COLUMBUS, Ohio (September 6, 2006) - The football equipment for Ohio State travels to away games in style. The university unveiled its new equipment trailer on the Wednesday before loading up for the 19-hour trek to Austin, Texas for the 2006 match-up.  Ohio State's equipment staff packed the 18-wheel tractor-trailer outside Ohio Stadium for the match up between the #1 ranked Buckeyes and #2 Longhorns.

"We enjoy doing what we are doing, we're just Buckeyes," Ken Blair Jr., who owns Central Express, a local trucking company, said.

The trailer, which is 48 feet in length, was painted by Columbus Sign Co., of Columbus, Ohio. The trailer's design was created by Kent Kroger, senior graphic designer for Ohio State creative services.
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Ohio State Buckeyes
 Equipment Trailer
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Ohio State Equipment Truck
Ohio State Equipment Truck
Ohio State Equipment Truck
The trailer received a new paint job last week and features the Ohio State logo on top of the trailer as well on both sides. The trailer is believed to be the first college football equipment truck with a painted top, which is distinctly viewable from overhead.

Former Buckeye Ken Blair III (1981-84) and his father Ken Blair Jr. own the vehicle and have provided the semi to Ohio State for its road trips since the 1982 Holiday Bowl. Blair III, a member of the 1982 Holiday Bowl team and the 1984 Big Ten Champion Buckeyes, has traded duties driving the rig with his father since the 1981 season. 

"We love Ohio State, point blank," Blair III, who owns Circle Express Trucking Co. in central Ohio, said. "This is a good opportunity to represent the university."

Ken Blair Jr. got the idea to transport Ohio State equipment by tractor-trailer in 1981 when the football team transported its equipment to the 1981 Liberty Bowl  by using a moving van with a banner hung around its backside.
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