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The following are various stories and news articles about Ohio State University. Most are football-related. Each article is very interesting in that they provide an outsiders perspective into our great university and team. This is a great source of pride and inspiration, especially when negative things happen or there is bad publicity. If you need more stories like that, check out our Offsides page. 

Feel free to e-mail us with other great links or stories so we can turn this into a true repository.

Buckeye Nation Makes You Believe
(great stories and articles of Buckeye pride)

01/15/2011  Ohio Stadium Made from Legos
(This would be the third known project to replicate the Horseshoe from Legos)

09/18/2010  OSU Corn Maize
(Union County pays homage to some OSU's legendary football coaches)

09/06/2006  OSU Football Equipment Travels in Style
(How does the equipment trucks of other schools compare?)

 12/08/2004  Maurice Clarett Takes His Only Option Left
(story of Clarett 'recanting' his allegations)

09/08/2006  Who Will Win In Austin - OSU or Texas
(not much respect by these Texas writers for OSU or their fans)

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