Georgia should dominate the ground with Nick Chubb, limit GT's offensive possessions and grind out a win prior to the SEC Championship game.   UGA 28-17 

Trout:   I think the Yellow Jackets will give the Bulldogs some fits early, but in the end, Georgia should win quite comfortably. Georgia is head and shoulders above Georgia Tech, talentwise, but GT's unorthodox offense might confuse the Bulldogs defense at first. But after some adjustments, Georgia will start enacting their will on them. Goegia wins the game convincingly.   (Georgia, 42-14)

​Final Score:  Georgia 38   Georgia Tech 7
                   (11-1)                 (5-6)
48 - 17
47 - 18
46 - 19
44 - 16 44 - 21
44 - 21
43 - 22
43 - 22
43 - 22
43 - 22
42 - 23
41 - 24
40 - 15
37 - 23
35 - 20
6 - 1
4 - 0​
3 - 2



Rick DeSutter ***
Gregg Watson **
Brent Baver ***
John Siebert *
Cory Steger
Pat Steger
Jason Harris
Josh Watson
Stefan Armintrout
Steven Smith
Pete Quint *
Mark Triffon
Vaughn Broadnax
Joe Hylton *
Dave Culver *
Rod Gerald
Cornelius Green
​Bam Childress