Here are just a few of our past emails, thanks for your continued support.

(found our photo page of NCAA Equipment trucks)

I collect photos of the trucks. I have taken my own photos at games, others have taken and sent to me. I have the moving companies send to me that sponsor the trucks, the equipment managers and I also take photos from the web and acknowledge where I got it from.  I tend to look on the web for them and that is how I ran across your site and the equipment truck story. You do a great job and I see it pops up as an app as well on my iPhone. 

Keep in touch. If you feel like sharing some, send them my way and I will add them and who and where they came from. 

Thanks, Harmon Hodge

(written in response to Buckeye50 linking to his OSU story)

Thanks so much. I have already seen a traffic boost since you posted it, and have received a few comments. Honestly, the support from Buckeye nation since I posted the article has been amazing. That wasn't my intention when I wrote it, but it has been really fun none the less.

Thanks again, and swing by the site to talk actual football whenever you like. Glad this summer of hell looks to finally be past us.

Aaron Torres (

I just want to comment on the new Big Ten logo. It is God awful! It is clear that no thought was put in it whatsoever. The conference division names are silly too. We are already taking ridicule from across the country, and I don't blame them.  What's wrong with a Midwest Division and Great Lakes Division? I just need to get this word out like many others are already doing. Maybe the Big Ten will realize their mistake here and come to their senses.

Thank You, John Lund

Love your site, really enjoy your coverage of the Buckeyes.

Marc Rhoades - GA

I am a 24 yr. old History major from University of North Texas (1 hour north of Dallas).  My family is from Massillon, OH so I have been a huge OSU fan for my entire life.  Just wanted to write you an email telling you how great the site is and how big of a fan I am.  I know that it is May and not a lot is going on but if you could update your site concerning anything about Buckeyes football I would be greatly appreciative, even if its what color shirt was Ray Small was wearing today, just something.  I cannot wait for August to get here.  But once again, continue doing a great job with the site and GO BUCKS! 

Harris Dickinson - TX

Great article on the very slow, no talent offensive line. Keep your good work. 

Lanny Emery - FL

I love your web site.  I check it weekly. You guys are true buckeyes.  

Brian Arnold

I have lived here in Alabama for almost 20 years, and every year I look at the bowl pairings at the end of the year. And every year the SEC has the most teams playing in bowl games, and the Big 10 is second ... without going back and checking my numbers, but I think you will find that the SEC averages 6 to 7 teams playing in bowl games and the Big 10 averages 5 to 6 teams .. while ALL of the other conferences are lucky to average 3 .. yes some years they have more, but not on an average ... 

Buckeye fans can definitely hold their heads up high in this football country, and there is more respect in the SEC for Ohio State, than what the media wants you to know .. most "True Die Hard" football fans will and can tell you that it is not an easy task to make it to the Championship Game, let alone two times in a row, and maybe 3 if our Bucks do their jobs. 

Personally I get tired of the "no respect" attitude of the media these days ... they like calling it freedom of the press, I call just plain ignorance and pig headedness (sorry) .. but then it isn't just in the sports field the media tries to pull their weight and force people to believe their short sidedness. 

Anyway, wanted to tell you a great job and site, love the way you keep me up with my Buckeyes ... Thank you for 
all your time and effort .. Great Team ... 

Ralph Nowlan

I just came down on orders to go to the great big sandbox out is southwest Asia so keep the web site updated. I leave August 12th so will be missing football season so that is good for the Bucks.  The last time I deployed they won a national title. Which I did not get to see! I will try to get some good O-H-I-O picks from everywhere I go Have a good one.  Go Bucks!

John Mikels 

In response to an article on Coach Tressel's character

Jim Tressel is a great coach but an even greater person 

Larry Jennings

I am glad this has been posted on the Internet.  And, some how this does not surprise me at all out of this man in the vest, it just sounds like something he would do and not even think twice about it ... it just does. I am here in your inbox today to say "Thank YOU" for posting this for all to read, I have passed it onto my friends and family. How wonderful for all. 

True scarlet and gray fan, 
Susan K 

Enjoyed reading your summary of that 1990 season.  As an Illini alum & lifelong fan I remember it well, good memories.  You have a first-class web site.

Steve Jenkel

I first learned about Buckeye50 when I was a freshman at Ohio State four years ago. I don't go anywhere else on the Internet for an informative and comfortable Buckeye atmosphere. Buckeye50 is just a notch above everyone else, including ESPN and Scouts. 

Joey DiNapoli - Canal Winchester, OH

You guys are the best. The info was all I needed to hear my BUCKS get the win. Will continue all season with this if they are not on TV. Keep up the great work. I look at the site every morning and that keeps me pumped for the day 

Bill Dagan - NC

I have been on your site for yrs.  Love it.  Keep up the good work.

Bob Guilda

Appreciate your series on the greatest drives of Ohio State football. Not only do you cover the game, but the year as well. Great writing and I really have been enjoying the trips down memory lane. The recount of the Miami game was a soothing tonic after the national game fiasco against Florida. I must admit, that one hurt a lot. We’ll be back. Still have a lot of talent on the squad and I’m sure Coach Tressel will get them fired up. It’s going to be a long summer though. Anyway, thanks for the great series and keep up the good work.

Michael Gast

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