Ohio State Pride Photos
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Here are a few photos showing Buckeye Pride around the nation.  We will continue to build this page as we get more photos.  Hope you enjoy!  If you have pride photos of your own please share.
Gregg Watson - Buckeye 50 Staff
when they were undefeated before losing 41-14 to Florida in the BCS national championship.  

He also pointed out that his tribute is best seen from an aircraft, flying about 1,000 feet up.  Yellow-leafed soybeans yield less and aren't used often, and they start to turn green as they mature, he said, so the message may not last more than another week.  But the plants The plants also hold on to their leaves longer than regular green-leafed ones, so the show of Buckeye spirit should be visible again at the height of football season 
The Ohio State University research associate carefully planted plots of yellow-leafed soybeans amid a more typical green-leafed variety in an unused, four-acre field at the university's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center about 50 miles south of Cleveland.

Since the plants started coming up in late July, the two-tone field has displayed the words "OHIO STATE BUCKEYES" with an accompanying smiley face.

McIntyre, 43, said Tuesday he was inspired by how well Ohio State did during the 2006 season,
WOOSTER, Ohio (2007) - From the air, you can see Scott McIntyre's pride for OSU spelled out in yellow and green.
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