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A few lucky people have the privilege of participating in what many believe is THE single greatest rivalry in all sports. A game, two teams, and a rival so special, so intense and so steeped in tradition, it has transformed above all else.  There is simply nothing else like it in American sports.  It is a standard which has ascended to heights for which there is no name, and no other occupants.  For those lucky few, it is simply known as, "THE" GAME.

Everyone involved knows the participants.  

This page is our tribute to just about everything and anything that relates and pertains to this magnificent, one of a kind treasure.  One radio disc jockey in Columbus, Ohio once referred to the week leading up to the Michigan Game (known to all as Michigan-Week) as, "Christmas for Adults."  Nothing sums up THE GAME or Michigan Week adequately for me, but "Christmas for Adults" is a good start.

Enjoy this page, it's links, pictures, history and coverage.  Feel free also to share with us other treasures you have found regarding 'THE' Game and we will gladly post it, provided it is done in good taste and with the best spirit of the Buckeye 50 Yard Line.

If you ask any of the millions associated with 'THE' Game what the greatest rivalry in sports is, you will get a unanimous vote: Ohio State vs. Michigan.  If their votes weren't enough or you need more convincing, ESPN.com voted the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry the #1 rivalry of the 20th century.  And to start the 21st century, in 4 of the first 7 years, the National Championship game hung in the balance. What more could you ask for from a rivalry.

So sit back, take a stroll down the links along the football helmet stripe and enjoy! 

Go Bucks!

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